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Example sentences for "chauvinistic"

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  1. The scientists of this period belong to the fathers of modern research, basing their conclusions upon personal observation, in strong contrast to their fathers and precursors of the chauvinistic barocco period.

  2. The old Icelandic literature was discovered and began to exert a strong influence on literature and science, to a great extent strengthening their chauvinistic spirit.

  3. A successful military advance would have united the middle class and the bourgeoisie in their common chauvinistic tendencies, thus isolating the revolutionary proletariat.

  4. But so-called Japanese Liberals are just as Chauvinistic as the Government, and public opinion is more so.

  5. There is reason to think that if Japan were a democracy its policy would be more Chauvinistic than it is.

  6. During the process of this chauvinistic hysteria, Swedish politicians have naturally had an exceedingly delicate problem to solve.

  7. In the struggle for the political ascendency chauvinistic strongwords became more and more rife.

  8. Poincaré:-- It is under his Ministry that the military and slightly chauvinistic instincts of the French people have awakened.

  9. Half the theatres in Paris now play chauvinistic and nationalistic pieces.

  10. The same history is delightfully chauvinistic in its account of the Colonial Wars.

  11. Milovanović, a Serbian Minister of Justice, "has its origin exclusively in the chauvinistic circles of both countries.

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