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  1. It is the seat of a parliament, a university, an academy of belles lettres, and a mint.

  2. Shades of those Belles whose reign began of yore, With George the Third's--and ended long before!

  3. The London belles were glad to have an excuse for a new entertainment, and gradually it grew to be a fashion, at which people talked so fast and so loud as to suggest the noise of a drum--a kettledrum, the most rattling of all drums.

  4. Best poems of Shelley in Athenæum Press; briefer selections in Belles Lettres, Golden Treasury, English Classics.

  5. The Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Inscriptions and Belles Lettres, did not remain insensible to the glory that one of their members had acquired in the career of politics, and testified it by numerous deputations.

  6. The Academy of Inscriptions and Belles Lettres, far from participating in these puerile rancours, in the blind prejudices of some lost children of erudition, called Bailly to its bosom in 1785.

  7. And the Misses Shippen, the belles of the Mischienza!

  8. The three lovely Misses Shippen were the belles of the more aristocratic class.

  9. But who the deuce would ever think of finding little Gipsy Gower in one of the belles of Washington?

  10. And eclipsed belles raised their graceful heads in triumph to find the bewildering Gipsy had no power over him.

  11. This gave them the name, Beni Humori, which, after they resolved to form an academy of belles lettres, they changed to Humoristi.

  12. Among the Richmond belles of sixty years ago none were more justly celebrated than that trio known as the Richmond Graces, Sally Chevalier, Fanny Taylor, and Sally Watson.

  13. Cora Livingston before she was sixteen years old, gentle and retiring, shrinking from publicity such as attaches to belles at this end of the century, was known throughout the city of her birth as its greatest belle.

  14. New York's belles in the early century were for the most part native, and anything so remote as the Pacific coast, whence comes one of its belles of the present era, entered nobody's wildest dreams.

  15. Thither the belles and beaux of the city betook themselves as regularly as the session opened, walking down Pennsylvania Avenue beneath the double row of Lombardy poplars, planted when Jefferson was President.

  16. His granddaughters were much with him, and though they were the belles of Baltimore town from their earliest girlhood, a very delightful phase of their life was that portion of it spent on their own and their grandfather's estates.

  17. Unlike other great belles who owe their fame to the universal admiration they evoke, Margaret O'Neill owed hers quite as much to the animosity she roused.

  18. If fame has not belied them, such are the accomplishments of the belles of Norfolk and Pensacola; while the wives and daughters of the whalers at Nantucket, are said to have also a critical eye for the cut of a jib and the shape of a hull.

  19. I am not quite certain as to the accuracy of my quotation, or I should at once feel sure that I had discovered the reason why so many of our beaux and belles evince such a horror of mental attainments.

  20. For general bibliography, Thorndike and Alden in Belles Lettres Series, as above; and Camb.

  21. The best editions to-day are the Variorum and Alden's (Belles Lettres).

  22. He was delighted with the solid sciences and spent less time in the bowers of Belles Lettres than his Ciceronean brother.

  23. He had a great taste for the classics and belles lettres.

  24. Pelet was accustomed to read passages from the drama and the belles lettres to his pupils.

  25. My three belles interrupted me perpetually with little silly questions and uncalled-for remarks, to some of which I made no answer, and to others replied very quietly and briefly.

  26. Wyatt (Boston, 1912, Belles Lettres edition) used as a basis for these translations.

  27. She saw herself dividing dances as belles did in books, taking her part in lively conversations, the center of merry groups.

  28. Got a piece called 'The Yella Rose o' Texas Beats the Belles o' Tennessee'?

  29. He rendered great service to the Academie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres, of which he had been elected a member in 1857.

  30. I am going to Baltimore to see Belles and Beaux.

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