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  1. Sirs, our honour is in our bosoms,--and there is the only throne armies cannot shake, nor cozeners undermine.

  2. I've come ter tell yer all abart a General whose armies hold ther City of Eternal Life.

  3. Then sneer at half the armies of Europe, for never yet have Scotland's sons been driven back when once they reached a foe to smite.

  4. Footnote E: The devastation of these diseases among the British armies abroad (in the Rhine, Black Sea, and Palestine areas, etc.

  5. Approximately one-fourth (sometimes one-half) of these armies become infected with venereal disease every year.

  6. During the war there were about half-a-million fresh infections per annum among the soldiers in the British armies alone--about two million men infected altogether at the very least.

  7. Intrenched before the town, both armies lie, While night with sable wings involves the sky.

  8. And now both armies shock in open field; Osiris is by strong Thymbræus killed.

  9. Both armies from their bloody work desist, And, bearing backward, form a spacious list.

  10. Both armies thus perform what courage can; Foot set to foot, and mingled, man to man.

  11. To the rude shock of war both armies came; Their leaders equal, and their strength the same.

  12. Now, when the javelin whizzed along the skies, Both armies on Camilla turned their eyes, Directed by the sound.

  13. Peace leaves the violated fields; and hate Both armies urges to their mutual fate.

  14. Both armies now in open fields are seen; Not far the distance of the space between.

  15. He held the opinion that the study of the higher mathematics had a tendency to lessen the ability to move armies in the field, yet expressed regret that he had not in his youth given more study to the subject.

  16. The Governor of New Brunswick, John Harvey, had been an adjutant general of one of the armies of Canada in the campaign of 1813, and was well known to General Scott.

  17. There was not any general engagement of the armies after the capture of the City of Mexico.

  18. Goths were driven from the throne they had won by the sword and held by force; for the battle of Guadalete was a decisive blow to the disintegrating kingdom, and after that the advance of the Moorish armies was almost unopposed.

  19. They were equally victorious over the allied armies in the Netherlands also, and soon we have the edifying spectacle of this Bourbon King of Spain entering into treaty with the red-handed murderers of his royal kinsman.

  20. He no sooner saw the opportunity, with Spain powerless to oppose him, and his hands free in other directions, than he promptly sent his armies into the Netherlands.

  21. The Netherlands were under the comparatively mild sway of the Infanta Isabella, her armies led by the Archduke Albert and the Marquis Spinola, and opposed by Prince Maurice of Nassau.

  22. Flushed with his successes, Alfonso chose to fight, and the two great armies met in the battle of Zallaca, in the month of October, 1086, when the Spanish army was utterly overthrown.

  23. By continually weakening his armies to accomplish her conquest, Napoleon only paved the way for the complete triumph of his enemies in the north: the allied forces of Prussia, Russia, and Austria.

  24. In this manner did the British fight the battles of Spain and drive from her soil the armies of France.

  25. I shall draw no conclusion: the allied armies who are marching on towards victory will do that.

  26. I intend to prove that the German armies cannot wholly escape from the reproach of sometimes violating the law of nations, and I mean to prove my case according to French custom from absolutely trust worthy sources.

  27. This is how the armies of Germany interpret these articles.

  28. When women get the vote, armies will be reduced," said Herr von Bleichroden.

  29. He thought of the convents where men did not work but lived very comfortably and could devote their leisure to such refined enjoyments as arts and sciences, and he wondered that he had not before this enlisted in the armies of the Church.

  30. Infidel castles nor Moorish armies now, and that therefore we may not be crusaders.

  31. My people are but slaves; their armies and their castles are lost; their beautiful cities are ruined, and there is neither conquest nor martyrdom for Christian youths and maidens to gain among them.

  32. A crusade against your armies and castles, perhaps to capture them, and thus gain the crown of martyrdom.

  33. Now, since owing to the sums devoted to this purpose, peace at last becomes even more oppressive than a short war, these standing armies are themselves the cause of wars of aggression, undertaken in order to get rid of this burden.

  34. Standing armies (miles perpetuus) shall be abolished in course of time.

  35. Each monarch keeps as many armies on foot as if his people were in danger of being exterminated: and they give the name of Peace to this general effort of all against all.

  36. Who was it that, when the Moors, emboldened by the weakness of Castile, refused to pay the tribute, led on our armies against them and forced them to submission?

  37. In 639 the armies of Syria and Irak were face to face in Mesopotamia.

  38. In bands they came from the provinces to Medina to wring concessions from Othman, who, though his armies were spreading terror from the Indus and Oxus to the Atlantic, had no troops at hand in Medina.

  39. Thanks to these and similar measures, the Moslem armies were able to advance boldly into Asia Minor.

  40. When the negotiations failed and war was resumed, the Kharijites refused to follow Ali's army, and he had to turn his armies in the first instance against them.

  41. Meantime, Nasr had moved from Nishapur to Merv, and here the two Arabic armies confronted each other.

  42. The year after, Amin placed in the field two new armies commanded respectively by Ahmad b.

  43. At first the armies of Mahdi were not successful.

  44. In the East the Moslem armies gained the most astonishing successes.

  45. Enraged against western nations for the long war waged against their power, armies were gathering for the conquest and plunder of Christendom.

  46. Bagdad which for ages had successfully defied the invading, crusading armies of Europe, was destroyed, and an end put to the Caliphate so long enthroned within its historic walls.

  47. On the south and east sides, fronting the fortifications, were the camps of the besieging armies of Wad en Nejumi and Abu Girgeh.

  48. The situation was this--two armies led by English commanders and officered in great measure by Englishmen had been successively destroyed.

  49. The general character of the ground lying between the two armies was that of gently undulating, pebbly slopes, rising gradually to an open plateau from ninety to a hundred feet above the valley through which the railway and canal ran.

  50. By their side stands the ideal of pugnacity--the droll and jovial Morgante--who masters whole armies with his bellclapper, and who is himself thrown into relief by contrast with the grotesque and most interesting monster Margutte.

  51. Meteors and the appearance of the heavens were as significant in Italy as elsewhere in the Middle Ages, and the popular imagination saw warring armies in an unusual formation of clouds, and heard the clash of their collision high in the air.

  52. When with Alberigo da Barbiano Italian armies and leaders appeared upon the scene, the chances of founding a principality, or of increasing one already acquired, became more frequent.

  53. Humanly speaking, this highest stage of Israel's religion could not have been achieved by the prophets except in alliance with the armies of that heathen empire.

  54. The plural [Hebrew: tzvvt] is never used in the Old Testament except of human hosts, and generally of the armies or hosts of Israel.

  55. They never define it, but they use it in associations where hosts must mean something different from the armies of Israel.

  56. To Amos the hosts of Jehovah are not the armies of Israel, but those of Assyria: they are also the nations whom He marshals and marches across the earth, Philistines from Caphtor, Aram from Qir, as well as Israel from Egypt.

  57. Campaigning in Palestine was a dangerous business even to the Romans; and for the Assyrian armies there was always possible besides some sudden recall by the rumour of a revolt in a distant province.

  58. He denied that the armies raised by the two Houses were for their just defence, or for the liberty of the subject; and he would never promise to oppose those who assisted the King, nor bind himself in a league with his enemies.

  59. Winter now interrupted the operations of the King's armies in most quarters.

  60. These were carried in leather scabbards, hung to the saddle, and with these deadly weapons the boys expected to ride through the ranks of the Federal armies and chop down the men right and left.

  61. About four miles from Franklin they were met by a portion of General Van Dorn’s command, and pretty heavy skirmishing resulted, when both armies fell back and camped for the night.

  62. Since the armies had left they were growing bolder, and we were told at Mr. Pryor’s that morning about some of their thievery and robbery.

  63. General Sherman soon abandoned Jonesboro, moved his army into and around Atlanta and two tired armies rested.

  64. The next day we returned to our camp at Peach Tree Creek, having made a complete circuit of the two armies of Hood and Sherman.

  65. The leaders on either side ordered the horns to blow the recall, and the two armies took up their position at a greater distance from each other than before.

  66. The armies met on the plain of Alischanz (Alicon).

  67. The Bernese heroes arrived just in time, for the two armies were standing opposite each other in battle array.

  68. An enemy attacked Gothland, against whom all weapons and armies were useless.

  69. The armies met, and there was a great battle.

  70. Numerous robber hordes from Hungary had invaded the land, so King Heinrich had determined to collect his armies at Cologne, and march against the foe.

  71. The armies met, and the battle raged long and furiously, without either side getting the better of the other.

  72. Whenever these reductions have been made in armies and militia, they are resented at the beginning.

  73. Such is usually tolerated in temporary armies when they go out on a campaign, because of the special achievements and undertakings in which they are occupied, all of which is usual in the training of the militia.

  74. In the reductions ordered or made in the armies of Flandes and other places, this order has always been observed.

  75. But the New Witness did see two dangers at home which might jeopardise the success of our armies in the field and bring about a premature and dishonourable peace.

  76. And historically Richelieu's policies had had quite something to say in the creation of Prussia; the conscript armies of the French Revolution had first made Europe into an armed camp.

  77. If there were no armies there would possibly be no wars, but we have shown more than once that armies can be pretty rapidly extemporized.

  78. Who does not know that, wherever the common safety of all demands that our armies be led, there the prices of merchandise are forced up, not four times or eight times, but without limit?

  79. For we, too, have inscribed Freedom of the seas upon our battle flags, and it behooves us to be certain just where our army belongs in the long procession of armies with banners--just what is the direction in which our standards point.

  80. All nations have armies, and if America and England had relatively small armies before this war, they had the largest navy in the world and the navy which ranked second or third.

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