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Example sentences for "efficacious"

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effery; effet; effete; effets; effetto; efficaciously; efficaciousness; efficacy; efficere; efficiencies
  1. Accordingly, the most pressing need of the present time is to educate the sensibility, because it is the means, not only to render efficacious in practice the improvement of ideas, but to call this improvement into existence.

  2. No more efficacious remedy could be opposed to the errors of opinion which had so long distracted their country than these very decrees, the rejection of which is now urged by the council of state.

  3. Without doubt, it is only his sensuousness that makes his strength pass into efficacious acts, but it is his personality alone that makes this activity his own.

  4. The immediate personal presence of the king in Brussels was, indubitably, the most efficacious means speedily and thoroughly to remedy it.

  5. Rite or ritual is activity efficacious of merit as its end.

  6. Their plasters are very efficacious in external applications.

  7. Why the peat of this country should not be as efficacious as that from German bogs we fail to understand.

  8. Some of the most efficacious medicated bath in common use are:-- 1.

  9. Man himself has known this to be an efficacious stratagem on many occasions.

  10. If this second discharge does not prove efficacious (and I have rarely known it to fail), the little insect topples over, draws in its legs, and pretends to be dead.

  11. But blessed be God, the blood of atonement is a sovereign balsam for sick and wounded souls, and is abundantly efficacious for procuring pardon, peace, and reconciliation by the application of the eternal Spirit.

  12. This tree has escaped from cultivation around the water-courses of the Flambeau Reservation and has been accepted by the Ojibwe there as efficacious along with the native willows.

  13. The medicine men are taught that their medicines have a great value and will not be efficacious if disposed of cheaply.

  14. That efficacious counter-charm used to be suspended over the entrance of churches and houses, and no wizard or witch could brave it.

  15. Beale's neutral glass is as efficacious in careful hands, and only costs a fourth of the sum.

  16. Equally efficacious is the occupation on the farm, which contains seventy-six acres of pasture and arable land, principally dedicated to the rearing and maintenance of stock.

  17. There are many methods of proving, but the simplest and most efficacious is to fire the powder from the weapon it is intended to serve.

  18. The profuse perspiring resulting from these exertions was supposed to be the only efficacious remedy for the disease.

  19. Still more efficacious is the sprinkling of flowers of sulphur in the stockings and the underclothes from a little above the knee, down.

  20. Moreover, while in the long run voluntary efforts will prove more efficacious than government assistance, while the farmers must primarily do most for themselves, yet the Government can also do much.

  21. Nor ought I to omit to acknowledge the efficacious and patriotic cooperation which I have experienced from the chief magistrates of the States to which my requisitions have been addressed.

  22. A reduction, therefore, of the existing duties will be felt as a common benefit, but like all other legislation connected with commerce, to be efficacious and not injurious it should be gradual and certain.

  23. And that efficacious provision should be made for inflicting adequate penalties upon all those who, by violating their rights, shall infringe the treaties and endanger the peace of the Union.

  24. You say that they take place six days hence; it will be strange indeed if our united ingenuity is not equal to the task of devising some simple yet efficacious plan.

  25. For it seemed to me at the moment that the remedial measure which he had adopted ought, from its very severe and drastic character, to have proved much more efficacious than my own; whereas the opposite was the case.

  26. The Brazilians inhale the smoke of this plant in all their different complaints, and it is thought an efficacious remedy for worms; a very common malady in that country.

  27. On this occasion none was more active than Pinto Ribeiro, the steward of his household; he indeed, took the most efficacious steps towards putting the machine in motion, and forming a regular plan for the aggrandisement of his master.

  28. Köstlin points out that Luther does not here go into the question as to whether the sinfulness and corruption of the lost are to be attributed to God, Who did not cause His saving grace to be sufficiently efficacious in them.

  29. The most efficacious purification, which removes even the worst taint, is that of the nine nights.

  30. The most efficacious remedy for these evils was a king just and strong, who was not loth to inquire into abuses and was ready to lend the weight of his kingly command and of armed force against the recalcitrant.

  31. In times, however, of prosperity, those very things, properly applied, become efficacious and bear success.

  32. Time is the efficacious means for the accomplishment of all acts.

  33. The very sight of Hari that I obtain was as efficacious as a course of the austerest penances.

  34. That king who regards righteousness to be the most efficacious means for accomplishing his objects, and who acts according to the counsels of those that are righteous, blazes forth with righteousness.

  35. I shall hence follow that which is so very efficacious in the matter of beneficial consequences.

  36. In essence it was nothing else than an efficacious antagonistic gesture, inspired by a tic and become its indispensable complement.

  37. The subjects of the disease are satisfied of two things--that no one and no circumstance can hinder their torticollis from asserting itself, and that their own antagonistic gesture is the sole efficacious preventative at their command.

  38. Each of these subterfuges attained a degree of success, and that in spite of the fact that in one case the extensors, and in the other the flexors, of the head were being resisted: in other words, each was efficacious so long as O.

  39. Of the variants of this efficacious antagonistic gesture the most common is the grasping of the head in the hands, or its support in the palm, or the simple contact of the fingers with chin, or cheek, or temple.

  40. This device, whatever it be, may be called the "efficacious antagonistic gesture," of which the simple placing of the index finger on the chin may be cited as an example.

  41. These horns, of whichever sort, were generally efficacious in warning carts, carriages, or other vehicles to get out of the way, but were of little avail against the worst obstruction met with on the roads.

  42. And Josephus in his antiquities of the Jews,[110] informs us that Solomon discovered a plant efficacious in the cure of epilepsy, and that he employed the aid of a charm, for the purposes of assisting its virtues.

  43. Burette thinks it easy to conceive, that music may be really efficacious in relieving, if not in removing, the pains of sciatica; and that independent of the greater or less skill of the musician.

  44. Isis, it is said, effected similar cures in her lifetime, whence it became her office, in her after state of deification, to reveal in dreams the most efficacious remedies to the sick.

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