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  1. Both, animated by the bureaucratic instinct to confine everything to narrow rules, tried to suppress all individual poetical invention that once was the charm of the sign.

  2. They are occasionally reprimanded, transferred, or dismissed for bureaucratic practices.

  3. Although these have greatly benefited the population in terms of their physical and material well-being, their bureaucratic and inefficient administration has been a source of considerable frustration and dissatisfaction.

  4. We have worked to give the American people a smaller, less bureaucratic government in Washington.

  5. Worked out with the civil servants themselves, this reorganization plan will restore the merit principle to a system which has grown into a bureaucratic maze.

  6. Antiquated practices and bureaucratic ways have been abolished, and a general renovation of departmental methods has been inaugurated.

  7. The Role Of Government The New Covenant approach to governing is as different from the old bureaucratic way as the computer is from the manual typewriter.

  8. Every year, doctors and nurses spend more time on paperwork and less time with patients because of the absolute bureaucratic nightmare the present system has become.

  9. This tendency, if left uncorrected, could end only by producing a bureaucratic despotism.

  10. We are wasting literally millions of working hours costing billions of taxpayers' and consumers' dollars because of bureaucratic redtape.

  11. The idea that a bureaucratic elite in Washington knows best what is best for people everywhere and that you cannot trust local governments is really a contention that you cannot trust people to govern themselves.

  12. Then when he went back to fight, he found that a bureaucratic clash had left the soldiers without supplies, or food or ammunition in sufficient quantities to supply the battle needs.

  13. In the bureaucratic clash some one lost his head in the army and ordered the men into their own barrage.

  14. The Nationalists again turned to patriotism on the mass level rather than government action in a patriotically bureaucratic sphere.

  15. The bureaucratic German expects his wife to attend to his domestic comforts; he does not consult her in politics.

  16. On the other hand, its semi-bureaucratic character, together with the law and custom of dividing landed property among the children at the death of their parents, deprives it of stability.

  17. Whilst all this is being done according to the strict principles of bureaucratic procedure, the unfortunate peasants for whose benefit the investigation was undertaken continue to drink the muddy water of the dirty ponds.

  18. Fortunately they played the part of mediators, as their name signified, rather than that of administrators in the bureaucratic sense of the term, and they were animated with a just and humane rather than a merely legal spirit.

  19. He was evidently desirous of introducing very considerable reforms, but he was resolved that they must be effected by the unimpaired Autocratic Power in the old bureaucratic fashion, without any participation of the unofficial world.

  20. To keep this vast and complex bureaucratic machine in motion it is necessary to have a large and well-drilled army of officials.

  21. This irregular system, or rather want of system, seemed highly unsatisfactory to the logical mind of Peter the Great, and he conceived the grand design of sweeping it away, and putting in its place a symmetrical bureaucratic machine.

  22. Institutions have not been allowed to grow spontaneously out of popular wants, but have been invented by bureaucratic theorists to satisfy wants of which the people were still unconscious.

  23. Mere bureaucratic reforms will satisfy no one; they are indeed not wanted except as a result of more radical changes.

  24. Privatization of state enterprises is progressing, although excessive redtape, bureaucratic oversight, and uncertainties about pricing have slowed the process.

  25. Whether it is technically a bureaucratic department or a big business makes little or no change in the feelings of Father in connection with it.

  26. They have now added all the bureaucratic tyrannies of a Socialist state to the old plutocratic tyrannies of a Capitalist State.

  27. This is the perfect bureaucratic solution.

  28. Several years prior, though, he decided that the bureaucratic life would suit him just fine, and at the expense of his investigative skills, he attacked the political ladder with a vengeance.

  29. The omnipresence and omnipotence of an obtruding bureaucratic officialism is just what it has been under the old monarchy; religious oppression has only changed sides, but it still flourishes as before.

  30. Why would socialism tend to give rise to a bureaucratic government?

  31. Socialism would also probably give rise to a series of new problems, such as the evils arising out of a bureaucratic form of government.

  32. His complaint was that his own best efforts and best intentions were constantly thwarted by the rigid conservatism and aloofness of the European, official and unofficial, wrapped up in his racial and bureaucratic superiority.

  33. The conditions of bureaucratic rule inevitably tended to produce an autocratic temper.

  34. It is lack of regard for other nations carried into German Finance; and all because the bureaucratic military heart is a stone.

  35. The lad's mind had lost so completely the habit of concentration that bureaucratic tasks such as the drawing up of briefs and case abstracts were beyond his power.

  36. This reorganisation did not satisfy the mediaevals because it failed to provide any real check upon the bureaucratic character of the remaining part of the King's administration.

  37. Passports in Spain now in some degree supply the Inquisition, and have been embittered by vexatious forms borrowed from bureaucratic France.

  38. All of these reforms encountered the difficulties arising from ignorance, conservatism, the resistance of vested interests, graft, and bureaucratic cumbersomeness which have already been discussed.

  39. Difficulties over questions of etiquette, inherent in a centralized bureaucratic government, also stood in the way of the proper execution of the laws.

  40. It served as the head of the various branches of the bureaucratic organization, with the final decision, subject to the wishes of the king, in all matters of government.

  41. Two outstanding features marked the history of Spanish political institutions in the era of the House of Hapsburg, or Austria: the absolutism of the kings; and the development of a modern bureaucratic machinery.

  42. He resorted at once to bureaucratic weapons in making his onslaught.

  43. Seicht was conscious of these peculiarities of his bureaucratic nature, and labored to overcome them.

  44. Socialist policy, embodied in a thicket of bureaucratic regulations, in many instances has driven away or pushed underground the mercantile and entrepreneurial spirit for which Syrian businessmen have long been famous.

  45. Classically, a secretary-receptionist should have every pore in place, but in her time LaVerne Polk must have caused more than one bureaucratic eyebrow to raise.

  46. I thought I could do more working alone than at an administrative post tangled in red tape and bureaucratic routine.

  47. Those Englishmen who had any opportunities of knowing him personally would bear this out that much as he condemned the present system of Bureaucratic Government he had no racial feeling against them.

  48. In fact Chitta Ranjan has never borne any racial feeling against the Europeans but has only opposed the present system of Bureaucratic Government.

  49. Persecutions were inaugurated by the Bureaucratic Government.

  50. The bureaucratic defendants cynically declared "that the losses suffered by the Jews have been covered many times over by contributions from Russia, Western Europe, and America.

  51. The carrying into effect of the promised semi-reforms was entrusted to a bureaucratic body, the Committee of Ministers.

  52. Surely such a State does not resemble in any way the paternalistic, bureaucratic capitalism or "State Socialism" towards which we are at present tending.

  53. It was a well-chosen spot; hard and rocky ground, on which only slight impressions could be left, and the wily savage had taken care to step so as to leave as slight a trail as possible; but the pursuers had sharp and trained eyes.

  54. Attracted by the shot, he had come to look on.

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