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  1. Some are undoubtedly explicable as forgotten experiences of the present life.

  2. You saw the plot at once as he constructed it; the pipe ash became explicable in the seduction of Miss Belton's charms.

  3. Some phenomena in the neighborhood of Stockholm appear to me only explicable on the supposition of the alternate rising and sinking of the ground since the country was inhabited by man.

  4. It may safely be affirmed, however, that there is no trace in brutes of any actions simulating morality which are not explicable by the fear of punishment, by the hope of pleasure, or by personal affection.

  5. By and by it grew more explicable to me how witless she had been to give gossip a handle in the effort to escape it.

  6. The difference between the mule and the hinny would seem to be explicable on this supposition.

  7. The case of certain diurnal moths mimicking butterflies appears to be explicable without the aid of the theory of protective mimicry.

  8. First, there are numerous points in the culture even of rude races which are not explicable otherwise than on the theory of development.

  9. Christian era, explicable only when viewed in the light of Hasidean practice.

  10. In verses 9, 19 the manifest corruptions may be explicable from a Semitic background.

  11. That silence is only explicable because they rightly understood the meaning of the claim which they contemptuously and perversely rejected.

  12. The error remains as an historical incident explicable perhaps as a result of the conditions under which it occurred, but in so far as it was an error, not a part of reality.

  13. In other words, science assumes that every error is ex post facto explicable as a function of the real conditions under which it really arose.

  14. The impregnable strength of the Theory of Descent lies just in the fact that all biological facts are explicable only through it, and that without it they remain unintelligible miracles.

  15. If, as we maintain, natural selection is the great active cause which has produced the whole wonderful variety of organic life on the earth, all the interesting phenomena of human life must also be explicable from the same cause.

  16. And hence the fact is at once explicable why, with such ardent and unbounded zeal, they should have effected comparatively so little against the modern Egyptians, and the new Egyptian darkness of our own days.

  17. Although some of these difficulties are of great weight, we shall see that many of them are explicable on the theory of natural selection, and are otherwise inexplicable.

  18. In every instance telepathy--or clairvoyance, which is after all explicable itself only by telepathy--will suffice.

  19. Although no explanation can be given of some of the expressions in the lower animals, the greater number are explicable in accordance with the three principles given at the commencement of the first chapter.

  20. These gestures are, I believe, explicable on the principle of antithesis.

  21. For many phenomena of our mental life are only explicable through this distinction.

  22. This is very explicable to us since we have recognised the thing in itself as the will.

  23. I say, then, everything certainly is physical, but yet nothing is explicable physically.

  24. Certainly the whole present condition of all things in the world, or in nature, must necessarily be explicable from purely physical causes.

  25. That one has far less energy of mind in summer than in winter is partly explicable from the fact that in summer one sleeps less; for the deeper one has slept, the more completely awake, the more lively, is one afterwards.

  26. What if species should offer residual phænomena, here and there, not explicable by natural selection?

  27. But if this apparently vital operation were explicable as a simple mechanism, might not other vital operations be reducible to the same category?

  28. Is it not probable that there will be many things not explicable by us?

  29. Phrasius, Chalbes and Epaphus (for the grandfather of Busiris) are all explicable as Graecized Egyptian names, but other names in the legend are purely Greek.

  30. The enunciation by Descartes of the conception that the physical universe, whether living or not living, is a mechanism, and that, as such, it is explicable on physical principles.

  31. Such phenomena are scarcely explicable unless the Celtic conquests were largely in the nature of military occupations, like those of the Goths, Visigoths and Vandals in later times.

  32. Setting aside this incident the story is perfectly explicable as a folk-tale founded on actual experience.

  33. Such a difference between reciprocal crosses has also been found in other animals, and the experimental results, though sometimes more complicated, are explicable on the same lines.

  34. I am of opinion that it is more easily explicable by the fact that Berlioz was a gifted conductor, and that the public had been prepossessed in his favour by the laudatory articles of Prince Odoevsky himself.

  35. It is clear that all the peculiarities hitherto observed in the Saturnian ring-system are explicable so soon as we regard that system as made up of multitudes of small bodies.

  36. The possibility that some of them might be explicable as Weber's proved to be, and that some even may have been explicable as completely, but less satisfactorily, in another way, seems to have been thought scarcely worth considering.

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