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  1. Why should the disruptive tendency operate so much more against proportionate assessment than against the distribution into shares itself; in other words, why are equal tenements so much commoner than equal rents?

  2. The Widow of a Baronet= married to a commoner retains her title by right and not by courtesy.

  3. The Widow of a Knight= married to a commoner retains her title by courtesy only, but the precedency due to the widow of a knight is accorded to her.

  4. As regards the Precedence due to Widows= bearing titles who have married again: The widow of a peer married to a commoner retains her title by courtesy, and the precedency due to the title is accorded to her.

  5. The Daughter of a Peer= if married to a baronet or a commoner retains her precedency, but if married to a baron her precedency is merged in that of her husband.

  6. Can any of your correspondents inform me whether any subsequent decision has deprived of this right a commoner marrying a peeress and having issue male by her?

  7. Formerly, when a commoner married a peeress in her own right, he assumed her title and dignity.

  8. The Blackcap, which almost always nests in woods, had here found it possible to take up its quarters close to the fruit it loves; and of all the commoner kinds the nests were legion.

  9. The reader will notice that I have said very little about uncommon birds, and have tried to keep to the habits, songs, and haunts of the commoner kinds, which their very abundance endears to their human friends.

  10. I should incline on the whole to the raven, seeing that at the present day it is much the commoner bird of the two in Italy.

  11. He has very rarely been found in England, but may possibly be commoner than we fancy.

  12. This splendid bird must have been much commoner then throughout Europe than it is now, and accordingly attracted much attention.

  13. Have you any idea who that fresh gentleman-commoner is?

  14. Of course, I play the gentleman-commoner no longer; I shall descend to the plain stuff gown.

  15. Being without knowledge of the commoner rule of hygiene, their days were neither enhanced by its advantages nor disturbed by its observances.

  16. This longing is commoner probably among city dwellers than among those who live in the smaller settlements of men, and for that there is, as I believe, a good and sufficient reason.

  17. In Switzerland, during the neolithic period, the domestic goat was commoner than the sheep; and this very ancient race differed in no respect from that now common in Switzerland.

  18. Bonizzi (see 'Variazioni dei Columbi domestici' Padova 1873) states that certain coloured spots are often different in the two sexes, and the certain tints are commoner in females than in male pigeons.

  19. There are such patterns, and they seem to be somewhat commoner among certain of the negro tribes.

  20. No doubt it is commoner than we suppose, for its coloring blends so admirably with its habitats that it is probably very often overlooked.

  21. It is the smallest of the three commoner thrushes, and it lacks the ring about the eye that both the others have.

  22. As nearly as we have made out to date, the commoner notes of the Chestnut-backed Chickadee closely simulate those of the Oregon.

  23. Indian idols are of many forms, among the commoner varieties being those of Vishnu, Lakshmi the wife of Vishnu, and Siva.

  24. Among the commoner varieties seen in a collection are little oval boxes on which are pictured two love-birds, sometimes accompanied by a bird's nest.

  25. The handles were fastened to the plates with brass-headed screw bolts (in the commoner types the "plates" were dispensed with).

  26. As to the latter essential, however, and practical things as well as in the commoner comforts, America may well claim to be in midsummer, when compared with other nations.

  27. The building is much inferior in comfort and true taste to the commoner American churches, and met with my unqualified disapprobation.

  28. All the provisions bespoke by some rakish fellow-commoner in the next room, who had been on a scheme to Newmarket.

  29. Made a tiff of warm punch, and to bed before nine; did not fall asleep till ten, a young fellow commoner being very noisy over my head.

  30. This mode of jar burial is commonly practised by the Muruts, and is commoner in the northern parts of the island than elsewhere.

  31. Yet the commoner type of Karen is said to show distinctly Mongoloid facial characters.

  32. Chendrawasi, possibly due to confusion with the berek-berek of the commoner versions, but this point also requires further investigation.

  33. The commoner version of these lines has "iring-iring.

  34. Prosecutions for lese-majeste became commoner than they were in former reigns, and the difficulty was much felt in the conduct of parliamentary debate.

  35. Will Ladislaw was in one of those tangled crises which are commoner in experience than one might imagine, from the shallow absoluteness of men's judgments.

  36. But there must be many in our rank who manage with much less: they must do with commoner things, I suppose, and look after the scraps.

  37. Our conversations have, I think, made sufficiently clear to you the tenor of my life and purposes: a tenor unsuited, I am aware, to the commoner order of minds.

  38. I think it is a pity Mr. Casaubon's mother had not a commoner mind: she might have taught him better.

  39. This structure is distinctive of that class of the vertebrata called mammals, and which includes man, most of the larger and commoner land animals, and whales and manatee.

  40. Ciliated epithelium is commoner and occurs more abundantly than in the rabbit, in the roof of the mouth for instance, and its red blood corpuscles are much larger, oval, and nucleated.

  41. Morris, also in America, considers, on the other hand, that persistent masturbation is commoner in women, and accounts for this by the healthier life and traditions of boys.

  42. Spitzka, in America, also found it relatively rare among women, and Dana considers it commoner in boys than in girls or adults.

  43. Pilcz, Die periodischen Geistesstörungen, 1901); it is much commoner in women than in men.

  44. John Bee in 1835, stating that the name was originally dil-dol, remarks that their use was formerly commoner than it was in his day.

  45. Tissot considered it more prevalent among women; Christian believed it commoner among men; Deslandes and Iwan Bloch hold that there are no sexual differences, and Garnier was doubtful.

  46. The commoner drugs were vended to patients by the drug-merchants (who invariably dealt in groceries for culinary use, as well as in medicinal simples), acting under the directions of the learned graduates of the Faculty.

  47. Cambridge physician was presented by the Earl of Cumberland with a fee of L1--but this was at least double what a commoner would then have paid.

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