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Example sentences for "beautifies"

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beauties; beautification; beautifie; beautified; beautifier; beautiful; beautifulest; beautifull; beautifullest; beautifully
  1. They are both useful and ornamental, for they exclude the strong rays of the sun, and the light filtering through them beautifies the room with its many mellow hues.

  2. Beautifies the face, preserves the freshness of youth, and gives a beautiful brilliancy to the skin.

  3. It is somewhat flat, but is well timbered, and beautifies the towing-path all the way to Kingston.

  4. In such instances the antique image which beautifies the poem is transfigured to a Christian symbol, if it does not present actual truth.

  5. But all this while, where's he whose golden rays Drives night away and beautifies our days?

  6. This therefore beautified this gate, as charity beautifies any of the churches.

  7. Her cheeks are like the blushing cloud That beautifies Aurora's face, Or like the silver crimson shroud That Phoebus' smiling looks doth grace.

  8. The sun illuminates and beautifies a fallen leaf by the roadside as impartially as a towering mountain peak in the Alps.

  9. Be like a lighthouse that illumines and beautifies the snarling, swashing waves of the storm that threaten it, that seek to undermine it and seek to wash over it.

  10. They would fall off in forsaken fragments from the great bond of union which now adorns and beautifies all society.

  11. It calms the temper, beautifies the face, And gives to woman dignity and grace.

  12. But if marriage thus unites all which it ennobles and beautifies life; if, as a means of education, its influence is uncalculated and incalculable, what must be the moral degradation of that people to whom marriage is denied?

  13. Marriage unites all which ennobles and beautifies life.

  14. Though we can quote no formal ecclesiastical definition to prove that sanctifying grace beautifies the soul, the fact is sufficiently certain from Revelation.

  15. It is the quickening spirit which beautifies the form, and draws unto itself the excellences of nature.

  16. We first build a body, then a mind, then a soul--and growth in the dimension of soul unifies and beautifies the entire fabric.

  17. Silent we stood beside our dying flame, In pensive sadness, born of wild delight, And gazing heavenward, many a gentle name Bestow'd on her who beautifies the night.

  18. With music fills the air and earth, And beautifies the sky.

  19. An illicit love beautifies and consecrates nothing: A Maud leaves the daisies rosy; not so Faustine.

  20. Nay more, The sacrosanct aureole of modesty beautifies all it surrounds: though it diviner haze imperfection there is none.

  21. With wonderful power she beautifies the universe by the contemplation of the intelligible world.

  22. In the intelligible world everything glows, and beautifies itself by shedding splendor on those who gaze at it.

  23. It beautifies and glorifies the individual, and makes him worthy of redemption.

  24. He beautifies his table, makes his eating the occasion of social fellowship, takes into consideration the wants and needs of others.

  25. The voice below; The voice of the grasshopper Among the plants Again and again it sounds, The voice that beautifies the land.

  26. The voice above, The voice of the thunder Within the dark cloud Again and again it sounds, The voice that beautifies the land.

  27. Good and well-prepared food beautifies the physique the same as a good and well-directed education beautifies the mind.

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