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Example sentences for "beards"

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bearberry; beard; bearded; bearding; beardless; beare; bearer; bearers; beares; bearest
  1. Their beards were white with dust and their faces set and sullen.

  2. The water ran in streams off their glistening brown skins and matted their beards into black masks.

  3. And the Wanderoos, some as large as our English Spaniel dogs, of a darkish grey colour, and black faces with great white beards round from ear to ear, which makes them shew just like old men.

  4. In the ascent from Gampola to Adam's Peak, he speaks of the monkeys with beards like a man (Presbytes ursinus, or P.

  5. Two thousand lances," muttered the Chancellor also, stroking his shaven chin, for beards were only worn by soldiers at that time, and not always by them.

  6. They were bare-kneed and bare-armed, with long bushy beards and thick matted hair (which had never known a comb) falling in shaggy volumes from under little helmets of steel.

  7. Some there be who scruple not to rob with the scales, as the Amalekite robs with the spear; but such prosper not in life, and long before their beards turn gray, their flesh is eaten by vultures and their bones whiten the plain.

  8. These men were naked to the waist, their hair and beards were matted and tangled in foul disorder, they tossed their lean arms aloft with frantic vehemence, and their eyes glared in the torchlight with the fierce cunning of insanity.

  9. Consequently, the last election of Francois Keller had been disturbed by certain republicans, whose red caps and long beards had not, however, seriously alarmed the bourgeois of Arcis.

  10. The remarkable property of this dye, used by Persians for their beards only, is that it does not render the features hard; it can be shaded by indigo to harmonize well with the individual character of the skin.

  11. Couldst thou hit upon no other punishment for these poor creatures, than clapping beards upon them?

  12. Malambruno is satisfied, his wrath is appeased, the beards of the unhappy are vanished, and Don Clavijo and Antonomasia have recovered their pristine state.

  13. What folly it would be that could lead me to shave the lathered beards of rustic peasants and perform such menial service!

  14. It was the fashion of these gentry to wear their hair and beards long.

  15. Some even plaited their beards in three tails, or tied their long hair under their chins; but no matter how bizarre they made themselves, nobody on the streets of blasé San Francisco paid the slightest attention to them.

  16. The grey dawn lends a ghastly hue to their dusty beards and unwashed faces.

  17. There is another sort just of the same bigness, but differ in colour, being milk white both in body and face, having great beards like the others; of this sort of white ones there is not such plenty.

  18. Most of the elderly natives dye their beards with, I think, henna, producing a fine orange effect, but purple.

  19. The prisoners, whose faces had become hideously transformed by the growth of beards during their imprisonment, gazed curiously at the first outlines of the land they had never seen, yet once had loved as the home of their fathers.

  20. He gazed with wonder and hidden disapproval at the long beards of the Omish men, and enjoyed the bustle of horses and wagons before the excellent tavern where he and Tom passed the night.

  21. Their beards were pointed, and the hair was cut short in some instances, while in others it was arranged in close rows of curls or in small plaits.

  22. Beards were almost universal among the men, but the moustache was of rare occurrence.

  23. Like most of the Saxon chiefs, their beards were shaved, but they wore their hair long and their huge light-coloured moustaches drooped down on to their shoulders.

  24. They were more like devils than men, wild figures clad in skins, with their hair and beards streamin'.

  25. As soon as my qualifications were made known, I had the honour to remove the beards of sixty of the greatest villains that ever were permitted to exist, receiving nothing but blows and curses for my trouble.

  26. Does he not laugh at our beards with lies?

  27. According to Chamberlain(16) in his translation of Kojiki, the Chinese characters with which the Yemishi is written mean Prawn Barbarians, in allusion to the long beards which make their faces resemble a prawn’s head.

  28. The name by which these savage tribes were designated was Yemishi; the name however is written in Chinese characters which signify Prawn-Barbarians; in allusion to their heavy beards which gave them the appearance of prawns.

  29. Take the beards from as many fat, fair-sized oysters as required.

  30. Snow sprinkled their locks; in their beards were spikes of icicles; their eyes were cold as the lights that streamed above them.

  31. However, his data includes many individuals who have no beards at all.

  32. Least endowed are the eastern Fijians, where 13 per cent have pronounced beards and 38 per cent are submedium.

  33. Examination of earlier pictures and written description of Fijians leaves no doubt that the majority of mature men possess luxurious beards when nature is unrestrained.

  34. They resembled," Esquemeling says, "rather cannibals than Christians, the blood running down their beards to the middle of their bodies.

  35. For the first time in many days our beards did not freeze.

  36. We kept warm, although there was a crust of ice a quarter of an inch thick on our cheeks, and the ice in our beards prevented us from opening our mouths.

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