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Example sentences for "bellies"

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bellica; bellicis; bellicose; bellie; bellied; belligerence; belligerency; belligerent; belligerently; belligerents
  1. They truly who hide the Scriptures which God hath sent down, and barter them for a mean priceĀ–these shall swallow into their bellies nought but fire.

  2. They have to roll their bellies over to snap you up, and in the meantime .

  3. Gone are the days when Jonahs took refuge in the bellies of whales!

  4. Instantly after, their bellies began to swell; pains took hold on them; all manner of island remedies were exhibited in vain, and rubbing only magnified their sufferings.

  5. I can assure him, if he moved much among old residents of the archipelago, he would be driven to admit one thing of two--either that there is something in the swollen bellies or nothing in the evidence of man.

  6. She must load with hay, or with bricks, or pottery, or with something to fill her hold and pay freight, or what was to fill our bellies all the way back?

  7. The white bellies of porpoises showed the green hue, varying in intensity as the creatures swung to and fro between the surface and the deeper water.

  8. And all cumeth of that impietie, that the idill bellies of Christis ennemyes mon be fedd in thair formare delicacie.

  9. Secondly, Whether that we shall be bound to feed idle bellies upon the patrimonie of the Kirk, which justly appertaineth unto Ministers.

  10. Saw a great many Porpoisses, large and Small; the small ones had white bellies and Noses.

  11. We prefer that the breaking up shall be voluntary and gradual, but it must begin at once, for hungry bellies are multiplying daily.

  12. With the exception of one specimen from Tangamandapio, all have dark bellies extensively mottled or spotted with cream-color.

  13. Five others from the Sierra de Coalcoman and one from Puerto de Garnica in the Cordillera Volcanica have the bellies heavily stippled with black, giving a gray appearance.

  14. Methinks I see already the bellies of those magnificent sole bestar the deck, and emulate the glories of the orient sky.

  15. Kings, like hyenas, will always fall upon dead carcasses, although their bellies are full, and although they are conscious that in the end they will tear one another to pieces over them.

  16. And therefore must we devise other means to line our bellies if we would not go home empty.

  17. The noble wines of Hochheim, of Bacharach, and of Klingenberg they tipped into their bellies in glasses as big as buckets, which presently shewed their effects higher up, in the head.

  18. So I answered, "Then do not their bellies burst if they stuff them so continually?

  19. It was not uncommon for knaves to encourage these abuses, that they might share in the profit and fill their bellies and their purses.

  20. And all cometh of impiety, that the idle bellies of Christ's enemies must be fed with their former delicacies.

  21. The doctrine of these two provoked against them and against the Governor the hatred of all that favoured darkness more than light, and their own bellies more than God.

  22. These increase in number and size until about three in the afternoon when they will have grown little black bellies and fluffy white tops.

  23. Cumulus clouds are called fair weather clouds until their bellies swell and blacken and they begin to form a combination in restraint of sunlight.

  24. Thereto he answered in Latin: 'Yes, on two points, namely, that he has attacked the crown of the pope and the bellies of the monks.

  25. Besides, in an association like this, as a rule the dull of intellect are put to the front, half fools, who love their bellies more than letters.

  26. Their bellies had been well filled, but still they had difficulty in permitting so much edible humanity to pass unchallenged.

  27. Never, from birth to death, are those great bellies sufficiently filled, so always are their mighty owners prowling about in search of meat.

  28. After we had filled our bellies with cream, we took our leaves and away.

  29. How they are beat upon the soles of their feet and bellies at the liberty of their padron.

  30. The coils of bamboo were then placed in the vacancy and the skin of the bellies stitched up with small wooden skewers.

  31. Kick up de damndest row as ever you can; fill your dam bellies 'till dey bust--and den die.

  32. They dined like lords; they filled their bellies like Indian ships all day loading with spices.

  33. Massa Stubb say dat you can fill your dam bellies up to de hatchings, but by Gor!

  34. The wind that made great bellies of their sails, and rushed the vessel on by arms invisible as irresistible; this seemed the symbol of that unseen agency which so enslaved them to the race.

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