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Example sentences for "explanations"

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explainable; explained; explaining; explains; explanation; explanatory; expletive; expletives; explicable; explicat
  1. All the explanations in the world won't make outsiders understand that the officers were away when the panic began.

  2. But Mrs. Vansuythen, with no heart for explanations or impassioned protestations, was kneeling over Mrs. Boulte.

  3. With these explanations of what are called the vanity and egotism of Genius, be it remembered, that the sense of their own sufficiency is assumed by men at their own risk.

  4. The superior will answer, that she does not know you; that she has no explanations to give you; and will close the wicket.

  5. These indispensable explanations being given, we usher, the reader into the presence of Adrienne de Cardoville, who had just come out of the bath.

  6. Agricola, in order to save explanations with his father, and to make him believe that he had indeed gone to the workshop of M.

  7. It might be that this woman could afford explanations to the judges which would touch them, and so she conceived the project of begging her to bear witness in her son's favor.

  8. But without entering into explanations Labordette persuaded her to trust to his sagacity.

  9. However, he went into no explanations about the young bride and, shutting his eyes, as though to avoid seeming to take any further interest in the matter, he once more lost himself in his corner behind the petticoats.

  10. He listened coldly to her explanations while she trembled lest he should strike her.

  11. But while requiring explanations he refused to listen to them.

  12. But failing the explanations of her hairdresser Francis, who had brought her the paper, she would not have understood that it was she who was in question.

  13. Then suddenly he began to assume an air of proprietorship, and burst into a hundred explanations of what fears he felt for her; for her happiness and welfare.

  14. It was the first she had ever had--a love-letter in its guise--with explanations in it.

  15. At length, when some degree of calmness was restored, the quick and eager explanations followed.

  16. Besides," he argued, "if all the explanations in the world took place, they can prove nothing in the world against me.

  17. Those few words were quite sufficient, however, for C├Žsar Borgia knew his man, and was aware that no long explanations were needed.

  18. I guess we'll have to wait for explanations until we know what is in this message," Ned said.

  19. Sandy, who had been listening in silence to the explanations which had been made, now asked: "How many Chinks are there out there?

  20. After having rung the bell, he was received as before, downstairs by Hubert, who, on account of the want of clearness in his explanations in regard to his visit, concluded the best thing to be done was to allow him to go upstairs again.

  21. I find that I have so badly succeeded in reproducing the charming design of the head of the saint that you may perhaps have need of some explanations from me.

  22. Felicien left the design and bade them good-day, for he was greatly disappointed, and he had no longer the courage to give any new explanations in regard to the work, as an excuse for stopping longer.

  23. I know they have been solicitous to have some explanations of the reasons, which induced you to take the step you did.

  24. Evidently the explanations furnished by these historians being mutually contradictory can only satisfy young children.

  25. An elderly sergeant who had approached the officer while he was giving these explanations had waited in silence for him to finish speaking, but at this point, evidently not liking the officer's remark, interrupted him.

  26. Even now" (he emphasized the word) "I am ready to receive any explanations you can give me.

  27. Gerard went on giving explanations with a quiet, satisfied air.

  28. It must be very interesting," said M, de Guersaint, when these explanations had been given him.

  29. If the envoy were at the capital, he would then make all requisite explanations to the minister.

  30. Should the envoy go to Hue, on his arrival there, the minister might receive a copy of the President's letter, and what explanations he might desire as to the objects of the mission.

  31. If he cannot go to the capital without making such explanations to you, the ship will have to go to sea.

  32. I give mainly the explanations of Volkmar, who, it should be remembered, is the very reverse of an apologist, indicating the points where they seem least satisfactory.

  33. The explanations given above seem to me reasonable and possible; they are enough, I think, to remove the necessity for assuming a lost document, but perhaps not quite enough to destroy the greater probability.

  34. These explanations having been made, Sir Walter took him by the hand, affirming that "Mr. Elliot was better to look at than most men, and that he had no objection to being seen with him anywhere.

  35. Nor would you ever understand without a series of explanations I have not the courage to make.

  36. He wanted to see a train robber and I introduced him to Conductor O'Brien, but he never saw the joke, and you know how depressing explanations are.

  37. On the dike they spent some time looking at the gaps and listening to explanations of how the river worked to undermine and how it had been checked.

  38. Various explanations were given for this action, and I shall recur to it again.

  39. It must he confessed that Grant's explanations of his later attitude towards Smith, and of the reasons for relieving him and restoring Butler to command, were neither full nor always stated in the same terms.

  40. Part 2 They had their explanations the next evening, but they were explanations in quite other terms than Ann Veronica had anticipated, quite other and much more startling and illuminating terms.

  41. She felt it would save explanations if she did not state she had left her home and was looking for employment.

  42. She was very greatly exercised by the two systems of values--the two series of explanations that her comparative anatomy on the one hand and her sense of beauty on the other, set going in her thoughts.

  43. They were further told that no reasons would be asked and, to make doubly certain, that no reasons or explanations of any description would be allowed under any circumstances whatever.

  44. I've come with the frankest explanations which I stand in more need of than you--so much for your vanity, but at the same time it's true.

  45. But I must be allowed to give a few explanations to make things clear.

  46. I proved to you just now the untenability of your position," the girl answered contemptuously, as though disdaining further explanations with such a man.

  47. The three persons joined, and the explanations were short.

  48. Several times he asked him explanations on this head, but Monkey-face had always answered in an ambiguous way, or evaded his questions.

  49. In giving additional explanations of the operations of the silversmith, we will describe the manner in which a plain tea-pot is manufactured.

  50. Thence we returned to the town wharf, no apologies or explanations being forthcoming or to be extracted, whence we made a final start at about nine o'clock, only fifteen hours late!

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