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  1. An unbroken series of natural events, following an orderly course of evolution according to fixed laws, now leads the reflecting human spirit through long aeons from a primeval chaos to the present order of the cosmos.

  2. Suns glow for a time, and planets bear their fruitage of plants and animals and men, then turn for aeons into a dreary, icy listlessness and finally crumble to dust, their atoms joining other worlds in the indestructibility of matter.

  3. The great ice sheet rubbed us and ploughed us, but our contours were gentle and rounded aeons before that event.

  4. Mountains of peace and repose, hills and valleys with the flowing lines of youth, coming down to us from the fore- world of Palaeozoic time, yet only rounded and mellowed by the aeons they have passed through.

  5. With the eye of faith I see the great sheets restored, and follow them across on the line which they made aeons ago, till they are joined again to their fellows as they were before the agents of erosion had so widely severed them.

  6. Natural knowledge shows us how transient and insignificant we are, and how vast and everlasting the world is, which was aeons before we were, and will be other aeons after we are gone, yea, after the whole race of man is gone.

  7. The cockroach is about the same creature to-day that it was untold aeons ago; so is the shark, and so are many other forms of marine life.

  8. It may continue a dead world for aeons longer before it is melted up in the eternal crucible and recast, and set on its career of life again.

  9. They are evidently yet passing through that condition of cloud and vapor and heat that the earth passed through untold aeons ago, and they will not reach the stage of life till aeons to come.

  10. The great interior sea, epicontinental, the geologists call it, seems to have been fermenting and laboring for untold aeons in building up these parts of the continent.

  11. All the strong souls of the race Thro' the aeons that have run, They have cried aloud to Thee -- "Thou art that which stirs in me!

  12. All around lie songs that on earth were never sung, fair thoughts not heard among the worlds, dream pictures never seen that drifted over Time without a home till at last the aeons swept them on to the shore of space.

  13. For that which a man loves most is not on this side of Time, and all which drifts on its aeons is a lure.

  14. For lapsing aeons change the nature of The whole wide world, and all things needs must take One status after other, nor aught persists Forever like itself.

  15. Nor by prolonging life Take we the least away from death's own time, Nor can we pluck one moment off, whereby To minish the aeons of our state of death.

  16. So primal germs have solid singleness Nor otherwise could they have been conserved Through aeons and infinity of time For the replenishment of wasted worlds.

  17. In suchwise, then, the lapsing aeons change The nature of the whole wide world, and earth Taketh one status after other.

  18. Wherefore, again, 'tis needful to confess That these same things are born in time; for things Which are of mortal body could indeed Never from infinite past until to-day Have spurned the multitudinous assaults Of the immeasurable aeons old.

  19. Age beyond age on British land, Aeons on aeons gone, Was peace and war in western hills, And the White Horse looked on.

  20. For when man shall have suffered for aeons and aeons untold he would really be as far from the end as he is now.

  21. Lengthen out the time in your imagination, and when you have reached the utmost stretch of imagination, then think that eternity is only beginning, and that through eternal cycles of aeons it will go on forever and ever, and ever.

  22. Hence, if the suffering were prolonged through countless aeons, there would still be countless aeons to come; and when these would have run their course, we would only be at the portals of eternity.

  23. He gives no hint of the means that He will use in future aeons for the fulfillment of His designs.

  24. Nothingness out of which, aeons later, I crawl into a blind man's dreadful world.

  25. And if our Earth is any type or example of the vital stage in general, vast aeons must run their course from the first appearance of the humblest germs of life up to the bringing forth of Life in conscious Intelligence.

  26. As the Aeons imitated the Boundless Power and emanated or created in their turn, so could man imitate the Aeons and emanate or create in his turn.

  27. Footnote 55: [Greek archae] the same word is translated "dominion" when applied to the aeons of Simon.

  28. Thus Simon has six Roots and the Seventh Power, seven in all, as the type of the Aeons in the Plerôma.

  29. As there are seven Aeons in the Spiritual World, seven principles or aspects of the Spiritual Soul, so here on Earth, by analogy, there are seven lower aspects, or impure reflections.

  30. Of the universal Aeons there are two shoots, without beginning or end, springing from one Root, which is the Power invisible, inapprehensible Silence.

  31. Go back to your grave, O my Dream, under forests of snow, Where a heart-riven child hid you once, seven aeons ago.

  32. Seven aeons ago You died and I buried you deep under forests of snow.

  33. So when the anthracite glows in your grate, you feel the veritable sunbeams that were emitted aeons upon aeons ago upon the primeval world.

  34. And yet that multiplied by the million through aeons of time and over continents of space fashions humanity after the sublime pattern shown on the Mount.

  35. AEons of time have been taken in the making of it, and it is yet but young, its progress still continuing.

  36. It was easy to imagine that in aeons of time this self-same road would help to form some great geological strata deposited in the Gulf of Mexico or elsewhere.

  37. And, so this Evolutionary process has continued ever since, and must continue for aeons yet.

  38. And the Cosmic Evolution continues, and must continue for aeons of time.

  39. Leaping for glories all avid to capture Bounteous aeons of star-beating bliss!

  40. Aeons passed during this great upheaval, and aeons more passed before islands dotted the 'face of the waters' and God said 'Let there be' and there was!

  41. There are concentrated the enormous gorges, cliffs, and other glaciated freaks caused by cataclysms that occurred aeons ago.

  42. Hast thou bewailed the aeons that passed without thee, who art so much afraid of the aeons that shall pass?

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