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Example sentences for "hallway"

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  1. She nodded smilingly and left the room, while the maid Twinkle led Dot up the stairs and along the hallway to her room.

  2. To the laughing chamber," replied Scollops; and having reached the top of the stairs, they walked down a long hallway and entered a room so odd and pretty that Tot stopped short and gazed at it in astonishment.

  3. Come here;" and she led him into the hallway and told him to wait, while she went to the door of her room and called some one.

  4. The voice was weak, and she did not know it; but in a moment the light from the lamp in the hallway fell upon a bare-headed, gaunt-featured man in the uniform of a common soldier.

  5. That is all I wish to know, and I'll bid you good afternoon," replied the young captain, and backed toward the hallway door.

  6. Several weapons they had possessed had been taken from them, and now a guard was stationed in the hallway outside of the door, and another guard in the garden under the sitting-room windows.

  7. In the meantime he heard a spirited murmur of voices, as though two persons in the hallway were discussing the situation.

  8. The colored man led the way through the hallway to the rear, where there was an enclosed stairway to the cellar.

  9. I do want to stop in for a moment and see Mrs. Hallway before I go to the meeting of the "Helping Hand.

  10. I just met Mrs. Lawty and she told me that Mrs. Hallway is almost dead with rheumatism .

  11. He was on his way to see Mrs. Hallway and---- MRS.

  12. He marked it in the scrutiny of the man who opened the door and of the aged woman who suddenly appeared beside him in the dim hallway and led him noiselessly up the stair to a lighted room upon the second floor.

  13. She stood for a trifle, hesitant, peering into the hallway now dark with evening shadow; then curiosity overbore her reluctance.

  14. Once in the hallway she did hear a noise of which she easily guessed the source; and the choiring of angels could have been no more sweet in her hearing: Mrs. Clover was snoring.

  15. And now, after a moment's breathing-spell, he walks slowly along the carpeted corridor, and turns into the hallway leading to his own room.

  16. And, for a lame man, he manages to make marvellous time through the hallway and up that little flight of stairs.

  17. Then he enters the hallway determined to bespeak the best offices of the host in behalf of his stricken friend.

  18. My wife told him to go around to the office, but he replied that he expected that, and hastened to tell her that it was because there were Union officers in the hallway that he could not go there.

  19. Those who pass between the beautiful porch pillars and enter the chaste colonial doorway are amazed at the remarkable hallway and the stairs.

  20. On the first floor a commodious hallway communicates on the left with the Council Chamber, where notable visitors were received.

  21. We'll fight in the nearest hallway that provides twenty meters' shooting distance.

  22. Lord Virzal, there is a masked Assassin in the hallway who brought this under Assassins' Truce," he said.

  23. She was dressed in a dark suit and, as she faced the two men in the hallway she lifted a heavy black veil.

  24. Britz and Greig plunged into the hallway and pushed the elevator button, but the car did not descend.

  25. Donning his bathrobe and slippers he stepped into the hallway and listened.

  26. Entering the hallway you will notice, as soon as your eyes are able to penetrate the darkness, a large red banner on the wall bearing the inscription, "Vive la Commune.

  27. The detective moved toward the door which led to the hallway where the elevators were.

  28. He swung into the hallway with his brown eyes glowing like a man who walked out of realism into romance.

  29. He'd felt brave for a few minutes, back in the hallway of the apartment.

  30. He'd been attacking himself there in the hallway of his apartment!

  31. The door of this building opened into a short hallway that had several doors adjacent to it.

  32. Exiting it, we turned down a short, closed hallway that opened into the concealed area behind the podium that I spoke of earlier.

  33. From the roar of voices to the dusky quietude of the hallway was a joyous escape.

  34. She it was who found the ground-bird's nest and proposed to make a house over it, and ended by teaching the bird to walk through a long hallway made of sticks in order to get to its eggs again.

  35. The hallway along which she moved was marble and specklessly clean.

  36. In the outer hallway he found Deborah with Laura.

  37. In the hallway below he met Deborah, and to her questioning look he replied, "All right, I guess.

  38. From the hallway he could hear their gay excited voices, and going into the dining room he found them at their supper.

  39. The other voice he heard was apparently that of a rental agent on a phone, and the voices seemed to be coming from the other side of the fourth floor hallway door.

  40. Cade felt Mandi's presence in his room as he passed it, ambling along until he reached Beth's door, which he shouldered open on his way into the tiny hallway beyond.

  41. The fourth floor hallway looked clear, but that didn't mean anything.

  42. The stamping of feet is heard from the hallway outside.

  43. As it gradually came to him he opened his eyes, expecting to find himself in the hallway where he had lost his senses.

  44. When he reached the top he found himself in a gloomy hallway of narrow dimensions.

  45. He had not taken ten steps along the hallway when a figure suddenly confronted him; there was a dull thud, and Van Vincent sank to the floor with a thousand stars flashing before his eyes.

  46. Apparently the episode in the hallway had not disturbed her in the least.

  47. The hallway was unlighted, a flicker from the dining-room beyond serving only to make the darkness more opaque.

  48. As Levin entered the little hallway Van Dorn smiled: "Here is a glass of real wine to inspire you, junco.

  49. Van Dorn passed into the kitchen, thence through a bedroom to the chief room of the house, and up a small winding-stair to a scrap of hallway or corridor hardly two feet wide.

  50. They saw the hallway of Ashleigh House, the pictures upon the walls, they could almost feel the quiet silence of night.

  51. Softly, Kit,” he said, as they pushed open the big doorway leading into the main hallway of Standerland House.

  52. I heard a noise in the hallway a half-hour ago, and slipped out to see what it was.

  53. Tony followed the master down the hallway to the familiar cheerful study—Tony had really got to know his house-master more intimately the year before.

  54. The dead air of the hallway suggested petty crookedness.

  55. The light you observed in the hallway before entering here is merely compressed into the material of which the walls are composed and as long as that remains light will shine from it.

  56. The enclosure I found myself within might have been a hallway of the edifice, but it was hard to positively distinguish it as such, for the building in falling had placed things in an almost unrecognizable condition.

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