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Example sentences for "domineering"

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dominating; domination; dominator; domineer; domineered; domineers; domini; dominical; dominie; dominies
  1. So far from being undecided or infirm of purpose, Mr. Lafontaine was almost domineering and tyrannical in his firmness.

  2. The hard, astute, domineering attorney was still that little old woman's pet, as he had been when she watched with triumphant pride his first tumbling effort to march alone across the nursery floor.

  3. A domineering ambitious Jesuit, gentlemen; all he wants is to get his foot far enough into the parish to step into Crewe's shoes when the old gentleman dies.

  4. Hartmut Rojanow was himself again, and spoke with his old domineering pride.

  5. The question was put so suddenly and in such a domineering tone, that Marietta involuntarily drew back.

  6. When we're alone you talk about him domineering over you, but when he's here you let him say anything he wants to and you never try to help yourself.

  7. And the more domineering the order was to which he subjected his mind and his fancy, the more lost and hopeless his earthly self seemed to be as it drifted in the chaos of the everyday world.

  8. A man came up after a while and addressed them in a stern, domineering tone; they picked up their bundles and followed him: it was a mournful procession.

  9. Her insolent and domineering ways were a fit counterpart to those of the queen, and the unfortunate people were soon making open complaint.

  10. His domineering insolence of bearing had at times been on the verge of precipitating unheard-of actions, because it was almost more than gentlemanly legal flesh and blood could bear.

  11. He knew he had always been an entirely selfish man and that he was entirely selfish still, and was not revoltingly fretful and domineering only because he was constitutionally unirritable.

  12. Anything can happen in love; and who was there more capable of winning a romantic woman's regard than good-natured, impulsive, domineering Jeff?

  13. The stranger lowered his eyes before the domineering gaze of his inquisitor and shifted his feet uneasily.

  14. His former domineering conviction that he was right had given place to a gentler, more tolerant, and smiling self-confidence.

  15. But where was the domineering air, the crafty expression, the pride of power, the ingrained coarseness, for which he had also looked?

  16. These other people here are either of the domineering Yankee type, or else are descended from the stubborn Pennsylvania settlers.

  17. They said that he himself grew imperious and domineering in spirit, as he grew older, and manifested a pride and haughtiness of demeanor which excited their ill-will.

  18. He is a domineering old man, full of prejudice and narrow ways.

  19. Jim had told me a lot about his father, a domineering but kindly old fellow, the local member of Parliament in a little Eastern town--a man who had had his own way all his life.

  20. The domineering spirit of Santana gave rise to serious dissensions.

  21. At the same time it was stated that the Spaniards had made themselves hateful to the natives by their domineering disposition and their lewdness and covetousness.

  22. Their anxiety increased as they realised that it was none other than Sergeant Legros, one of the most officious, domineering and brutal of the Legion's N.

  23. A knowledge of German helps too, as more than half the Legion speaks German, but harsh domineering cruelty is the first requisite, and a Non-commissioned Officer's merit is in direct proportion to the number of punishments he inflicts.

  24. But the time came when she saw that no one was softened at all; and the more willing she was to do as she was told, the more domineering and exacting careless housemaids became, and the more ready a scolding cook was to blame her.

  25. If she had been a self-opinionated, domineering child, she might have become disagreeable enough to be unbearable through being so much indulged and flattered.

  26. Sometimes, when she was in the midst of some harsh, domineering speech, Miss Minchin would find the still, unchildish eyes fixed upon her with something like a proud smile in them.

  27. Robert Grant Burns caught at the shreds of his domineering manner.

  28. Groby prodded him into complete wakefulness, and then the pettish self-satisfied pianist fairly lost his temper and slapped his domineering visitant on the hand.

  29. He always had a domineering temper, and trouble he had lately has almost driven him mad; he is scarcely responsible at times.

  30. I think he is a high-tempered, domineering man, proud as Lucifer!

  31. For the domineering caste-spirit immediately on its repression breaks out in cruelty.

  32. But a class with habits of domineering has its own peculiar pride to deal with.

  33. The great thing to notice in that mediaeval French statesmanship is that they attacked the domineering caste in the right way.

  34. Undoubtedly some of this propensity came from other causes, but the main cause was this domineering aristocracy in its midst, giving tone to its ideas.

  35. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "domineering" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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