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Example sentences for "dictatorial"

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dictates; dictating; dictation; dictations; dictator; dictators; dictatorship; dictatorships; dicte; dictes
  1. Jermyn and Colepepper assumed a style hardly less dictatorial in their letters,[308] till Charles withdrew the proposal, which Murray seems never to have communicated.

  2. The city began to petition for the establishment of presbytery, and against toleration of sectaries, early in 1646; and not long after came to assume what seemed to the Commons too dictatorial a tone.

  3. In Scotland he had learnt to hate the dictatorial manners of the presbyters of the Kirk, and their constant interference in politics.

  4. James was not quite dead to all feelings of right and wrong, the revelation greatly shocked him, and, moreover, he was growing tired of Somerset's arrogance and dictatorial ways.

  5. And we are as fiercely jealous of coercive or dictatorial power within our own nation as of aggression from without.

  6. They provide an inspiring contrast to the dictatorial methods and backward course of events in Communist China.

  7. Their fall was caused by a fault which had been too prevalent among them since the Revolution--whenever they had the upper hand, they became dictatorial and overbearing.

  8. It is certain that Napoleon's offer was merely to gain time; on the other hand, the dictatorial tone of Grenville's reply could not but be very irritating to the French.

  9. The Company, originally consisting chiefly of Whigs and incorporated by royal charter, had, in the hands of Sir Josiah Child, who exerted an almost dictatorial authority in its management, allied itself closely to the Tories.

  10. In two days Clive and the Committee who accompanied him had mastered the state of affairs and declared their dictatorial authority.

  11. They were finally established on the ruins of the republic itself, when either the people became too corrupted for freedom, or when the magistrate became too corrupted to resign his dictatorial power.

  12. Neither showed any traces of the bitter struggle waged within the party for and against the almost dictatorial powers of the Extraordinary Commission for dealing with counter-revolution.

  13. That the consuls were endowed with dictatorial power for the emergency, availed little.

  14. From the first moment of Santa Anna's accession to the presidency, he was inflamed with a desire for dictatorial power.

  15. Soon after the declaration of congress in favor of the election of Guerrero, that body passed a resolution investing him with dictatorial powers, in anticipation of an invasion by Spain, to recover possession of Mexico.

  16. Washington was authorized to raise sixteen regiments, and in further testimony of the public confidence, he was invested for six months with almost dictatorial powers in the conduct of the war.

  17. Jeffrey both by instinct and training was a lawyer, and his position at the head of the most respected periodical formed a natural temptation to a dictatorial manner.

  18. He made an effort not to be dictatorial and to forget that he had been the Prairie Giant, the bully of the Senate.

  19. Naturally dictatorial and violent, only long training and severe experience had taught him self-control, and when he gave way to passion his bursts of fury were still tremendous.

  20. It had advanced to such a point under the dictatorial rule of Sir Robert Walpole that George II, chafing under the restriction of his power, said bitterly, "In England the ministers are King.

  21. Mrs. Masham was as sly and supple as the Duchess had been dictatorial and violent.

  22. His energetic fist should be ready to resist A dictatorial word!

  23. His dictatorial power was recognized by thirty desperate men, ready implicitly to obey his will.

  24. The captain, in time of battle, was invested with dictatorial power.

  25. Congress still refuses to clothe the President with dictatorial powers.

  26. They say the people are reduced by distress to such an extremity that, if he will only order rations to be served them, they will not quarrel with him if he assumes dictatorial powers.

  27. Lee is to be invested with dictatorial powers, so far as our armies are concerned.

  28. I was not much pleased with the dictatorial tone of this remark.

  29. Here he turned to the young doctor, who seemed rather surprised at St. George's dictatorial air--one rarely seen in him.

  30. One may be deceived in a face, but never in a voice," she had said, in her pretty dictatorial way; and now this voice was winning her over to his side.

  31. But Mr. Trinder was obstinate and had old-fashioned views, and argued the whole thing in his dictatorial masculine way.

  32. The hostility between Lamoricière and Bugeaud arises, I suppose, from the latter's detestable disposition, his overbearing and dictatorial temper.

  33. The exercise of monarchical power in such circumstances can only be called an inevitable development,--the one goal to be aimed at being the substitution of Constitutional Government for the dictatorial rule.

  34. Ariga, who was in receipt of a princely salary, aided and abetted this work, his endorsement of the dictatorial rule was looked upon as traitorous by the bulk of his countrymen.

  35. Silence in the ranks;" cried Dutton, in a dictatorial manner.

  36. My father doesn't think so," replied Dick as quietly as he could, though he was fast becoming angry at the dictatorial tone of his crabbed uncle.

  37. He thought how often he had laid down the law to her, and how sweetly she had borne with somewhat dictatorial decrees.

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