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Example sentences for "deserved"

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deserued; deserues; deserueth; deseruing; deserve; deservedly; deserves; deservest; deserveth; deserving
  1. Then I must have been a girl who deserved nothing of the world, or of you.

  2. I was either a girl who--who deserved nothing of the world, or I was a wife.

  3. But I should have deserved running in if I hadn't yielded to such a temptation as that, Bunny.

  4. So far from discerning the desperate criminal who has "done time" once, and deserved it over and over again, the superior but superficial observer might have imagined that he detected a certain element of folly in my face.

  5. Our map was the best that could be bought, with flags that deserved a better fate than standing still.

  6. I could not help telling him that he had got out of it better than he deserved for ever getting in.

  7. I should have deserved none in the next world if I had shown him any in this!

  8. It had been our great good fortune to jump into a perfect hansom; there was no choice, we had to take the first upon the rank, but it must have deserved its place with the rest nowhere.

  9. I could not help thinking, however, that they deserved to do so, if he had counted upon buying credit for all but L400 by a single payment of some ten per cent.

  10. He wept for those who had deserved better than this.

  11. He said that Kazem sometimes belted him when he really deserved it but that there were plenty of times he deserved it and yet his brother wouldn't touch him.

  12. If General Mackenzie could look into her heart, he would find that she hardly deserved all his praise.

  13. The Randy Books of Amy Brooks have had a deserved popularity among young girls.

  14. Many have been the cares and vicissitudes of my past life, my beloved Ellinor, and the only consolation I feel for their bitterness is that on a close examination of my conduct, I am convinced that I have strictly deserved them.

  15. Among whom Horace and (he that taught him) Aristotle deserved to be the first in estimation.

  16. It was a great accumulation to His Majesty's deserved praise that men might openly visit and pity those whom his greatest prisons had at any time received or his laws condemned.

  17. The commercial schools, which were independent of the church, to which Non-conformists sent their boys, were satirised by Dickens, and they deserved the satire.

  18. I think my brother John profited less by the great advance of South Australia than he deserved for sticking to the Bank of South Australia.

  19. He was, indeed, most successful, and he deserved success for the purity of his motives, the liberality of his sentiments, and his enlarged and manly policy.

  20. Wherefore he has deserved to be held in honour and esteem for such rich and undying benefits to art, and to be celebrated with extraordinary praises after his death.

  21. Great was the praise, then, that Sandro deserved for all the pictures that he chose to make with diligence and love, as he did the aforesaid panel of the Magi in S.

  22. You could not have loved me,--though, perhaps, I thought I had deserved your love.

  23. I'm sure he deserved it for the way in which he attacked Sir Timothy Beeswax.

  24. Emily sat perfectly silent, knowing that her husband had been rebuked, but feeling that he had deserved it.

  25. In my opinion there is no doubt that you would best consult the honour of the country by allowing her Majesty to bestow this act of grace upon a subject who has deserved so well from her Majesty as yourself.

  26. As for Jennings, he richly deserved the thrashing that he had received, and a more humiliated and astonished fellow there was not in the corps.

  27. He never whipped Pops again; indeed, the boy gave him no cause to; and he never thrashed Buddie, even when that unrepentant little sinner well deserved it.

  28. When ill-spoken of take it thus: If you have not deserved it you are none the worse; if you have, then mend.

  29. Vanity is so constantly solicitous of self that even where its own claims are not interested it indirectly seeks the aliment which it loves by showing how little is deserved by others.

  30. On his arrival home Whitelocke underwent a court-martial, and was cashiered with well deserved and bitter censure.

  31. Villagran had thoroughly deserved this success, which had crowned one of the most exhausting periods of the terrific struggle.

  32. You must know that the king fell in love with the youngest daughter of a tailor who lived near the palace, and married her; the girl deserved his love, for she was as good as she was beautiful, and as modest as she was discreet.

  33. It has long seemed to the writer that the successful organizer of modern industry deserved a high place in public estimation.

  34. Having no reputation as builders, and with limited capacity for production, it was not easy to obtain patronage; but with the pluck and persistence which deserved success, the proprietors determined to make only first-class engines.

  35. While residing in Manchester he held important offices in the municipal government, was a faithful public servant, working zealously to promote the general interests and the common good of his constituents, of whom he deserved well.

  36. This volume contains portraits and biographical sketches of eighty-eight New Hampshire men whose deserved success in their several callings has made them conspicuous in the professional, business, and political world.

  37. Hard words to a good old man; but there were plenty of others who deserved them.

  38. Jens Munk had deserved a better end than he got.

  39. By what circumstance has this your land, which I govern, deserved to be seen by one so superior and excellent that all on earth should obey and serve him [Soto] as a prince?

  40. You deserved it, and I believe it would have been given you.

  41. Though we have been greatly disappointed, no troops ever deserved more credit for their exertions.

  42. Their ingratitude proves manifestly, how well they deserved the chains which have been taken off their necks.

  43. Rose did not see how Melanctha could bear to ever see her, but Melanctha always was so good to everybody, she never would know how to act to people the way they deserved that she should do it.

  44. Was he sure Melanctha Herbert never had deserved a reverence from him.

  45. I told him that once, like himself, I gave life to the dance and mirth to my friends; but that want of caution had been the cause of my ruin, and too much confidence in those who least deserved my favour.

  46. As soon as they retired, Noradin, taking Misnar by the hand, asked him whether she deserved his constant love for the choice she had made.

  47. There was no scarcity of these in Bagdad; and Kaskas, taught by his ill success, thought the advice of his friend deserved attention.

  48. The people, hearing this distinction of the Cadi, applauded their judge; and one and all cried out that I was a magician, and deserved the flames.

  49. This woman, whom age and experience had rendered prudent, having deserved the confidence of her masters, had acquired the right of approaching them whenever she thought proper, and accordingly she went to the Sultan.

  50. But he could not call to mind any deed of which he, felt ashamed, nor any that deserved punishment.

  51. Valdana deserved nothing of her, had deserted her and her child, had done without her for years, had exploited her for the money she made, was a coward and a brute with whom association could only bring degradation.

  52. I got my prize, little as I deserved it, and retired from the arena.

  53. If such a day of deliverance is Providentially granted the world, having deserved it by an indomitable courage in resisting oppression, history would again repeat itself but with a different result.

  54. The revulsion of public feeling towards the fallen for cause, and the severe judgment of misdeeds by the impartial historian, has been the deserved punishment of the few who have prevaricated.

  55. The British statesmen who, several years ago, brought about the treaty of alliance between Great Britain and Japan have deserved much from the Empire and from the world generally.

  56. It failed disastrously as it deserved to.

  57. And Germany, together with Russia, would have deserved the gratitude of the world for their timely intervention, prompted by a clear sense of their duty and a sound conception of their international right.

  58. They had well deserved their glorious triumph.

  59. When this great work is accomplished, and when we shall sing the TE DEUM of thanksgiving, we will be able to say that Canada, that all the Provinces of Canada, that our Province of Quebec, have deserved their share of glory.

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    Other words:
    appropriate; balanced; condign; defensible; deserved; due; entitled; equitable; even; fair; fit; good; just; justifiable; justified; lawful; legal; level; meet; merited; proper; qualified; requisite; right; rightful; square; suitable; warrantable; warranted; worthy