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Example sentences for "beauteous"

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beaucoup; beaudiful; beaus; beaute; beautee; beautie; beauties; beautification; beautifie; beautified
  1. This was of old, in no inglorious days, The mode of spinning, when the Egyptian prince A golden distaff gave that beauteous nymph, Too beauteous Helen; no uncourtly gift.

  2. Go, from their midnight darkness wake the woods, Woo the lone forest in her last retreat: Many still bend their beauteous heads unblest And sigh aloud for elemental man.

  3. This world is but the vestibule of a more beauteous world beyond.

  4. They were the most beauteous maidens in Germany, and suitors soon approached them from all corners of the world.

  5. Surely the day will come when its beauteous light shall shed illumination upon the assemblage of man.

  6. But the disguise was soon betrayed by the beauteous golden locks of the girl, and the deep reverie into which she had fallen,--and he silently approached through the bushes, that he might surprise his fair cousin.

  7. The beauteous prude started back with a sinister expression, and, spoiled by indulgence, she suffered it to be plainly seen that she had no desire to obey the parental command.

  8. At this moment Christine suddenly rose in her bed, turned her beauteous eyes with heavenly tenderness upon Arwed, and eagerly pressed his hand to her bosom.

  9. The beauteous Georgina fixed her affectionate gaze upon the beloved youth, but with softened feelings which filled her dark eyes with tears.

  10. You are either very vain of your charms, beauteous cousin, or have made acquaintance with very bad specimens of our sex.

  11. Possibly a right beauteous maiden, with whom my near relationship must bring me into familiar intercourse.

  12. Oh, Arwed,' faintly murmured the almost breathless maiden, reclining her beauteous head upon his breast and turning her eyes upon his face with a look of gentle reproach.

  13. A blow from so beauteous a hand can as little inflict dishonor as the knight-creating stroke of a king's sword upon a victorious battle-field.

  14. Right beauteous are you, also, and in your eyes I see a kindling of enthusiasm.

  15. I only to the fight aspired; To keep the beauteous foe in view Was all the glory I desired.

  16. Thus every beauteous object that I view Wakes in my soul some charm of lovely Sue.

  17. But the work of real genius must for ever remain; and of Hamilton's genius, the Grammont Memoirs will always continue a beauteous and graceful monument.

  18. The duchess confessed that taste was very arbitrary; the truth whereof he himself seemed to be convinced of, since he had fixed upon the beauteous Helen for his mistress.

  19. Who knows but the beauteous Warmestre will now accept of me for a husband; and that I may have the happiness of passing the remainder of my days with a woman I adore, and by whom I may expect to have heirs?

  20. The one was the Marquis de Flamarens, the sad object of the sad elegies of the Countess de la Suse, the other was the president Tambonneau, the most humble and most obedient servant and admirer of the beauteous Luynes.

  21. To both sides how great the loss, When we each other did destroy, Should strangers fierce come over, And seize on beauteous Erin.

  22. A sudden thought had struck her, remembrance of another beauteous lady who had been "learned" to harp.

  23. Nathelesse the soule is faire and beauteous still, However fleshes fault it filthy make; 160 For things immortall no corruption take.

  24. Yet the brave courtier, in whose beauteous thought Regard of honour harbours more than ought, Doth loath such base condition, to backbite [Condition, quality.

  25. If it be effect of credulity, the effects are more beauteous than those of clear eyesight.

  26. Her ear would linger in vain for the voice it loved; her eye seek in sorrow for the graceful form, the beauteous features on which it had so loved to gaze.

  27. Who can speak the unutterable love which, while the beauteous earth yet retains the traces of an awful curse, hath washed from man his sin, and takes from death its sting?

  28. O beauteous innocence, whitenes ill blackt, How to be made a coale didst thou deserve?

  29. To me, as one that tak'n with Delphick rage, When the divining God his breast doth fill, He sees what others cannot standing by, It seemes a beauteous and pleasant thing.

  30. My Lord, your Lady and her most beauteous daughter Are come to visit you, and here attend.

  31. The hinds around Name it 'the beauteous meadow.

  32. Babyhood's white star, Beauteous in childhood, now in maiden dawn She witched the world with beauty.

  33. He is a beauteous and pure music; also, he is a dear friend of Mrs. C.

  34. By far the most beauteous person I have seen is Joseph Mazzini.

  35. As the performers entered the building in view of the spectators, we are able to state that beauteous Terpsichorean nymphs go about the world disguised in dingy calico, and only appear in their true colors upon the stage.

  36. But what joy, when the beauteous Terpsichorean nymph bounds upon the scene, rosy with paint, glistening with spangles, robust with cotton and cork, and bewildering with a cloud of gauzy skirts!

  37. A vast and dirty barn, with whitewashed walls and no ceiling, in which a minstrel band of five men and two beauteous nymphs exerted themselves slightly to entertain an audience of thirty men and boys.

  38. To a beauteous lady; And blessed with a fair race.

  39. And met thy name, Most beauteous lady, prithee think of this, Only to hear the princes of the world Were thy hot suitors, and that one would soon Be happier than Alarcos.

  40. All the gods pay their homage at her beauteous shrine, And adore her as potent, resistless, divine!

  41. They wrought wonders in my appearance, bathing me after the Eastern fashion, adorning my hair and person, till I issued from their hands blooming and beauteous as an houri.

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    Other words:
    aesthetic; attraction; attractive; beauteous; beautiful; bonny; comely; elegant; exquisite; fair; fine; graceful; handsome; heavy; lovely; pretty; stunning