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  1. Mr. Russell convened the second Session of the Provincial Parliament, at the new capital of York, selected by his predecessor, and in which a gubernatorial residence of canvass had been erected.

  2. On one side of St. Louis Road stood the gubernatorial residence, on the opposite side at Thornhill, dwelt the Prime Minister, Sir Francis Hincks.

  3. You want to make me say some melodramatic thing about having the shackles forged and snapping them upon the gubernatorial wrists, don't you?

  4. Soon after he entered upon the imposing duties of his office, disease suddenly seized and handed him over to the King of Terrors in the bright career of his gubernatorial term.

  5. In 1780 he was elected the first governor under the new constitution and continued to fill the gubernatorial chair five years when he resigned.

  6. The fatigues of this campaign and his arduous gubernatorial duties proved too much for the physical powers of Governor Nelson.

  7. Notwithstanding his advanced age and his ardent desire for retirement, he was placed in the gubernatorial chair of Pennsylvania and in 1787 elected a delegate to the Convention that formed the Federal Constitution.

  8. He entered upon the discharge of his duties with an energy that showed no "fugitive fear" and became one of the most popular chief magistrates that ever filled the gubernatorial chair of the Old Dominion.

  9. He also filled the gubernatorial chair a second time.

  10. In 1779 Mr. Jefferson was called to the gubernatorial chair of his native state, then surrounded by perils.

  11. His gubernatorial service had given him national fame, and he was, although not in public life, esteemed as one of the national leaders of his party.

  12. After the expiration of his gubernatorial service he retired to his estate in Henry County.

  13. Report of the Gubernatorial Commissions on the Jewish Question, vols.

  14. The governors and the other gubernatorial authorities resorted to all kinds of cunning devices to force the Jews out of the villages or out of the railroad stations which were situated outside the town limits.

  15. District and Gubernatorial Kahals, I 309 Gubernatorial Kahals act as C's.

  16. Philippine gubernatorial reticence is always most reticent about that particular subject on which at the time the American people are most peculiarly entitled to information.

  17. It subtracted some wind from the gubernatorial sails to be a sheriff, a provincial governor under the Spanish regime having been quite a vice-regal potentate.

  18. As long as public order was the most pressing question, Philippine gubernatorial reticence selected that branch of our colonial problem either for especial silence or for superlatively casual allusion, as we have already seen.

  19. There were two candidates for the gubernatorial nomination.

  20. Senator Pownal walked about the room, chewing his short beard and incapable of a word--for his re-election came before the next legislature, and to jump the wrong way now in the gubernatorial matter was political suicide.

  21. During the period of this gubernatorial service, there was a reconstruction of the bench of the highest judicial tribunal of the state; and during that time nearly every position upon that court was filled by his appointment.

  22. General Harriman was appointed naval officer of the port of Boston, by President Grant, in April, 1869, which office he accepted after the expiration of his gubernatorial term in June following.

  23. Harriman was elected to the office of secretary of state, by the legislature then in session, and he at once entered upon the duties of the office, which he held two years, and until his promotion to the gubernatorial chair.

  24. Mead, republican, in the gubernatorial race by 166.

  25. Three of the above incumbents of the gubernatorial chair were Walla Walla men: Cole, Flanders, and Salamon.

  26. Another presidential and gubernatorial year comes in with 1908, and we find: Representative, H.

  27. Lane, whom, six years before, he had succeeded in the gubernatorial chair of his State.

  28. Fenton, after long and able service in the House, was now transferred to the gubernatorial chair of his State.

  29. Hendricks, accepted the gubernatorial nomination and the leadership of his party, against General Thomas M.

  30. Other points of difference were,--the assertion of the gubernatorial prerogative of establishing courts, and proprietary opposition to the reckless issues of paper money frequently ordered by the assembly.

  31. In vain they endeavoured to repulse the hardy veterans who forced their way to the doors and windows of the gubernatorial mansion.

  32. From the gubernatorial mansion she immediately hastened in pursuit of O'Reily, in order to despatch him with a communication for his master.

  33. They too could not be quartered at the gubernatorial mansion.

  34. Notice was first attracted by the famous Kolb-Jones gubernatorial contest.

  35. Commenting on this interview with Governor Jones, the Age-Herald said editorially: 'There is now no reason why every honest man should not adjourn the discussion of the gubernatorial issue until the meeting of the General Assembly.

  36. The rumour of the entry of Mr. Giles Henderson of Kingston into the gubernatorial contest preceded, by ten days or so, the actual event.

  37. Society to take a hand in the gubernatorial campaign of Millionaire Humphrey Crewe!

  38. There he is, with the whiskers and the tall hat and the comfortable face, which wears already a look of gubernatorial dignity and power.

  39. Mr. Hunt stared at the Honourable Hilary thoughtfully; and although the gubernatorial candidate was not an observant man, he was suddenly struck by the fact that the chief counsel was growing old.

  40. A citizen of Avalon County, the Record regrets that it cannot support his candidacy for the Republican gubernatorial nomination.

  41. But after him gubernatorial terms were destined to be of much shorter duration, and marked with many vicissitudes.

  42. In an aggregate way, attention had been called to them during the gubernatorial campaign of the summer.

  43. General Quitman, disappointed by such an unexpected and decisive exhibition of public sentiment, and viewing it as the forerunner of the result of the gubernatorial election in November, withdrew from the contest.

  44. Much interest centred upon the gubernatorial contest, and the State was for months previous to the election the scene of great excitement.

  45. The Democratic State Convention, held for the purpose of organization for the gubernatorial canvass, and for the appointment of delegates to the National Convention, assembled at Jackson in the summer of 1843.

  46. So she claps an ugly gray suit on him, puts a musket in his grasp, and sends him off, with Gubernatorial and other godspeeds, to do duty as a destroyer.

  47. Arrival of the gubernatorial party at Roger Sherman Hall.

  48. Promptly at 8:30 o’clock, the gubernatorial party arrived at Roger Sherman Hall, where it was arranged that they should meet the people of the town, and entered it by a side door.

  49. While he was by no means indifferent to his retention of the gubernatorial chair, he preferred to base his claim on genuine merit illustrated in official function, rather than by clamor for recognition before the assembled multitude.

  50. On his entrance to the gubernatorial office he began at once to reduce the government to a business basis.

  51. Martin, who afterward became governor of Alabama, met a young Virginian who had just removed to the territory, and who himself was destined to wear gubernatorial honors.

  52. The political stations held by Governor Martin have already been indicated, and by reason of these he took with him into the gubernatorial office a thorough knowledge of public affairs.

  53. Two years later, at the expiration of his first gubernatorial term, he was opposed by Honorable George D.

  54. Nathaniel Terry of Limestone were intent on his nomination for gubernatorial honors, and as those present were mostly from the counties north, they were anxious to proceed to the nomination of their candidate.

  55. He was unanimously chosen to succeed himself after the expiration of his first term, and his gubernatorial career closed with the last year of the nineteenth century.

  56. Endowed with peculiar powers which fitted him for a crisis, these powers were brought into active requisition during his incumbency of the gubernatorial chair of the state.

  57. When he entered the gubernatorial office conditions were necessarily in an inchoate form.

  58. The year following his retirement from the gubernatorial chair he was appointed a United States Senator by Governor Murphy.

  59. In many ways his name was prominently known throughout the state, and a number of times mentioned in connection with gubernatorial honors.

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