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Example sentences for "disbursement"

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  1. The superintendent, close to the president, was interested in the revenue as well as the disbursement side of the company's ledger.

  2. Is not accounting one of several components of operation of which collection and disbursement are yet others?

  3. When it comes to one of the components of his constructing work, the disbursement of real money, a lay function, we balk.

  4. This inability to control disbursement through the discipline of statistics should be met as far as possible by the most careful organization.

  5. Personally it would be agreeable to him to be free from concern in the custody and disbursement of the public revenue.

  6. Ought not the collection, safe-keeping, transfer, and disbursement of public moneys to be managed by public officers?

  7. However, the greatest service that can be done to kings is to observe and obey to the letter their royal commands and ordinances directed to the efficient reckoning, administration, and disbursement of their royal treasure.

  8. Abstinence and the disbursement of suitable largesses to the priest and mendicant, are of themselves quite sufficient to ensure the requisite absolution for every sin committed in the flesh.

  9. Still, in theory the money belonged to the crown and its disbursement could only be made under royal authority.

  10. In the collection and disbursement of the public money no agencies have ever been employed by law except such as were appointed by the Government, directly responsible to it and under its control.

  11. From those officers, especially, who are charged with the collection and disbursement of the public revenue will prompt and rigid accountability be required.

  12. This disbursement would of course be accounted for at the Treasury, not as secret-service money, but like other expenditures.

  13. The disbursement of this money would of course be accounted for, not as secret-service money, but like other expenditures.

  14. The Executive is charged officially in the Departments under it with the disbursement of the public money, and is responsible for the faithful application of it to the purposes for which it is raised.

  15. It is its duty to see that the disbursement has been honestly made.

  16. The experience attending the disbursement of the money thus appropriated established conclusively the fraudulent and outrageous character of a large percentage of these claims.

  17. After his death it was found that the man who had controlled the disbursement of hundreds of millions had died poor, and had not left an estate adequate to the support of his children.

  18. Cash Disbursement Book] Our voucher register being in balance, footings are now posted.

  19. At the end of the month, a statement is made of the totals of the different columns which should be a duplicate of the office disbursement sheet.

  20. Detailed Record of Office Cash Disbursements ] The office cash disbursement sheet, shown in Fig.

  21. This is only to say, that every disbursement must be authorized by some appropriation.

  22. It was well-known he had never lightly advocated a disbursement of public money; on this occasion, it would be a saving of public money.

  23. The old clerk slipped from his stool, and obeying the motions of his employer, inspected, in great astonishment, the first disbursement sheet which had ever entered the office.

  24. The one thing which Captain Fazackerly remembered clearly the next morning when he awoke was the disbursement sheet.

  25. You must give me a proper disbursement sheet, cap'n, if you please.

  26. I've just brought the disbursement sheet you asked for, sir," said the skipper, drawing it from his pocket.

  27. Captain Fazackerly having no objection, they had tea first, and then, accompanied by the first mate, went out to christen the disbursement sheet.

  28. My word ain't good enough for the new guv'nor; he wants what he calls a disbursement sheet.

  29. And when your governor asks for a disbursement sheet you've got to give him one.

  30. I don't mind telling you, you must never use rubbish o' that sort in a disbursement sheet.

  31. Yes; that's a properly drawn up disbursement sheet," said Tweedie in satisfied tones.

  32. Providing the means, however, could not secure the object desired without a proper administration of the laws for the collection of the revenues and an economical disbursement of them.

  33. Most of the arguments that dissuade us from employing banks in the custody and disbursement of the public money apply with equal force to the receipt of their notes for public dues.

  34. The local advantages arising from the disbursement of public money too frequently, it is to be feared, invite appropriations for objects of this character that are neither necessary nor useful.

  35. Grand Exchequer as to the appropriation and disbursement he shall make of the revenue of the Order that comes to his hands.

  36. And he shall direct and instruct his Grand Exchequer as to the appropriation and disbursement he shall make of the revenue of the Order that comes to his hands.

  37. When we are compelled to pay a lot of money at once, we feel a pang which the disbursement of twice as much distributed over a longer period, in small additions to our expenditure, does not occasion.

  38. Account of the disbursement of certain monies received by me for my journey to St. Petersburg in the service of the B.

  39. This language imports pecuniary responsibility rather than a simple disbursement of a trust fund.

  40. It is "an act to provide for the better collection, safe-keeping, and disbursement of the public revenue by means of a corporation to be styled the Fiscal Corporation of the United States.

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