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  1. In Hindu temples, the idols are fixed on the altar by 'Ashta bandham', i.

  2. I am far from approving this judgment, but I think that the shock which a young scholar receives on seeing his idols so mercilessly broken is salutary.

  3. Do not suppose that I look upon the Universities as purely iconoclastic, as chiefly intended to teach us how to break the idols of the schools.

  4. Their shape was not accurately pyramidal, for the line from base to summit was broken by three terraces, or perhaps four, running completely round them; and at the top was a flat square space, where stood the idols and the sacrificial altars.

  5. An enterprising soldier had built up a hutch with idols and sculptured stones against the statue of the great war-goddess Teoyaomiqui herself, and kept rabbits there.

  6. But how often has prejudice against them declared things to be idols which were really images of the saints, though shapeless ones!

  7. This expectation was fully realized, and some fine idols of hard stone were found, with an infinitude of pottery and small objects.

  8. The soldiers had laid several of the smaller idols down on their faces, and were sitting on the comfortable seat on the small of their backs, busy playing at cards.

  9. The amateurs of that period affected to prefer the hieratic rigidity of the barbarian idols to the elegant freedom of Alexandrian art.

  10. In the second place, the artists replaced the old hieratic idols by more attractive images and gave them the beauty of the immortals.

  11. Moved with holy anger, the monks upset the vessel, and flung the idols into the lake, and won many to Christianity.

  12. Yet many of the Alamanni held tenaciously to their old gods, and their holy shrines and idols stood side by side with the Cross; even Christians invoked Woden, for fear he should be offended by their neglect.

  13. Large idols were once standing there, but they have been moved inside of the building opposite the entrance.

  14. The idols can lay no claim to beauty, and are anything but interesting, except to people who have a wonderful amount of faith and a capacity to believe a fellow-creature's wild imagination.

  15. Curious varnished and painted vases, idols in basalt and skeletons were in it.

  16. The little idols perhaps attract more attention than anything else at the museum.

  17. Famous stone idols are found in this vicinity.

  18. In two long rooms the cases lining the walls are filled with idols of all sizes and shapes, made of stone onyx and marble.

  19. In the newborn Protestant zeal against idols Sir Stephen denounced especially the lofty shaft of St. Andrew.

  20. Bids censure the incestuous man, 6 And suits in law refrain; 7 Of marry'd state and celibate, 8 And meats to idols slain.

  21. In every high place, worship was paid to Charles and James, Belial and Moloch; and England propitiated those obscene and cruel idols with the blood of her best and bravest children.

  22. Their one great object was the demolition of the idols and the purification of the sanctuary.

  23. There we barter all evening with natives for furs of the monkey, idols of ivory and objects of interest of wood and bronze.

  24. In the early morning hours the natives lay an offering of flowers before these idols and wash their hands or faces in the water and go on their way rejoicing.

  25. It was covered with idols and exceedingly religious; yet it seemed to him more hopelessly away from God than any city in the world.

  26. There is first, the conversion from idols to the one living and true God; and then the distinctively Christian stage of waiting for the Son of God from heaven.

  27. We have only overthrown those idols which are tangible and visible, but perpetual sacrifice still exists everywhere, and everywhere the élite of each generation suffers for the salvation of the multitude.

  28. There is power in it, but we have before us heroic idols rather than human beings.

  29. The Jews are forbidden to sell ornaments or other objects for the use of idols to the heathens, or to let to them any houses in Palestine, because they would be desecrated by the introduction of images of idols.

  30. For the worship of vain idols is the beginning, cause, and end of every evil thing.

  31. The freedom from the Jewish Law inaugurated by Paul was characterized as unbridled license, as the teaching of Balaam, which brought in its train the worship of idols and the pursuit of vice.

  32. The temples of the Idumaean idols were, of course, destroyed, but the priests secretly adhered to their worship.

  33. After the death of his father, when the heritage was divided between him and his brothers, he would not take the equivalent for the idols which became his brothers' share, but threw the money into the sea.

  34. According to this author, the invention of idols was the cause of lasciviousness, and leads to the destruction of life.

  35. Antiochus that his subjects sacrifice to idols (I Mach.

  36. The manufacture of statues of Buddha or of other idols is not a sign that one approves of idolatry, because these objects have legitimate uses, such as adornment of palaces or art galleries.

  37. The worship of idols in antiquity and of images in certain ignorant modern communities is a deterioration of originally spiritual teachings.

  38. This row of shapeless and ungainly monsters which I now set before the reader does not consist of separate idols cut out capriciously in lonely valleys or various islands.

  39. Let yonder papists worship their saints and idols to their own decay.

  40. Go, good master, and while we smite these worshippers of idols do you release your ship.

  41. Horrid idols all twist, By the crumbling flame kissed In their infamous dread, Shrivelled members of brass!

  42. There is no escaping from the truth--wherever women are in subjection it is there that the idols of purity and chastity are set up for worship.

  43. It seems to me that in these questions of sex we have receded further and further from the reality of things, and become blinded and baffled by the very idols to love that men have set up.

  44. His famous reference to the Sun-God Mithras reads as follows:-- "The devil in the mystic rites of his idols competes even with the essential portions of the sacraments of God.

  45. Between these idols stand numerous slabs, the zigzag formed representing lightning, the straight ones stalks of corn, etc.

  46. So that there is no Indian, no matter how well educated he may appear in our language and the Christian doctrine, who has not idols which he adores, as experience teaches us every day.

  47. Maurice adds that the Hindus place the tiluk upon their idols in twelve places.

  48. Torquemada speaks of such idols employed in the worship of snakes and mountains.

  49. The discontent of the natives was aggravated by this fact; they saw their idols pulled down, their ceremonial chambers closed, their dances prohibited, and numbers of their people tried and executed for witchcraft.

  50. Idols were always carried to war by the natives of Hispaniola: "Atanse Ai la frente A-dolos chiquitos cuando quieren pelear.

  51. We are also informed[351] that the people of Cibola offered to their idols "polbos amarillos de flores.

  52. From Torquemada we learn that the Mexicans adorned their idols with the chalchihuitl, and also that they buried a chalchihuitl with their dead, saying that it was the dead man's heart.

  53. The idols which the people of Yucatan gave to Juan de Grijalva in 1518 were covered with these stones, "cubierta de pedrecicas.

  54. Idols made of dough much after the fashion of the Aztecs are to be found among the Mongols.

  55. We have spoken before of the teraphim of Laban, of the idols or pretended oracles of Micah and Gideon.

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