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Example sentences for "alongside"

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along; alonga; alonge; alonger; alongshore; alongst; aloof; aloofe; aloofness; aloose
  1. It was not light, now, but the thick darkness had become transparent; it was possible to see through it, and Zoe saw a skiff come silently alongside the landing.

  2. His bare feet clung to the sloping surface like a fly's to a smooth wall; he pulled the boat alongside the pier, holding it by the gunwale, and held up his other hand to help Zeno.

  3. Still another way was to ride alongside an animal and shoot him from the saddle at a few paces' distance.

  4. They followed a trail already broken by other sleds, and Louis ran alongside shouting and flourishing his whip.

  5. Running alongside or standing behind Walter on the sled, Louis urged his dogs to their best speed.

  6. The said merchantman, a large brig, sailed close alongside of the pirate vessel with a prize crew on board.

  7. When we have first saluted him at a distance, we will row rapidly forwards, working our slings and rams; and when we are once alongside of him, the engagement can be terminated sword in hand.

  8. At one bound, Claus Skirmen stood in a boat, and, with a few hasty strokes of the oars, came alongside a small yacht lying in the inner part of the haven, and in which his master and Sir Thorstenson already expected him.

  9. The trench being too crowded for comfort, I walked alongside to the second company, and searched for my friend, Sergeant Velte.

  10. But not until he was alongside did the driver begin to draw in the long reins.

  11. Our grenadiers crawled alongside the parapet and at regular intervals tossed one of their missiles into it, while the others, shooting over their heads, potted the Germans as they ran to the rear.

  12. Up near the crest of the hill we halted in an angle of the woods and lay down alongside the One Hundred and Seventy-Second Regiment of infantry.

  13. The British destroyer Garry brought up alongside of lier and took off her crew, just as she foundered.

  14. Taking his place in the stern, the oarsman paddled out into deep water, and quickly brought them alongside the dhow.

  15. Won't it be grand when she comes alongside and finds the capture already made!

  16. I forgot all about the glory and grandeur of going away, and that it did not help me to remember when half way down the drive a boy with a dog darted from under the chestnuts and raced alongside of us.

  17. Then came Martin in a jaunting car with a cheering crowd alongside of him, trying to look cheerful but finding it fearfully hard to do so.

  18. Amongst the last of the departing guests the fourth and fifth brothers, Nicholas and Roger, walked away together, directing their steps alongside Hyde Park towards the Praed Street Station of the Underground.

  19. Another building, alongside the cathedral, is used for English service in Hawaiian.

  20. By noon the great decrepit Nevada, which has no wharf at which she can lie in sleepy New Zealand, was moored alongside a very respectable one in this enterprising little Hawaiian capital.

  21. Johnny rowed the lifeboat alongside the girl's boat, the Krazy Kat, and they climbed aboard.

  22. Having overhauled the Shadow, Blackie placed it in charge of another craft, then came gliding in alongside the Krazy Kat.

  23. In a moment he was alongside his companion.

  24. Hastings, with a brace of troopers, trotted alongside as they crossed the Platte and reported the camp wagon well on its way to Dismal River.

  25. One morning half a dozen ladies drove down from the cantonment, and their wagons were ranged up close alongside the rail near the high hurdle.

  26. Boynton ranged up close alongside in hopes of prompting the official.

  27. One or two who had ridden up alongside the young officer touched their hats and fell back to their place.

  28. Sanders, acting as Chrome's adjutant, came riding back from the head of column at the very moment and reined about alongside his own troop commander.

  29. This he sounded with considerable vim as the khaki-clad lads marched away, with a flag at their head, the scout master keeping step alongside the column.

  30. Tom was keeping alongside his chum Carl, instead of being with those who led the procession.

  31. Soon every boy was straining his eyesight in the hope of discovering new things among the trees, in the air overhead, or it might be amidst the shadows of the woodland alongside the country road.

  32. I found it alongside what was continually being revealed as pathetic ignorance of the true state of affairs.

  33. Little carts and big carts clattered up and came to a standstill alongside an old white inn, and Jean bargained and argued on my behalf for a seat.

  34. Climbing a fence he made a snug bed alongside a convenient haystack.

  35. He stowed them alongside a rock near the fence.

  36. They beached it right alongside the brush.

  37. Alongside of it, the circus he had recently belonged to was merely a side show.

  38. That mare of yours is a clever one,' he said, as I ranged alongside of him.

  39. By the time she drew rein and allowed me to get alongside of her once more, we were in sight: of Moldwarp Hall.

  40. I thought from your letter you had something to tell me, Mr Cumbermede,' he said, coming alongside of me.

  41. No one who saw me mounted on the back of the eldest, a lad of fifteen, and driving four of them in hand, while the sixth ran alongside as an outrider--could have wondered that I should find school better than home.

  42. I heard him panting as he came alongside the car, and the rays of a July afternoon sun brought beads of sweat to glisten dustily on his lips and forehead.

  43. We had come alongside the entrance to the Savoy, but neither of us thought of turning in.

  44. In silence they passed the Magdalen Bathing Place, through the shade of Addison's Walk, under the Bridge and alongside the Meadows.

  45. The Seraph sat motionless for a moment, and then began paddling the boat alongside the barges.

  46. He rode alongside of a bank of earth, and I straddled the mule, behind him.

  47. On the ninth day after my arrest, I happened to be on board of her, when the steamer Continental came down the river, and, stopping, made fast alongside of her.

  48. Marovitch ranged alongside of his comrade, and each of the scouts rested a hand on the holsters attached to their belts.

  49. You looked like a Zeppelin coming in," hailed a bluff Briton from the conning tower of a submarine that had bobbed up alongside of the floating aircraft, "and your colors just saved you from being blown to smithereens.

  50. Alongside the counting house the boys moved on all fours, and it did not take Billy long to find a place to put his eye.

  51. With this declaration, the Bangor boy plumped himself down on rudely constructed stone settee alongside the well and contentedly munched some of the cakes that had been stored against an hour of hunger in the war-plane lockers.

  52. As they finally drew alongside the stranded vessel, Strogoff and his comrade lowered themselves by the side chains to the deck of the first comer, which then turned toward the shore.

  53. When we had passed these lagoons the trail took the beach, running alongside and just to windward of a telephone-line, with rough shore ice to the left and bare rocks to the right.

  54. A fellow drops out alongside of him, but he does not look to see what has happened--he is afraid to look.

  55. Across the river on the west side a row of lights are moving in one direction, and alongside them a row moving in the opposite, like ants at work.

  56. His second was to spring up the ratlines, seat himself alongside the seaman in the crosstrees, and take a good look at what he could see of the stranger from that elevation.

  57. He then fixed the fuse alongside the rudder-post, and after listening to hear whether any one was about, he struck a match and applied it to the loose end.

  58. But even before the ships had lost their way prior to dropping their anchors, the Janequeo was seen to sheer out of her place in the line; and presently she raced up alongside the Blanco Encalada, where she came to a standstill.

  59. In response to a wave of Villavicencio's hand, Jim took up a position on the side of the table opposite to that occupied by the skipper, while the sentry posted himself close alongside the prisoner.

  60. A few bullets splashed harmlessly into the water alongside him, and then the Peruvians turned their attention to other and larger prey.

  61. The Chilians therefore reopened their fire, and the Blanco Encalada rushed up close alongside the now fast-sinking monitor, intending to ram her, but was stayed in her deadly purpose by the exhibition of fresh signals of surrender.

  62. In about half an hour the launch ran alongside the quay at Iquique, and Jim sprang ashore, declining the offer of the coxswain to accompany him and show him the way to the intendente's quarters.

  63. The little vessel was evidently in a hurry, for she steamed in at full speed, and did not bring up until close alongside the flagship.

  64. A shore-boat was then signalled for, and upon her arrival alongside the two lads got into her and had themselves and their baggage conveyed ashore, where they chartered another boat in which they were rowed out to the Angamos.

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