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Example sentences for "durability"

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  1. Another and important advantage of the system is the low pressure of the current used to supply the motors, and the consequent increased durability of the motor, and practically absolute safety to life from electrical shock.

  2. Scales or circles divided on brass may be greatly improved in durability by nickel--plating.

  3. And although the silks will be dearer than now, the greater durability of what will be made from them, because of their good quality and worth, will make them cheaper.

  4. Durability is determined also by the different coefficients of expansion of the constituent minerals of the rock.

  5. The durability of a rock may depend on its perviousness to water which may enter along planes of bedding or incipient fracture planes, or along the minute pore spaces between the mineral particles.

  6. For this reason, the less pervious rocks have in general greater durability than the more pervious.

  7. When we consider its size, the durability and smoothness of its outside periphery, and coziness of interior, we are lost in wonder and admiration.

  8. For convenience, comfort and durability his nest has few equals.

  9. To return to the main point--the durability of the impressions both of sight and sound.

  10. Yet, for the larger power units, the four-cycle type will no doubt always maintain the standard for efficiency and durability of action.

  11. This adds to the durability of the cylinder, and diminishes a great deal of the excess friction.

  12. There is evidently a decrease in durability and reliability as the weight is lessened.

  13. If charred in the fire, so much the better, as their durability and strength are much increased by the process.

  14. The Indians of North-west America add greatly to the value and durability of their prepared skins by subjecting them to the smoking process.

  15. The durability of seasoned timber is infinitely greater than that of green.

  16. In selecting poles or sticks for purposes where toughness and durability are matters of importance always, when practicable, take young seedling trees.

  17. That the breech-loading form of construction, varied as it is, is of less strength and durability than that of an equally well made muzzle-loader, few will be disposed to dispute.

  18. The quality, strength, and durability of timber are much influenced by the season of the year in which it is felled.

  19. Above this should be the under sail, which is very often painted to render it waterproof, though for durability we prefer to have it of stout unpainted No.

  20. In the same mountain, or even in the same quarry, granites of very different qualities as to soundness and durability occur.

  21. It would not be difficult to construct a stove or stove-grate which should combine economy and comfort of warming an apartment, with briskness of combustion and durability of the fire, without any noxious deflux of carbonic acid.

  22. Its durability may be seen in several of our old churchyards, where the letters made with lamp-black are still perfect, though the white lead with which the body of the stones was painted is entirely destroyed.

  23. In the two figures, a represents the rock, and b the timbering; round which there is a garniture of small spars or lathes for the purpose of drainage and ventilation, with the view of promoting the durability of the wood-work.

  24. Keeping the shaft dry is very important to the comfort of the miners, and the durability of the work.

  25. The first things to be desired in any article of furniture are durability and simple application to its purpose.

  26. When it is further recalled that our chief heirlooms from the former generations are tables and chairs and bureaus, it will appear that it is our duty to hand down to our children furniture of similar durability and honest quality.

  27. The durability of, the cause of the steadiness of their price, ib.

  28. The durability of, the cause of the steadiness of their price, 88.

  29. In this book I have written down, so far as I could recall them, the methods and means of attaining durability in polished finishings, how pictures that are appropriate should be made, and also the natural qualities of all the colours.

  30. Extremely small jacks and large multiples introduce difficulties as to the durability of the jacks and the plugs, and also they tend to slow down the work of operators and to introduce errors.

  31. Prevailing prejudices are too apt to consider it not only cheap, but inferior in protection and durability to finely wrought surfaces and smooth, close-fitting joints.

  32. For durability as well as simplicity this design leaves nothing to be desired, and it can be made in almost any hard wood, whilst every year would only add to its intrinsic worth.

  33. The failure of such washing and purifying means a product of inferior quality, which necessarily reduces the durability of any paint in which it is used.

  34. It is the opinion of some, however, that the resinate driers are not as well suited for durability as oxide driers.

  35. Corollary A--The strength and durability of a paint coating is determined by the strength and durability of the piers or supports (which consist of the characteristic pigment particles of the largest size).

  36. The Committee finds that the addition of a reasonable percentage of zinc oxide to white lead increases its durability and retards its chalking, renders it whiter, and forms a surface that presents a much better repainting condition.

  37. It has been emphasized that for durability and protection, the strength and imperviousness of a paint coating are vital factors.

  38. The tests, moreover, show the comparative durability of a number of paints typical of those prominent in the market at the time the tests were started.

  39. Its durability in resisting heat is certainly manifested, when it is kept in a close fire and between coals.

  40. The above articles, which have lain in the earth more than a thousand years, and these edifices, among which some at Norwich were inhabited in 1403, show the wonderful durability of this kind of stone.

  41. The durability of plaster casts, exposed to the weather, is greatly increased by saturating them with linseed oil combined with wax or rosin.

  42. Wood used in general construction, especially in places where durability is required; also for shingles, cooperage, posts, and poles.

  43. It is inferior to white oak where strength and durability are required.

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