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  1. The only belt with which I am acquainted which probably belongs to this subdivision of the series is that reproduced in Fig.

  2. The Papuans earlier adopted tobacco, and grew their own tobacco before the white man came, but they do not chew the betel to any great extent; quite the reverse is the case with the Melanesians.

  3. Furthermore, I have no doubt that these textilia were employed as much for the purpose of enhancing the appearance of the vessel as for supporting it during the process of construction.

  4. The great increase in the number of apertures, helped by rectangular designs on horizontal instruments, took place as an evolution of ornament that largely consists in a multiplication of functionless details.

  5. Grecian temples, and ever since has remained as a decorative adjunct to buildings, or the functionless adornment of the humblest household furniture.

  6. Leuckart supposes that this body may represent a rudimentary functionless pharynx, while the granular mass in his opinion is an equally rudimentary and functionless intestine.

  7. It would probably be advantageous to the species that the larva should not have rudimentary functionless wings; and the establishment of the wings as external organs would therefore become deferred to the pupa stage.

  8. The four appendages which were quite functionless at the last stage have now sprouted into full activity.

  9. How far organs appear in the embryo or larva which either atrophy or become functionless in the adult state, and which persist permanently in members of some other group or in lower members of the same group.

  10. Moreover, the three terminal segments of the antennae are invariably retained by the young Cirripede, though in a functionless condition, and into them the outer membrane of the body, and an important organ, viz.

  11. In Snakes (Braun) the posterior part remains as a functionless canal, commencing at the ovary, and opening into the cloaca.

  12. After the establishment of the Wolffian body there is formed in both sexes in all the Amniota a duct, which in the female becomes the oviduct, but which is functionless and disappears more or less completely in the male.

  13. Those habits may indeed give pleasure; they may bring extreme excitement, as madness notably does, though it is in the highest degree functionless and gratuitous.

  14. It is clear that gratuitous and functionless habits cannot bring happiness; they do not constitute an activity at once spontaneous and beneficent, such as noble art is an instance of.

  15. The moments snatched for art have been generally interludes in life and its products parasites in nature, the body of them being materially functionless and the soul merely represented.

  16. What is functionless is so called for being worthless from some ideal point of view, and not conducing to the particular life considered.

  17. President and Board of Directors, you think you have discovered a formidable check upon the powers and ambitions of the honorary pastor, the ornamental pastor, the functionless pastor, the Pastor Emeritus, but it is a mistake.

  18. First as to the premiss, it is not true that every modification of structure must necessarily be functionless when it first begins to appear.

  19. Moreover, if that series has been developed gradually and very slowly, it follows, also as a matter of necessity, that every modification of structure must have been functionless at first, when it began to appear.

  20. In a sense it includes several modern royalties, for the crown in several modern constitutional states is a corporation sole, and the monarch the unique, unlimited, and so far as necessity goes, quite functionless shareholder.

  21. It is an interesting byway from our main thesis to speculate on the spiritual pathology of the functionless wealthy, the half-educated independent women of the middle class, and the people of the Abyss.

  22. The appearance of these two strange functionless elements, although the most striking symptom of the new phase of progressive mechanical civilization now beginning, is by no means the most essential change in progress.

  23. I believe, they exist in this same functionless condition, and in rather a different position in the sessile Cirripedes, and that in this family they serve as Branchiae.

  24. I was unable to see any glands; and in another specimen, the ovigerous lamellae were not attached to the fraena; hence I conclude that the fraena are functionless in these three species.

  25. The cement-tissue debouches, I believe, only through the functionless larval antennae, except in one species, L.

  26. The difficulty recurs in a somewhat different form when an organ is useful and of exquisite perfection in some species, but functionless in another.

  27. Functionless organs of some sort are the heritage of almost every species.

  28. Seeing how general it is for organs which are almost or quite functionless to be reduced in size, it is remarkable that the pistils of the polleniferous plants should equal or even exceed in length those of the highly fertile female plants.

  29. What nature demands is work: few working aristocracies, however tyrannical, have fallen; few functionless aristocracies have survived.

  30. It would end the payment of profits to functionless shareholders by turning them into creditors paid a fixed rate of interest.

  31. Indeed, functionless property is the greatest enemy of legitimate property itself.

  32. Thus functionless property grows, and as it grows it undermines the creative energy which produced property and which in earlier ages it protected.

  33. This result is all the more likely to happen, inasmuch as other organs which are of importance for the life of the species will gain what the functionless organ loses in size and nutrition.

  34. I refer to the condition of functionless organs in species with parthenogenetic reproduction.

  35. I believe that the very slowness with which functionless organs gradually disappear, agrees much better with my theory than with the one which has been hitherto held.

  36. For example, as far as my experience goes, the receptaculum seminis does not deteriorate, although it is, of course, altogether functionless when parthenogenesis has become established.

  37. The only conclusion that can reasonably be drawn from this strange fact is that we are here dealing with a fossilized structure, a functionless survival.

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