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Example sentences for "bearers"

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bearding; beardless; beards; beare; bearer; beares; bearest; beareth; bearing; bearings
  1. The Duke had ordered his carriage to be in readiness as soon as he learnt that the bearers of despatches from the Fleet had arrived.

  2. They went to Mercer's Hospital and gave information, and stretcher-bearers were sent out to bring in the man, the ladies accompanying them.

  3. Yesterday morning the Red Cross ambulance sent in to the hotel to ask for volunteer workers to act as stretcher-bearers and do all sorts of jobs connected with the Red Cross, and N.

  4. Meanwhile the stretcher-bearers had taken the man to the hospital, where Dr.

  5. Besides such offerings as may be made to them during the regular ritual, there is a special method of propitiating these plague bearers and thereby of inducing them to betake themselves whither they hailed.

  6. One by one the successive bearers of the incriminating rumor are questioned in open meeting until the truth of it is ascertained and the guilty one brought to justice.

  7. The roads were lined with stretcher bearers and in the stretchers lay men whose blood dripped through the canvas and stained the dust of the roads--the dust for which they were fighting and dying and suffering the tortures of the damned.

  8. He had been shot through the stomach and some stretcher-bearers rescued him.

  9. Then the six bearers began to descend with their burden.

  10. The bearers moved swiftly on, and the unfortunate Ione was soon borne from the sight of her weeping handmaids.

  11. His bearers had to halt often, so violent were his pains and so great his exhaustion.

  12. My dear Jephson: I now send thirty rifles and three Kavalli men down to the lake with my letters with my urgent instructions that a canoe should be sent off and the bearers be rewarded.

  13. The caste of palanquin-bearers and watermen of northern India.

  14. At a small distance from the burning-ground, when the bearers change places, he picks up a stone, known as the life-stone or jivkhada.

  15. Such names come into general use, and the bearers accept and answer to them without objection.

  16. Kol bearers will carry a dhoolie four miles an hour as against the best Gond pace of about three, and they shake the occupant less.

  17. These female bearers were also under military discipline.

  18. Some Koltas went with Sita to Ajodhya and were employed as water-bearers in the royal household.

  19. The four bearers of the corpse come to the house of the deceased and stand as if they were carrying the bier.

  20. The meaning of the last sentence appears to be that the bearers were considered as slaves, and were forfeited to the king's service as a punishment to their owner.

  21. All the beholders and the bearers themselves thus thought that they were impelled by the corpse, and the episode is a good illustration of the power of suggestion.

  22. The Mirdhas or Nakibs are so called because they act as mace-bearers and form the bodyguard of princes.

  23. He subsequently became king, and his seven elder brothers attended him as banghy-bearers when he rode abroad.

  24. The caste are cultivators and labourers, while some are employed as village watchmen, and others are hereditary palki-bearers to the Raja of Bastar, enjoying a free grant of land.

  25. They are much in request on the Assam tea-gardens owing to their good physique and muscular power, and they make the best bearers of dhoolies or palanquins.

  26. And that all the office-bearers in those colleges should be appointed by a board of trustees, of which the Roman Catholic prelates of the provinces in which any of those colleges shall be erected shall be members.

  27. As the litter bearers were passing through the door he put up his hand as a last farewell, saying he would write us on reaching home.

  28. The litter bearers came and went on their ceaseless journeys, bringing new patients still under the influence of ether or transferring others who were sent by ambulance to base hospitals.

  29. The bearers paused; and Media advancing; the Island Kings bowed their foreheads together.

  30. Jarl was still in his perch in the air; his enthusiastic bearers not yet suffering him to alight.

  31. The horn-bearers blew,[5] the heralds called, Steed stamped the earth.

  32. The cup-bearers had a special privilege of admission to the august presence of their sovereign in his most private seclusion.

  33. The other bearers were foraging for wood.

  34. And his bearers would be afraid to stay and face him.

  35. They were squatting around the fire, sipping coffee and listening to Zircon's description of the Buddhist ritual when one of the bearers suddenly called out.

  36. Sing shouted at the bearers and the party took a narrow trail that dipped into the valley.

  37. The Spindrift bearers unpacked utensils and their own rations of rice and dried meat.

  38. My bearers have a good cooking fire you are welcome to use.

  39. In a short while Sing called out in Chinese to the bearers and they followed him into a sort of pocket in the mountainside.

  40. The bearers scattered at once, searching for a suitable place to pitch camp.

  41. I knew your guide and bearers were outside, at Korse Lenken, of course.

  42. But Long Shadow seemed resigned, for some reason Rick couldn't fathom, and Ko did nothing but curse the bearers who carried him.

  43. He joined Scotty and Zircon in time to see Sing and the other two bearers race up the hill.

  44. They paused on top of a small, pyramid-shaped hill while one of the bearers retied the pack on his mule.

  45. The bearers were standing around waiting patiently, already finished with cleaning up and packing, except for the Americans' teacups.

  46. Rick had a quick vision of Chinese coolies making their slow way through the countryside, unnoticed because water-bearers were so commonplace.

  47. One of the bearers came back and motioned to them.

  48. In some regiments the colors were rolled tightly to the staff, but in others the bearers flourished them defiantly as they marched.

  49. Chumah, one of his bearers on these the last weary miles the great traveller was destined to accomplish, says that they were every now and then implored to stop and place their burden on the ground.

  50. They found on this the first day's journey that some other precautions were necessary to enable the bearers of the mournful burden to keep to their task.

  51. His great prostration made progress exceedingly painful, and frequently when it was necessary to stop the bearers of the kitanda, Chumah had to support the Doctor from falling.

  52. Livingstone told his bearers to take him to a tree at a little distance off, that he might rest in the shade till most of the men were on the other side.

  53. The bearers of the package held on their way, till fairly beyond all chance of detection, and then began to dispose of their load.

  54. Four great earls walked next, brandishing aloft their glittering swords; and behind these noblemen marched six more, as bearers of the royal robes and regalia.

  55. Before the leader, rode the standard-bearers with the banner of Lorraine and the great standard of the Crusade, emblazoned with a blood-red cross.

  56. Behind them advanced the ponderous shrine, swaying above: the heads of its bearers like a junk in a storm.

  57. His bearers will carry him whithersoever he chooses to go--through solid walls if necessary.

  58. The bearers are supposed to act according to the will of the god,--to go whithersoever his divine spirit directs them .

  59. Bursting into the kirk she called the office-bearers to her assistance, whereupon the minister in miniature raised his voice and demanded the why and wherefore of the ungodly disturbance.

  60. Questioned at a special meeting of the office-bearers in the vestry, she admitted that the lamp was extinguished soon after twelve o'clock, though the fire burned brightly all night.

  61. Its bearers rested morosely on their poles.

  62. Our doctor was away in another part of the field, and our native stretcher-bearers had thrown away the stretchers and had bolted.

  63. The news seemed almost too improbable to be true, and yet the bearers of it were not men to get excited and bring in a false report.

  64. Moreover, he repeatedly saw near him German stretcher bearers firing on our wounded.

  65. Bearers of American passports have been arrested in all the countries at war.

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