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Example sentences for "beaus"

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beats; beatum; beau; beaucoup; beaudiful; beaute; beautee; beauteous; beautie; beauties
  1. And will she leave the wild hedge rose, The redbreast and the wren, And will she leave her Sunday beaus And milk shed in the glen?

  2. Oh, I have a passel of beaus that takes me over to the Oushin on Sinepuxin beach, outen the way of the skeeters, an' thar we wades and sails, and biles salt and roasts mammynoes.

  3. Juvenal with a great deal of Humour and Reason tells us, that nothing bore harder upon a poor Man in his Time, than the continual Ridicule which his Habit and Dress afforded to the Beaus of Rome.

  4. Dissipated noblemen of middle age like March and Sandwich, wits and beaus and fine gentlemen like Selwyn and Chesterfield and Walpole, were familiarly called by their first names by youngsters like Fox and Carlisle and Comyn.

  5. Every one of my beaus either hints for an introduction or asks for it outright.

  6. Now clepeth him all of us, Li Beaus Disconus, For the love of me!

  7. My beaus are now shepherds, and my belles wood-nymphs.

  8. It may be inferred from the ensuing story that Wigs of delicate and beautiful hair, whether for the use of ladies or gentlemen, were in great demand, or highly valued, by some of our beaus or belles.

  9. Upon the dawn of smooth manners in France, the beaus cut the beards into shapes, and curled the whiskers.

  10. Smith says, that the beaus of Italy are accustomed in an evening to adorn the heads of the ladies with these artificial diamonds, by sticking them into their hair; and a similar custom prevails amongst the ladies of India.

  11. The Beaus and Belles about Town, who dress purely to catch one another, think there is no further occasion for the Bait, when their first Design has succeeded.

  12. I was invited, methoughts, to the Dissection of a Beaus Head and of a Coquets Heart, which were both of them laid on a Table before us.

  13. We could not easily have forgiven you several Strokes in the Dissection of the Coquets Heart, if you had not, much about the same time, made a Sacrifice to us of a Beaus Scull.

  14. Before that Stevens student started up the necessary machinery to repair this case, she had no beaus at all; but he fixed things so's she had a regular monopoly because she controlled the raw material.

  15. The beaus then took her to every theatre in New York.

  16. And she never knew, doesn't to this day probably, how it all came about that suddenly she had more beaus than she could attend to.

  17. Roland and Ferragus, as quoted by Ellis, Ly beaus Desconus, l.

  18. The ceremony of knighthood is described with greater minuteness in the Romance of Ly beaus Desconus, l.

  19. In the same manner Rode is spelt, and was undoubtedly pronounced Rothe, Ly Beaus Desc.

  20. Girls often mature into women earlier than they should, because through romances, through jests of associates in regard to beaus and lovers, and through indulgence in sentimental fancies their sexual systems are unduly stimulated and aroused.

  21. The little boys and girls in school are playing at "lovering," and their conversation is often more about beaus and sweethearts than about the plays of childhood, which alone should occupy their thoughts.

  22. Some of your beaus sent them to you, now, I'll bet something.

  23. Several country beaus approached, eagerly contending, now that the coast was clear, for the honor of the beauty's hand in the dance.

  24. And all the country beaus and belles of his rank in society came and danced at it.

  25. There was an, immediate stir; the rustic beaus sought their belles, and sets were quickly formed.

  26. The Beaus walk about like the Shadows of Men.

  27. They're always so jealous of Nevar having the most beaus and the prettiest dresses.

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