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Example sentences for "derivative"

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deriue; deriued; derivable; derivation; derivations; derivatively; derivatives; derive; derived; derives
  1. Thus, access to the courts may be denied to persons instituting stockholders' derivative actions unless reasonable security for the costs, and fees incurred by the corporation is first tendered.

  2. An explosive nitro derivative of certain sugars, analogous to nitroglycerin, gun cotton, etc.

  3. A nitro derivative of methane, analogous to chloroform, obtained as a colorless oily or crystalline substance, CH.

  4. A hypothetical nitro derivative of quinol or hydroquinone, not known in the free state, but forming a well defined series of derivatives.

  5. An artificial variety is a derivative of succinic acid, but has no action on polarized light, and thus malic acid is a remarkable case of physical isomerism.

  6. A philologist, therefore, who is contending that all living languages are derivative and not primordial, has a great advantage over a naturalist who is endeavouring to inculcate a similar theory in regard to species.

  7. If all known languages are derivative and not primordial creations, they must each of them have been slowly elaborated in a single geographical area.

  8. The idea of stretching signified by the original root tan has no direct or immediate connection with any of the conceptions expressed by the derivative words.

  9. Then it is possible that a derivative and modified form of the same word should happen to drift into that precise phonetic; form which is accordant with that property.

  10. Tamashii, a derivative of tama, is the ordinary word for soul at the present day, and is undoubtedly of considerable antiquity.

  11. I mean by this expression, the ultimate laws of nature (whatever they may be) as distinguished from the derivative laws and from the collocations.

  12. When we judge that the succession of night and day is a derivative sequence, depending on something else, we proceed on grounds of experience.

  13. Their faith and worship are exactly symbolised under its derivative dress.

  14. These bodies standing apart in a room lighted by a single window will have derivative shadows more or less short according as they are more or less opposite to the window.

  15. Thus +Leod+, the Saxon word for a poem, is properly a song, and its derivative lied signifies a ballad to this day in the German tongue.

  16. A compound with, or derivative of, the imido group; specif.

  17. Pertaining to, or designating, an organic amido acid, which is regarded as a derivative of lactic acid and urea.

  18. A white, crystalline substance obtained as an anhydride of alanine, and regarded as an imido derivative of lactic acid.

  19. These derivative qualities, you are acquainted with, if you have given any sort of scientific consideration to the question of genesis and destruction.

  20. Various secondary or derivative differences in the tissues.

  21. There remains a residue of martial emotion, not so closely united with the desire for economic gain, but all these derivative motives do not prevent the economic factor from remaining preponderant.

  22. The idealism of the individual is a mere derivative of those crude appetites of the mass that drive nations into the conflict.

  23. In the state of nature no inequalities flow from the differences among men in point of physical advantage and disadvantage, and which remain without derivative differences so long as the state of nature endures undisturbed.

  24. Since, however, the urinogenital cloaca is a derivative of the Wolffian duct, this difference between the two sexes is not a very important one.

  25. The origin of this lining layer I could not certainly determine, but its connection with the splanchnic mesoblast suggests that it is probably a derivative of this[314].

  26. Zeta(1,2) ot the derivative of Zeta function at 2.

  27. In this way certain secondary and derivative questions are once for all cleared up.

  28. In derivative knowledge our ultimate premisses must have some degree of self-evidence, and so must their connexion with the conclusions deduced from them.

  29. Our derivative knowledge always depends upon some pure a priori knowledge and usually also depends upon some pure empirical knowledge.

  30. Our derivative knowledge of things, which we call knowledge by description, always involves both acquaintance with something and knowledge of truths.

  31. We shall, then, admit such psychological inference as a means of obtaining derivative knowledge, provided there is a discoverable logical inference which runs parallel to the psychological inference.

  32. So long as we are dealing with derivative knowledge, we have the test of intuitive knowledge to fall back upon.

  33. Leaving on one side, for the moment, the question of intuitive knowledge, let us consider the above suggested definition of derivative knowledge.

  34. This renders our definition of derivative knowledge less precise than we could wish, since the word 'discoverable' is vague: it does not tell us how much reflection may be needed in order to make the discovery.

  35. The chief difficulty in regard to knowledge, however, does not arise over derivative knowledge, but over intuitive knowledge.

  36. On acetylating pentacetyl leucotannin with acetyl chloride a hexacetyl derivative (M.

  37. The above reactions show the similarity of this dinaphthyl derivative to the dicresyl derivative, and the absence in the former of characteristic reactions with iron salts is mainly accounted for by its lack of phenolic groups.

  38. Mention must also be made of the corresponding derivative of pyruvic acid and the compound with pyrogallolcarboxylic acid, penta-[pyrogallolcarboyl]glucose.

  39. Again, as all derivative languages are found to be shaded by one primitive language, so all derivative religions will, on examination, be found to be shaded by the one primitive religion.

  40. Thought appears to be derivative and secondary.

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