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Example sentences for "enchanting"

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enchainment; enchant; enchanted; enchanter; enchanters; enchantingly; enchantment; enchantments; enchantress; enchantresses
  1. It is surprising into how many enchanting vistas the whole arrangement resolves itself.

  2. The plain body of water in the center, without statuary of any kind, is most effective as a mirror reflecting the play of lights and shadows, which are so important an asset in this enchanting retreat.

  3. There is a most enchanting view across the sea of the extensive town, and the delightful hills surrounding it, from the facade of the large temple.

  4. There is nothing further to be seen in the town, but the environs, or rather the whole island, offers the most enchanting sight.

  5. In what part of her enchanting body could she lodge a grain of virtue?

  6. I suspected the enchanting Jahel to have been sent by the cabalist to play the part of a Salamander with me.

  7. A cloud passed over her eyes; she looked before her even more steadfastly than her wont, with an expression between anger and sorrow that rendered her more enchanting than ever.

  8. This monosyllabic creature--that she is enchanting it is impossible to deny!

  9. Her hair was cut as short as ever, her dress was quite as plain, her form so full and so supple that each movement she made was enchanting to contemplate.

  10. You stopped with kisses my enchanting tongue, 55 And found my kisses sweeter than my song.

  11. The enchanting spirit of Shakespeare's fairy plays, and the enchanting spirit world, seems that too of this symphony.

  12. The worship of the kiss is featured in an enchanting story of a magic charm breathed on the lover's lips[181] and a fantastic assertion that if a maiden's kiss is stolen, the maid is raped.

  13. What an enchanting spectacle was that scene of wooded hills, with its varying lights and shades, all about us!

  14. So again in #S#, which also has neither the knight's enchanting song nor the bloody spring.

  15. My daughter, that enchanting gurl, has just been promised to an earl, And all my other familee To peers of various degree.

  16. If you'd ameliorate our life, Let each select from them a wife; And as for nervous me, old pal, Give me your own enchanting gal!

  17. I have tried to do some sight-seeing--there are many interesting and enchanting things to see here.

  18. What could be more enchanting I leave to your imagination.

  19. At last my dream of dreams has become a reality--under what enchanting conditions!

  20. We wandered through the Victor Emmanuel Gallery, then went into the ever-enchanting cathedral.

  21. These beauties are terminated by a thick, gloomy forest, which serves as a foil to these enchanting beauties.

  22. How many sweet and delightful tales has the lovely Priscilla there told, and how many enchanting songs did the sweet Miranda there warble forth, while the feathered songsters seemed to stop their own notes to listen to her divine warblings!

  23. All around was a panorama of enchanting forest.

  24. Thy glorious waters, green and gemmed, With beauteous islands crowned, While the enchanting scene is hemmed With purple hills around.

  25. But as a rule it was the brief enchanting sentence: "Leave that to me.

  26. Then with an enchanting smile he did as she had done.

  27. To the heart of a woman neglected, like elves That seek lonely places,--there rarely is wanting Some voice at her side, with an evil enchanting To conjure them to her.

  28. To every one will then be given a citron; and when he has brought it to his nose to feel its odour, a maiden of enchanting beauty will come out.

  29. Each couple will obtain an enchanting palace for a dwelling, where they will eat and drink and enjoy all sorts of pleasure for ever and ever.

  30. He studied Persian, the courtly language of India, closely; he read much in its enchanting literature.

  31. Whether or not the Taj Mahal is the most enchanting work of architecture in the world I leave it to more extensive travellers to say.

  32. To this enchanting spot came Humayun and his ladies full of life, to be insouciant and gay.

  33. I placed myself near the door, where, in a moment, I could have regained the exquisite forest, and the odour of this carpet of woodruff, and your enchanting society.

  34. The state of terror she was in opened wide her lovely blue eyes, half crimsoned her clear white skin, and threw her rosy lips and sparkling teeth into the most enchanting combinations.

  35. He did not know how charmingly odd the mode of its make was, since Ruth's little hands had planned it out of her own pretty head in enchanting ignorance of the fashion.

  36. To them this radiant young creature in her rich, delicate raiment could not seem real at first; she was too lovely, too like an enchanting vision born of the dim green shadows of the forest, a bewitching dryad, an exquisite sprite.

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