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Example sentences for "bellicose"

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  1. The chiefs successor, of a less bellicose spirit, sent Riccio a second time to Manila, and a treaty was agreed to, re-establishing commercial relations with the Chinese.

  2. It is wholly unnatural from the fact that the old birds are never in a bellicose temper except during the love season or gobbling time in the spring, when jealousies arise from sexual instincts.

  3. They are less bellicose than the peoples mentioned above, and have suffered much at their hands.

  4. And the German people, bellicose though you think them, are to the full as peace-loving as our own.

  5. Our next war will be with Bulgaria," said the man on the street in Athens, and this bellicose sentiment was reciprocated alike by the Bulgarian people and the Bulgarian army.

  6. Even in Servia Mr. Pashitch had great difficulty in repressing the jingo ardor of the army, whose bellicose spirit was believed to find expression in the attitude of the Crown Prince.

  7. Once more the two bellicose foreign powers growled and showed their teeth.

  8. Frye was out that day, and Albert was, as he had been for three days, thinking how to escape, when a red-faced and rather bellicose sort of a man came in and inquired for Frye.

  9. So when I complimented General Bellicose on his geldings and noted that they went square without boots or weights, and that he used no blinders, it thawed the social ice, and we were as brothers.

  10. General Bellicose loves a horse; so does Little Emily and so do I.

  11. The late war has of course greatly stimulated these bellicose emotions.

  12. Pacifist though China has long been, she has had her bellicose moments in the past and may have them in the future.

  13. The people of the New World seem determined to live in peace, and our bellicose Tribune has gone as far as to predict approaching catastrophes due to the scandalous increase of population!

  14. The Pax Romana having rendered any armed force unnecessary amid a formerly very bellicose people, only eight legions mounted guard over the Rhine to protect it from the barbarians who surrounded the empire.

  15. It was a bellicose age: war was then in the air, as peace is now.

  16. After President Jefferson's bellicose message of the previous December, war with Spain seemed inevitable.

  17. He bore no particular malice against Jan, and in his hard old heart probably thought rather well of the bellicose youngster.

  18. It is a bellicose name, and therefore timely enough.

  19. When he is at the same time bellicose and bloodthirsty, he will not stop fighting as long as the conceit is in his system, and the only way to get it out is to whip it out.

  20. Even in Servia Mr. Pashitch had great difficulty in repressing the jingo ardor of the army, whose bellicose spirit was believed to find expression in the attitude {97} of the Crown Prince.

  21. To have had such a bellicose element in to-morrow's party would have been jarring, to say the least of it, and unfair to the others.

  22. Nor on ours," replied unanimously all the bellicose invalids.

  23. The New World seems to have made up its mind to live in peace; and our bellicose Tribune predicts some approaching catastrophes arising out of this scandalous increase of population.

  24. The bellicose old Cavalier, standing on the Goblin Tower, flung the key to his conqueror with the bitter remark, "The world is yours.

  25. The exploits of this bellicose major furnish a groundwork for Scott's "Rokeby.

  26. The Swedes, weary of their hopeless strifes with France, Russia, and Denmark, deposed the still bellicose Gustavus IV.

  27. The bellicose ardour of the Czar had melted away at Austerlitz.

  28. Either the bellicose class must be satisfied in some other way, must have its energies directed to some other task, or it must be made impotent.

  29. Had Germany our resources and numbers, she would be peaceful and rich; were we obliged to live on her narrow territory, we should be bellicose and impoverished.

  30. Though we averted war with Germany over the Lusitania matter, our public mind was so uninformed that we might easily have been pushed into the conflict by a more bellicose President.

  31. Thus if England and Russia, no longer united by a common peril, were to clash in the Mediterranean or in Persia, the presence of an economically threatened and therefore bellicose Germany would tend to precipitate hostilities.

  32. As a leisure-class usage of this kind we have, particularly, that bizarre survival of bellicose chivalry, the German student duel.

  33. The only class which could at all dispute with the hereditary leisure class the honor of an habitual bellicose frame of mind is that of the lower-class delinquents.

  34. The Japanese are not in any sense a bellicose people.

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