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Example sentences for "discredit"

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  1. But the same process of discredit and elimination is also extending to the responsible officials who have the administration of things in hand.

  2. Without further experience of the futility of upper-class and pecuniary control, to discredit precedent and constituted authority, it is scarcely conceivable, e.

  3. The few works which treat of the later period confine themselves chiefly to particular episodes in Southern Pacific history, often with the deliberate attempt to discredit the railroad company.

  4. These statements were intended to discredit Stanford, but in the course of the heated controversy to which they gave rise they were not denied by Stanford nor withdrawn by their author.

  5. Nobody could discredit the belief that they had a warm interest in each other; yet those persons who felt themselves most nearly concerned in the lady's behavior began to indulge themselves in seeing a ray of hope.

  6. The City Council being thoroughly ashamed of the circumstances as a discredit to the city, passed a resolution requesting him to take down the wall, but Mr. W.

  7. When he told Stoerck, the head of the Faculty of Medicine at Vienna, of his discovery, that learned owl begged him not to discredit that body by talking of anything so absurd.

  8. Both passed under the name of philosophy, and both often degraded that great name by an affectation and insincerity which cast discredit on a great and beneficent movement of reform.

  9. He thinks the self-immolation of Peregrinus pure fiction, and that Lucian's object throughout was to discredit Christianity.

  10. If Apuleius had meant to discredit superstition by wedding it to disgusting sensuality, he could hardly have succeeded better.

  11. This discredit of the paper money has been now two months at a stand, and its rise or fall will be determined by the success of the campaign.

  12. Others judge her as others judged Marie Antoinette; discredit the gossip, and think she is but a lively woman, who laughs at forms, likes to amuse herself, and does not see why a court should be a prison!

  13. I entirely discredit the malicious rumours I have heard about the origin of these treasures.

  14. Personally I am inclined to discredit the local legend that all male children born of white parents in Ceylon come into the world with abnormal strength of the right wrist, and a slight inherited callosity of the left elbow.

  15. It would discredit the blest gods, proud man, To answer such a question.

  16. Soon after, the notes began to lose favour; then to fall into discredit, and the discredit to become public.

  17. The discredit into which paper money had fallen, was the cause of his failure.

  18. This was a cruel discredit to us, all over Europe.

  19. Writers who have endeavoured to cast discredit on the Gospels, have, from an early period, caught at this identification as showing a physical impossibility.

  20. Now serves the time to wreak me of my foe-- My bastard foe--that to dishonour me In privy corners seeks to shame me so, That my discredit might his credit be.

  21. I warrant you, none comes, nor dare, to discredit my name.

  22. I have never hardened my heart against the stings of remorse, and I would far rather frankly record facts to my discredit than bear the stings of conscience by suppressing what is true.

  23. The branch from which I am descended remained in the class of Cittadini Originari, on which they certainly brought no discredit whatsoever.

  24. The fact will at least not discredit the foregoing views, which are in absolute accord with those of Dr.

  25. I insist upon this because there is a half-instructed ignorance abroad which has heard the name of Mendel, and seeks thereby to discredit Darwin and natural selection, Mr. Galton and eugenics.

  26. I will not discredit their understanding by supposing that they could misread so plain a principle, nor dissemble my full conviction that they acted with intentional bad faith.

  27. The vagaries of the French 'Prophets' also contributed to discredit the assumption of supernatural gifts in which many Quakers still indulged.

  28. The doctrine of 'the inner light' has been in all ages the favourite stronghold of enthusiasts and mystics of every kind, and this was more than enough to discredit it.

  29. This was a danger to which Wesley was, without doubt, all the more sensitive, because he lived among hostile critics who were only too ready to discredit his teaching by similar imputations on its tendencies.

  30. God's moral government here, for different ends: the one to establish a future state, the others to discredit the being of a God.

  31. Writers on railroad valuation have generally been inclined to discredit the work of the Texas Railroad Commission and the system of appraisal used by it.

  32. Such was the case with the instrument which is named in one of the above extracts, and in some other mediaeval writers, a chiffonie, and which has been supposed to be the dulcimer, that had fallen into discredit in the fourteenth century.

  33. I have always been in doubt as to what my course should be; but let me say this, in justice to my intelligence, though it be a discredit to my womanhood, you can never love me more than I do you.

  34. Others might doubt the ability or even the honesty of his friend, but Silas had no doubt that Tug would some day be a wonderful man, and prove that everything said to his discredit was untrue.

  35. Rome, and when Napoleon was using every effort to discredit the Pope and bring about a state of affairs in which the pontiff would be compelled to accept a Concordat that would deprive the Church of many of her former rights.

  36. Daunou found this bull of Boniface an excellent opportunity to discredit the Popes in their relations to science.

  37. For my part we're called a rough lot, but I'd rather take that discredit and keep on in the mill.

  38. This foreman becomes the scapegoat if unpleasant questions are asked by any whose investigation might bring discredit on the firm.

  39. For to discredit the only government which he either possesses or can project, what is this but to destroy all government?

  40. The partisans of the Union, who had used the rebellion to discredit the constitution, now used the Parliament to discredit itself.

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