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Example sentences for "agrees"

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agreeably; agreed; agreeing; agreement; agreements; agreeth; agrement; agri; agricultura; agricultural
  1. And I apprehend my Lord Shaftesbury's opinion of mere burlesque agrees with mine, when he asserts, There is no such thing to be found in the writings of the ancients.

  2. The worlds are different, but they are worlds; and though the attitude of the giants is different also, it agrees in all of them on the points of competence and strength.

  3. The method of diffusion agrees much with that of the Mucedines, the walls of the sporangia being usually so thin and delicate as to be easily ruptured.

  4. Amongst the St. Christoval natives it agrees with the numbers 35 and 42 of the colour-types of M.

  5. This very closely corresponds with the values of the median of the accompanying series, which itself agrees with the value of the average of the indices.

  6. But, if we believe native testimony, which I have found most reliable and which in this instance agrees with my own, the streams draining calcareous regions are least liable to suspicion.

  7. This distance agrees nearly with that on the chart which is about two miles.

  8. In this respect Shakespeare entirely agrees with the Emblem writers; neither he nor they give us the quarterings complete, but they single out for honourable mention some prominent mark or sign.

  9. Tewrdannckh~” to Hans Shaeufflein the younger, who was born at Nuremberg about 1487; and with this agrees Stanley’s Dict.

  10. Shakespeare refers to this fable, when Adriana addresses Antipholus of Syracuse,— “How ill agrees it with your gravity To counterfeit thus grossly with your slave, Abetting him to thwart me in my mood!

  11. The office and authority of them all, in itself considered, does equally arise from, and agrees to the preceptive will of God.

  12. What we forever love in Homer is the freshness that comes with lack of it, and in this sort of freshness Shakespeare agrees with Homer far more than with the learned poets.

  13. This agrees with Wallace's suggestion of a long period of psychical change, accompanied by slight physical change.

  14. This figure was obtained on a casein of high purity, and the figure of 1013 given above agrees fairly well with Long’s figure for casein.

  15. With Rule 6: The description of the pharmacologic action of Anasarcin agrees practically with that of squill.

  16. Alliances in which one country agrees to help another if the latter has agreed to arbitrate a matter and its enemy has refused, may be of great value.

  17. Coventry: but he agrees with me, that he is the best Minister of State the King hath, and so from my heart I believe.

  18. Most of humanity agrees that there is some way out.

  19. I do not know if the reader agrees with me in these examples; but I will add the example which has always affected me most.

  20. He thus, to a certain extent, agrees with the Scottish school, but he differs from them in rejecting altogether the doctrine of mental faculties.

  21. Misenum, and this perhaps agrees better with the description given by Phaedrus.

  22. There appears to be no further record of Bamian as a city; but the character of ruins at Ghulgulah agrees with traditions on the spot in indicating that the city must have been rebuilt after the time of the Mongols and again perished.

  23. But everybody agrees that it is diminishing.

  24. Madrid, but the description agrees with A.

  25. I am not sure that the nematode exactly agrees with the description as given in the literature.

  26. The formula obtained, which is based on these hypotheses, agrees completely with the classic results of Clausius and of Lord Kelvin.

  27. This last figure is already furnished by considerations derived from the kinetic theory, and agrees with the one which can be deduced from the study of various phenomena.

  28. In one thing Freud agrees with the introspectionists, viz.

  29. Here we suddenly find everyone agreed that a certain error is significant, and everyone agrees what its meaning is.

  30. My observations, so far, lead me to conclude, that this climate agrees fully as well with Europeans as with the natives, indeed that the susceptibility to fever and ague is greater in the natives than in Europeans of good habits.

  31. What I saw of this weed rather agrees with that described by Humboldt--the leaves were shaped like the vine leaf, and of a rusty-green colour.

  32. That agrees with what Scanlan said the other day," said Martin.

  33. Cardinal Newman has well shown how it is the nature of ideas to assimilate to themselves whatever agrees with them, and to destroy whatever disagrees.

  34. The author of Acts agrees with Mark as to the place, but differs both from Mark and Luke as to the time.

  35. The same food that agrees perfectly well with one child will frequently cause costiveness in another.

  36. In forms which crawl on the free borders of the valves, the right and left growth in relation to the perpendicular is obvious, and agrees with the right and left sides of the animal.

  37. He agrees with Cuvier in placing the molluscs at the head of the invertebrates, a course still pursued by some zoölogists at the present day.

  38. Of course, a waiter may give a patron more than the proprietor agrees to give in the bill of fare, and this undoubtedly is an extra service--but it is also a dishonest service.

  39. In calling the company no person, tacitly or openly, agrees to the argument that the trunk is to be moved from curb to curb.

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