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Example sentences for "explode"

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  1. Detonating caps are therefore made of this, and one such cap put into the middle of that cartridge of dynamite and set fire to, by any means, would convert the cartridge itself into a detonator, and explode it with a shattering effect.

  2. Any sort of fire will explode gunpowder, but any sort of fire will not explode dynamite; it will only cause it to burn.

  3. It requires a detonator to explode it with violence.

  4. I heard the lieutenant explain to my mother that if one of these torpedoes chanced to explode where it hung, it would blow the boat and men to atoms.

  5. Attached to this disc was an instantaneous fuse of some length, so that an operator could throw the disc into a passing boat, and then fire the fuse, which would instantly explode the disc.

  6. Almost any device which permits a current of air to pass over or through a volatile liquid will produce a gas which will explode when compressed and ignited in the motor cylinder.

  7. Just as soon as the compressed air becomes thoroughly saturated with the liquid fuel, it will explode on account of the degree of heat present in the combustion chamber.

  8. This is compressed to a pressure of about 500 pounds per square inch, and sufficient heat is produced by this compression to explode a hydrocarbon mixture.

  9. At length the job was complete, the charge was laid, the battery by which it was intended to explode the powder was prepared, the wire already extended.

  10. Beethoven's temper was of the passionate order that is apt to explode at the slightest provocation, and when once aroused he seemed to lose all power of self-control.

  11. Handel was a big man, with a very commanding presence and a fiery temper, which, as we have seen, was apt to explode at trifles.

  12. If the flame of a candle be brought in contact with one of these balloons, or floating bubbles, it will explode with a violent detonation, resembling the report of a pistol.

  13. If two grains of chlorate of potass in powder and one of sulphur be mixed together, and wrapped in a piece of strong paper, and the paper be then struck with a hammer, it will also explode with detonation.

  14. If half a drachm of this compound be placed on a shovel, and held over a gentle fire, it will soon explode with a loud report.

  15. Three or four ground mines explode in the midst of the leading assaulting groups.

  16. That is to say: the volcanic lava-flood, bursting up in the manner described, will explode and flow according to Girondin Formula and pre-established rule of Philosophy?

  17. Sometimes a hundred were taken out of James River in a single day, and when the Southern seaports fell hundreds of torpedoes were found floating in their waters ready to explode upon the first contact.

  18. His initial experiments to explode minute charges of powder under water, were made with an ordinary tub in his chamber at the house of his cousin, Robert H.

  19. The central nucleus, in the thickest portion of the crescent, was always the last to go, and it seemed to explode in a little shower of crackling sparks.

  20. A little later, we questioned him again, knowing well that his anger could not thus be retained within, and that the savage silence would explode at the first chance.

  21. We beg him to observe then, that we pause to explode these objections, not because they are of any weight, but because we purpose to make thorough work with our opponents.

  22. The men were in need of a change of diet, and we thought the surest way of getting the sea-fowl was to explode a shell among them.

  23. All shells would explode by percussion in striking the object aimed at.

  24. A huge creature of a man slid out on the opposite side of the cook wagon, an' when he came around the tail of it he was holdin' a bear gun so it would explode without much ceremony.

  25. We didn't explode a catridge until they was bunched in the door an' then we emptied out.

  26. He is trying to discover a psychic ray that will explode all the explosive at the well of a Mahatma.

  27. I will discover a ray mightier than any X-ray: a mind ray that will explode the ammunition in the belt of my adversary before he can point his gun at me.

  28. These tungsten lights don't explode like that, except when rapped in some way.

  29. Maybe he thinks he can explode some gasoline and blow us to the surface.

  30. We can't see through the fog, so couldn't find the plants, and probably your wiring diagrams would explode if I touched them.

  31. If you use them all, very well, but do not try to take even one of them into any region where it is very hot, for it will explode and demolish your vessel.

  32. I had made my infernal machine with two locks simply that, if one did not explode the charge, the other might.

  33. When you hear it bump against the gate, throw yourself flat in the car, for an instant later I will explode it.

  34. As it approached, the rockets of our invisible and widely scattered gunners in the forest below began to explode beneath its rep ray plates.

  35. I explained to them that it was a loaded shell, that would explode and blow the blacksmith and his people to pieces, if he were to place it on the fire.

  36. Some would burst overhead, while others would go whizzing over us and explode far in the rear.

  37. Many of them did not explode at all, but a few burst directly over us and cut the men down cruelly.

  38. At salients along the line forts for the artillery were built, but not now manned, and in front of our lines and around our forts mines or torpedoes were sunk, which would explode by tramping on the earth above them.

  39. Lower and lower it came, all feeling their hopelessness of escape, should the shell explode in their midst.

  40. The hopes that had been born in them when the guns stopped seemed to explode in their brains.

  41. Sitting crouched at the wheel while death whistled down from the sky to explode in the ground and spray slivers of screaming steel into all directions.

  42. What he saw made fierce, frenzied determination explode in his heart!

  43. One day, in winter quarters, a gunner was trying to open a shell which had failed to explode when fired from the enemy’s battery into the Confederate lines.

  44. The shell seemed to strike immediately under the muzzle of the enemy’s gun, and to explode at the very moment of striking.

  45. Sherman at once ordered his prisoners to the front, moving them in a compact body in advance, to either explode the torpedoes or dig them up.

  46. Sherman proceeded at once on his arrival to invest the place, and found that the enemy had placed torpedoes in the ground, which were to explode when stepped on by man or beast.

  47. When it did explode it was very successful, making a crater twenty feet deep and something like a hundred feet in length.

  48. There the clockwork, which was to explode her within a certain length of time, was set and she was abandoned.

  49. He was afraid they'd explode on board, sir," he said.

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