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Example sentences for "beauties"

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beaus; beaute; beautee; beauteous; beautie; beautification; beautifie; beautified; beautifier; beautifies
  1. And Arethusa continued to stare straight before her as if she had found new and unexpected beauties in a familiar landscape.

  2. It was a box of American Beauties with stems a yard long, roses that were far too beautiful as roses to be real, and that seemed to Arethusa to have gathered all the perfume of heaven within their deep, red centers.

  3. The beauties and the wonders of the universe died for them some centuries ago; they went out with Friar Bacon and the invention of gunpowder.

  4. The rosy dimples left her cheek, She lost her beauties plump and sleek; For Guillot oftener kicked than kissed, And backed his orders with his fist, Proving by deeds as well as words That servants make the worst of lords.

  5. Happily for them both, fortune had, some time before the arrival of the Chevalier de Grammont, brought Saint Evremond to England, after he had had leisure to repent in Holland of the beauties of that famous satire.

  6. Her Beauties so great set my Heart on a Flame.

  7. It is to be hoped this affecting, not to say romantic, episode in the history of “conversions,” will not be so lightly read that its chief beauties will be missed.

  8. As is invariably the case, his treatment of the story draws together all the beauties of the original material and moulds them into a compact, consistent whole, instinct with dramatic force and poetic beauty.

  9. In the second act, when Wolfram is preaching the beauties of ideal love, thoughts of the unbridled gratifications of the Hoerselberg flash through Tannhaeuser's mind and we are informed of it by the repetition of the bacchanale motive.

  10. They cheered their labours with the tale of mighty men of old, or bade them mark the beauties before them, and the dazzling brilliancy of the summit.

  11. The landscape around was Nature in her sweetest robe: arrayed not in the unripened beauties of spring, or the gorgeous magnificence of summer, it breathed the tempered lustre, the full maturity, the mild undazzling serenity of autumn.

  12. Lady Kirkbank began to hunt for beauties to adorn her rooms, as she had hitherto hunted lions to roar at her parties.

  13. The youth of Frances, when she left the city, had prevented her sacrificing, in conformity to the customs of that day, all her native beauties on the altar of fashion.

  14. Her dress was without a plait or a wrinkle, and fitted the form with an exactitude that might lead one to imagine the arch girl more than suspected the beauties it displayed.

  15. The foliage glittered with the checkered beauties of the October leaf, reflecting back from the moistened boughs the richest luster of an American autumn.

  16. He cheered his beauties like a lover And charged beside them into cover.

  17. The beauties burst the scrub to find him, They nosed the warren's clipped green lawn, The bramble and the broom were drawn, The covert's northern end was blank.

  18. Rome, Venice, Siena, and the varied beauties of Italy—perhaps these appealed to her the more poignantly that her physical wellbeing seemed gradually more precarious and elusive.

  19. We had heard disparaging things of the railroad management of this State, but we were now to realize the beauties of monopoly.

  20. I have not yet seen those English beauties of which so much is said in their own romances, but whom the young men from New York and San Francisco who make their way to Gladstonopolis do not seem to admire very much.

  21. At that warning, his wife grew sentimental about the beauties of nature.

  22. I understand now your enthusiasm about the beauties of Hillsdale.

  23. Besides, we are now too much interested in Armstrong, to allow us to pay much attention to the beauties of external nature.

  24. To this period, also, I can trace distinctly the awaking of that delightful feeling for the beauties of natural objects which has never since deserted me.

  25. The beauties of the parade (which of them I know not), with the river Avon winding around it, {p.

  26. Both he and Mecaenas had a delicate sensibility to the beauties of poetical composition; and judging from their own feelings, they attached a high degree of influence to the charms of poetry.

  27. When about nineteen years of age, I remember being introduced to one of the young beauties of the town, who I had long secretly admired.

  28. It has been too much the fashion in recent years to decry the works of Meyerbeer, and to lay stress upon their shortcomings whilst giving but a grudging half-hearted acknowledgment to the many undeniable beauties that pervade them.

  29. Every one knows the manner in which Weber and Spohr criticised Beethoven, and how Schubert was unable to perceive the beauties of Weber's "Euryanthe.

  30. Lamoureux's concerts, Reyer made amends for the appreciation somewhat hastily recorded by him twenty years previously by expressing his intense admiration for the wondrous beauties of this sublime work.

  31. Upon those who appreciate its beauties it exercises an irresistible fascination.

  32. Strangely enough, neither Berlioz nor Scudo, judging the work from such different standpoints, were in any way impressed by the musical beauties or dramatic force of the prison scene.

  33. In which the Voyager sets forth the beauties of the way from Esoon to N'dorko, and gives some account of the local Swamps.

  34. I judged there was one of my beauties of Fans mixed up in it, and there was, and after paying damages, got back again by 2.

  35. But it was OUR lake, and, consequently, it had ten thousand beauties in our eyes, which would scarcely have attracted the observation of a stranger.

  36. Could we have shut out the profane sounds which came to us on every breeze, how deeply should we have enjoyed an hour amid the tranquil beauties of that retired and lovely spot!

  37. The practical meaning of their names, and their intense admiration for the beauties of Nature, are proof of this.

  38. Rocks and mountains, I depart from you; Nevermore shall my eyes By your beauties be blest, Nevermore shall you soothe My sad bosom to rest.

  39. We see a plump and merry lady laughing boisterously whilst she seems to be followed by a man who gazes intently upon the beauties of her shoulder.

  40. The average pressman, reviewing a book of stories or of poems by an unknown writer, seems not to think "where are the beauties of this work that I may praise them, and by my praise quicken the sense of beauty in others?

  41. But I have seen beauties that were picked from waste lands in China from which the granite had presumably disappeared.

  42. To Tancred, however, its beauties were remote and undiscerned.

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