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Example sentences for "commonality"

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  1. That each commonality is empowered to send one representative to the National Assembly.

  2. Man's universal species commonality and peculiar perplexing noncommonality, has this manness, affect and constantly interplay with one another.

  3. His very uniqueness is a characteristic of his commonality with all other men.

  4. As individuals, in all other relations, they may have a commonality of interests, but as employer and employee they are fundamentally and necessarily opposed.

  5. His disdain for the commonality of life still dictated his prejudices.

  6. He almost envied the commonality of men, not, like himself, black Pennys, impatient of assuaging relationships and beliefs.

  7. I should not, in my notations, forget to mark a new luxury that got in among the commonality at this time.

  8. There were, no doubt, many of the commonality as well, who at this time were made to suffer for their crimes, but as these cases were generally dealt with by subordinate officials, they do not come so prominently before us.

  9. Instead of mending them he got iron shutters to them, and they have remained closed ever since--a tacit reproach to the commonality of the capital.

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