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deserved; deservedly; deserves; deservest; deserveth; deservings; desh; deshabille; desheim; desia
  1. It is a common, unimaginative metaphor in the United States to call the engine which leads the mighty trains across the country the iron horse; but it is deserving of a nobler figure.

  2. All pleasures are in his eyes equally good and equally deserving of cultivation.

  3. The poorest and the worst-dressed, the least-deserving and the most repulsive in mind and morals, exhibited most disgusting traits of self-importance.

  4. An incident showing the tender sensibility of her nature when a child is also deserving of special mention.

  5. The character of this tour, as well as the remarkable memorial of it given to the world after a lapse of seventy years, render it, in this place, deserving of more than a mere passing notice.

  6. I think you might find among modern Italians many quite as deserving of intervention as the donkey.

  7. Here you have a considerable body of very deserving persons "demanding" a good and cheap article in the way of a house.

  8. Indeed, Gentlemen, Washington's Farewell Address is full of truths important at all times, and particularly deserving consideration at the present.

  9. No state, deserving the appellation of independent, can permit the language in which it may instruct its own officers in the discharge of their duties to itself to be called in question under any pretext by a foreign power.

  10. In Revolutionary times, and in the earliest days of this Constitution, there was no State more honored, or more deserving of honor.

  11. Several schemes, which have been proposed during the last year or two, are deserving of serious thought.

  12. Yet "The Wanderer" was deserving of a better fate.

  13. I bowed most humbly, as ashamed of not deserving so flattering a speech.

  14. It is a most worthy institution, and deserving of support and patronage.

  15. Twelve free scholarships have been founded in the institution for deserving cases of either sex.

  16. The presence of vermin is likewise a circumstance which in some measure is deserving of notice.

  17. Of Spaniels there are several varieties, but of these the Suffolk Cocker is the only one deserving a notice.

  18. The carbonate of ammonia, from two to eight grains, is also deserving of a trial, as are the chlorides and chlorates when the odor is perceived.

  19. There is no book upon this subject that is deserving of commendation; and, to instance the ignorance which prevails even in places where a superficial knowledge ought to exist, I will mention but one circumstance.

  20. Washing dogs is not a custom deserving of half the consideration which is bestowed upon it.

  21. This system differs from the Near Eastern system in which also no actual enforcement took place, but where deserving men were granted the right to collect themselves the taxes of a certain area with certain numbers of families.

  22. The emperor made use of them as elements of personal luxury, or made presents of some of them to deserving officials.

  23. The light-house upon the bluff, at the north-west corner of the city, is well deserving of notice, though not properly ranked under the public buildings of Natchez.

  24. They are, nevertheless, well deserving of notice, highly ornamental to the city, and reflect honour upon the public spirit of its citizens.

  25. He was a man of sound civil wisdom, correcting things in general by threats rather than by severity, so that while he governed the province, which he did for some time, nothing happened deserving of particular notice.

  26. But his forbidding masters of rhetoric and grammar to instruct Christians was a cruel action, and one deserving to be buried in everlasting silence.

  27. But while he was thus regulating and governing the country in a manner deserving the imitation of all virtuous princes, the rage of the barbarians again broke out more violently than ever.

  28. And that the restoration of their liberty might carry with it additional dignity, he made Zizais their king, a man, as the event proved, deserving the rewards of eminent fortune, and faithful.

  29. So far from deserving praise, the art of engraving and printing letters was [p132] regarded as a confessed acknowledgment of inability to draw, more deserving of censure than of praise.

  30. Scholarships were also to be given to deserving boys, and they were to be tenable at the School.

  31. In that mythical age which the poet recalls to life no spectacle could be imagined more deserving to fix the attention of the world than the fall of Troy, the building of Carthage, and the first rude settlement on the hills of Rome.

  32. Hence he supports his country and his humble home, hence his herds of cattle, and his well-deserving steers.

  33. It is difficult to see in what respect the Lily-grub is more deserving than the Asparagus-grub, which possesses no defensive arts.

  34. This is meritorious, if not deserving of exceptional glorification.

  35. But if you are doing this to make money--and I think you are--then you are a lot of rascals, deserving defeat.

  36. We shall find plenty of others more deserving of shooting, I think!

  37. He was seldom known to have a larger sum than fifty cents at one time, and then he felt uneasy until he found some deserving object of charity to relieve him.

  38. On this voyage Clark narrates an incident deserving a place in this little work.

  39. Much that he did openly was deserving of high praise.

  40. A homely style which fulfils its purpose has a merit deserving of recognition.

  41. Why did he not remind the Lord Chamberlain that this "deserving man" was the author of all these famous dramas?

  42. Mr. Jonson," he says, "I have hitherto held thee for an honest scholar and a deserving man in the quality thou dost profess.

  43. Certes, a small favour to so deserving a youth.

  44. But there are deserving poor," said Dinneford.

  45. I am a firm believer in the doctrine that people deserving necessary assistance at critical periods in their career usually receive it.

  46. To these are added all the symptoms ever said by anybody, whether deserving confidence or not, as I shall hereafter illustrate, to be produced by the substance in question.

  47. This account seems to be entirely deserving of credit.

  48. Some additional statements in this letter are deserving of insertion.

  49. There was no chemistry deserving the name to require his study.

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