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Example sentences for "commodores"

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  1. Commodores of the first class were to wear the white broad pendant at the main and those of the second class the same pendant at the fore.

  2. In 1913 the provision that Commodores should strike their broad pendant while in the presence of a senior captain was deleted from the King's Regulations.

  3. A Blue Pendant is to be worn by Commodores of the Second Class.

  4. Prior to 1806, Commodores appear to have kept their pendants flying in all circumstances.

  5. He was first in the merchant service, but entered the navy as lieutenant in 1798, and served under Commodores Preble and Barron before Tripoli, (p.

  6. The pall was borne by Commodores Read, Biddle, and Stewart, and Colonel Miller.

  7. But though this antediluvian dinner hour is rejected by modern Commodores and Captains, it still lingers among "the people" under their command.

  8. But mind you, White-Jacket, there are many great men in the world besides Commodores and Captains.

  9. Some Commodores are very particular in seeing to it, that no man on board the ship dare to dine after his (the Commodore's,) own dessert is cleared away.

  10. And if the Commodore himself prove a transgressor, let us see one of his brother Commodores take up the lash against him, even as the boatswain's mates, the navy executioners, are often called upon to scourge each other.

  11. Who can talk to Commodores like our matchless Jack!

  12. Many Commodores know that they have seldom taken a line-of-battle ship to sea, without feeling more or less nervousness when some of the Lieutenants have the deck at night.

  13. As they rise in rank, they naturally carry them up, whence the inveterate repugnance of many Commodores and Captains to the slightest innovations in the service, however salutary they may appear to landsmen.

  14. Except for lieutenant-commodores and up, who will tune their minds to me--dismissed!

  15. The night, however, passed away without any occurrence of the sort, and at daybreak the two commodores proceeded up the river in their gigs to reconnoitre the position of the enemy.

  16. Still the work was to be done, and the English and French commodores were not men to be beaten by a difficulty.

  17. The commodores severely said, "Why, this will never do!

  18. Then porters with their packages and bakers with their buns, And countesses in carriages and grenadiers with guns, And admirals and commodores arrived from near and far, To listen to the music of this entertaining tar.

  19. There are some people, who are for taking the American commodores at their word, and ascribing their victories to the immediate intervention of Providence.

  20. The convoy commodores were either naval officers, admirals or captains on the active or retired lists, or experienced merchant captains.

  21. Many of the convoy commodores had their ships sunk under them.

  22. Our commodores had no small difficulty in conforming to the date of their convoy's arrival at a rendezvous.

  23. The lovers parted without a word, but in a moment were near each other again as Hugh joined the commodores while Ramsey and her mother crouched at the roof's forward rail to see the wounded man brought across the stage.

  24. Hugh joined Madame Hayle and the two commodores at the derrick post.

  25. Ramsey sent Phyllis up to bid Julian be at ease, and the maid, returning, announced that both the commodores had gone to rest but that madame was anxious to come back to the invalid the moment he would permit.

  26. These two commodores also led the fleet on either tack.

  27. We were too busily occupied elsewhere to give this barbarian attention, but in March, 1815, war was declared against Algiers, and Commodores Decatur and Bainbridge were sent to the Mediterranean with two squadrons to conduct operations.

  28. Fremont, acting in conjunction with Commodores Sloat and Stockton.

  29. When they heard the Captain humming, and beheld the dancing crew, The commodores severely said, "Why, this will never do!

  30. Neither have I, nor Mizen, nor any other of the owners of yachts, except the commodores and a few noblemen.

  31. At last the bright luminary of day sank behind the dockyard, the commodores of the English craft fired the sunset gun, the flags were hauled down, and night came on.

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