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  1. We thus get Positive and Dogmatic Theology.

  2. Recent circumstances have brought out the fact of the great change in the dogmatic communities which has been going on silently but surely.

  3. There is no rest for the Protestant until he gives up his legendary anthropology and all its dogmatic dependencies.

  4. Another evil has arisen from this absence of a fixed type in the clergy, and of a dogmatic standard in our Church.

  5. The pressure of things as they are has been too powerful for even the German Social Democracy, with its dogmatic temper and strength of millions.

  6. Here their dogmatic aloofness is the most tenacious.

  7. And in enforcing this cardinal truth he is dogmatic and dictatorial, as a prophet and ambassador of the Most High should be.

  8. It presupposes the others, and shows such a dogmatic tendency, that it cannot be considered the source of the story.

  9. Brueckner's opinion also is "that the Pauline account of the scene at the Last Supper is in all probability not a purely historical one, but is a dogmatic representation of the festival.

  10. This task he undertakes not in the dogmatic spirit of his predecessors, but in the critical spirit which he may be said to have almost inaugurated.

  11. For let us make the most favourable suppositions that we can, and such as soar even above the confidence of the most dogmatic of scientific historians.

  12. To be dogmatic about that which is least known would appear to be an ineradicable characteristic of human nature in its present imperfect state.

  13. As I have indicated before, Pascal was not a theologian, and on dogmatic theology had recourse to his spiritual advisers.

  14. Dogmatic sceptics, as opposed to sceptics who doubt their own doubt.

  15. Religion at its best is not a dogmatic despotism, nor is reason a merely critical and destructive faculty.

  16. The result of his work as a philosopher is a confession of complete ignorance and the helpless asseveration of a purely dogmatic faith.

  17. It may be that the religious form, through which he generally reaches his convictions, is not freed from a dogmatic element, which so penetrates his thought as to vitiate it as a philosophy.

  18. The wonder is that the chaos of dispute and dogmatic tinkering which followed did not more rapidly disintegrate faith.

  19. This was substantially true; and Arminius, like Bellarmin, unable to see that the Calvinist position was simply a logical reduction to moral absurdity of all theistic ethic, sought safety in fresh dogmatic modifications.

  20. For the Greek-speaking world in general there was no dogmatic body of teaching, no written code of theology and moral law, no Sacred Book.

  21. Now, however, began to be seen once for all the impossibility of rational freedom in or under a church which depended for its revenue on the dogmatic exploitation of popular credulity.

  22. It was thus the fate of Spain to illustrate once for all the power of a dogmatic religious system to extirpate the spirit of reason from an entire nation for a whole era.

  23. Rising thus as freethought, the pantheistic doctrine in itself ultimately became in India a dogmatic system, the monopoly of a priestly caste, whose training in mystical dialectic made them able to repel or baffle amateur criticism.

  24. He was in fact, with all his dogmatic orthodoxy, too essentially in advance of his age to be otherwise than suspect to the typical ecclesiastics of any time.

  25. With the state they are doing this; they are sharpening its machinery, they are blackening in its black dogmatic lines, they are making mere government in every way stronger and in some ways harsher than before.

  26. It is as reckless as playing on the fiddle; as dogmatic as drawing a picture; as brutal as building a house.

  27. A teacher who is not dogmatic is simply a teacher who is not teaching.

  28. All educationists are utterly dogmatic and authoritarian.

  29. Another difficulty arises out of the manner in which Mr. Ruskin speaks of the relation of his Chamouni guides to dogmatic teaching.

  30. The work is for the most part composed of pious reflections loosely strung together, dogmatic assertions, and illogical inferences.

  31. Cunningham, however, as a dogmatic theologian and master of Church principles, long occupied a place by himself in the councils and the inner life of his Church, and we cordially welcome his memoir.

  32. Yet physicists, chemists, and indeed most scientific men, have fully committed themselves to the dogmatic creed that the phenomena of living matter are, like all the other phenomena of nature, due to antecedent physical change.

  33. We shall be free to draw it from the clutches of dogmatic religion.

  34. The false and ephemeral portion of a dogmatic religion is its metaphysical aspect, because the whole science of metaphysics is an ambiguity from the start, since it is a projection of one isolated attribute of the complex vision.

  35. Let us, however, consider the kind of dogmatic language which these sceptics use.

  36. It is where dogmatic religion attempts to justify its belief in the impossible by the use of metaphysical reason that we must regard it as an enemy of the truth of its own symbolism.

  37. The creed of a dogmatic religion is not to be condemned because it calls upon us to believe the impossible.

  38. In so far as it remains purely symbolic and does not attempt to rationalize its symbolism, a dogmatic religion must always contain within the circle of its creed many profound and illuminating secrets.

  39. One has only to survey the field of dogmatic religion to see how curiously astray it may be led.

  40. To make such a symbol once more fluid and flexible, to restore it to its place in the organic life of the soul, it is necessary to extricate it from the clutch of any dogmatic religion.

  41. But it is necessary to extricate it from dogmatic religion because dogmatic religion may be defined as a premature metaphysical synthesis, masquerading beneath a system of imaginative ritual.

  42. Where a dogmatic religion becomes dangerous to any human symbol is when it tries to rationalize it and interpret it according to a premature metaphysical synthesis.

  43. This vague dogmatic sentiment about "the fluidity of life," is one of the instinctive ways by which we try to pretend that our prison-walls are not walls at all, but only friendly and flowing vapour.

  44. We may simply state the dogmas of natural theology which appear to us to be true: that is the dogmatic method.

  45. But in his deed of foundation, as I understand it, Lord Gifford left his lecturers free to follow the historical rather than the dogmatic or the philosophical method of treatment.

  46. Accordingly, if Lord Gifford had required of his lecturers either a dogmatic or a philosophical treatment of natural theology, I could not have undertaken to deliver the lectures.

  47. Of religion as ordinarily understood they have very little, and have certainly never developed any mythologies or dogmatic systems.

  48. The validity of such judgments has been called in question by the empiricists, and is likewise inexplicable even from the dogmatic standpoint of the rationalists.

  49. And in the third place, he teaches that the antinomies exist as antinomies only when viewed from the false standpoint of dogmatic rationalism.

  50. The theses, though expressed in dry formulas, divested of the empirical features through which alone their true grandeur can be displayed, represent the proud pretensions of dogmatic Reason.

  51. In 1783 they seem to him to prove its ideality, only because he has not yet completely succeeded in emancipating his thinking from the dogmatic rationalism of the Dissertation.

  52. The Discipline of Pure Reason in its Dogmatic Employment 563 Section II.

  53. Such seeming proofs can easily be secured, and have been the favourite weapons of dogmatic thinkers.

  54. Nor does the geometrician employ a dogmatic method, that of studying the mere conception of a figure.

  55. Within material idealism Kant distinguishes between the problematic idealism of Descartes, and the dogmatic idealism of Berkeley.

  56. The truth is, that these questions of comfort and ceremonial are not questions that should be discussed in the hostile dogmatic tone adopted in both countries by those who only know their own.

  57. Food is so much a matter of taste and custom, that it seems absurd to make dogmatic remarks about the superiority of one kitchen to another.

  58. I will not enquire whether the dogmatic atheist is logically consistent in maintaining any distinction between right and wrong: happily, dogmatic atheists do not abound.

  59. Father and Son are not here simply religious terms, but have already become metaphysical theological expressions, and dogmatic speculation has been able to take possession of them, without much modification of their sense.

  60. The challenge to faith, meeting us at every point, rouses from dogmatic slumber and dead orthodoxy.

  61. Here Bousset sees a dogmatic working over of Luke xxii.

  62. We now find him perfecting his work in that academic solitude, where Des Cartes himself was educated, and where he formed his theory of commencing with the doubt of previous dogmatic opinions, and framing for himself a new fabric of belief.

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