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Example sentences for "explication"

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explicable; explicat; explicate; explicated; explicating; explications; explicative; explicit; explicitly; explicitness
  1. Footnote 547: These, besides their great length, are not required for the explication of our more immediate subject.

  2. Petavius greatly commends Boethius's explication of this mystery, which is the very same he had before condemned in Gregory Nyssen, and those other Fathers.

  3. These words were a sufficient explication of the scene.

  4. They are all reducible to one class, [*] and are not more difficult of explication and cure than most affections of our frame.

  5. Thus I extenuated my conduct to myself, but I scarcely expect that this will be to you a sufficient explication of the scene that followed.

  6. The knavery and extravagance of their stock-jobbing projects are sufficiently known, and the explication of them would be foreign to the present subject.

  7. M’Caul’s explication of the matter, be true, why is it not the sufficient truth and the whole explanation needed?

  8. And call you this an explication of the manner whereby we are affected with ideas?

  9. Black's discovery of latent heat, however, has afforded a very easy and natural explication of this phenomenon.

  10. The explication of this phenomenon had puzzled all philosophers, till the modern discoveries in electricity led to the most probable account of it.

  11. The idea of God is first affirmed, and the due explication of the facts of the universe is then demonstrated to be only an explication of the idea of God as first cause.

  12. And they that are here put under these particular terms, are expressed both before and after, by those that have explication in them.

  13. The apostle's explication of this expression, viz.

  14. That the text carrieth this truth in its bosom, you will find if you look into the explication of the first part thereof before.

  15. From these things we may inquire, for the explication of the words, First.

  16. Saith he, We must not enter into explication or dispute now; but if you will say you will call the people no more together, you may have your liberty; if not, you must be sent away to prison.

  17. And, to say a die is hard, extended, and square is not to attribute those qualities to a subject distinct from and supporting them, but only an explication of the meaning of the word die.

  18. The first conducts to and vindicates the second--inadequately, however, apart from explication of their root in moral reason.

  19. What has been here set forth seems to me to have no small share in contributing to magnify the appearance of the horizontal moon, and deserves not to be passed over in the explication of it.

  20. If we attentively consider the phenomenon before us, we shall find the not discerning between the mediate and immediate objects of sight to be the chief cause of the difficulty that occurs in the explication of it.

  21. Secondly, it is objected, that the explication I give of the appearance of the horizontal moon (which may also be applied to the sun) is the same that Gassendus had given before.

  22. But then, in this explication of vision, there occurs one mighty difficulty, viz.

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    accomplishment; advance; advancement; amplification; clarification; construction; decoding; definition; demonstration; development; dilation; elaboration; elucidation; enlargement; enlightenment; essay; evolving; exegesis; exemplification; expansion; explanation; expose; exposition; flowering; furtherance; gloss; growth; illumination; illustration; interpretation; key; light; maturation; progress; progression; rationale; reason; reasoning; remark; resolution; rise; simplification; solution; unfolding