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Example sentences for "armfuls"

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  1. The cry of havoc, all those armfuls of collapsed lilies breaking under the toil of enforced handshakes leaves me like a broken lamp.

  2. There are armfuls of crushed bats in the passageway to my heart, each reeking with squeals to alarm the most frightened princess.

  3. Honeysuckle mist with armfuls of orange lilies with scent stronger than the carriage needed in their gathering.

  4. I gathered several armfuls of twigs and branches, and pitched my camp upon the banks of a small rippling stream, a tributary of the river referred to.

  5. A half dozen scattered along the bank, and in a moment returned bearing armfuls of sticks and fuel.

  6. Others were then thrown on top, with green leaves and boughs broken from the trees, and, over all, several armfuls of Spanish moss which hung plentifully from the oaks.

  7. Coming back with some blankets, he cut a few armfuls of spruce twigs in a ravine and spread them out beside the fire.

  8. Then he cut the tent poles and a few armfuls of twigs for a bed, and in half an hour the camp was pitched and a meal prepared.

  9. He's always carrying them down armfuls of green grass, apples, sugar, and everything a horse will eat.

  10. They poise delicately on stems longer than those of the hot-house flower; so that we could gather and carry armfuls of them.

  11. All he saw were a dozen or so ex-soldiers in uniform carrying armfuls of magazines and books out into a little square, which was made by the oblique intersection of two avenues.

  12. Since they were no longer saleable, they might as well be put to some use, so I gathered armfuls of them and distributed them over the form of Hamby, until there was no longer a trace of him visible.

  13. There are gardens too,--abandoned gardens that belonged to hamlets that have been burned; our Chinamen sometimes send one of their number on a marauding expedition, and he brings back armfuls of vegetables for our meals.

  14. Zouaves and African chasseurs are running about, carrying ladders, draperies, and armfuls of branches and flowers.

  15. She got rid of her armfuls of groceries and bundles, and seated herself in an inconspicuous place, and sat listening while the argument went on.

  16. It was so bleak that we gave up all idea of going home; and, after bringing in ten or a dozen armfuls of wood, we settled down to spend the night there.

  17. We strewed armfuls of the hay over the barn floor and let the hungry creatures help themselves.

  18. None of us dared use our hay-forks, and now, following his example, we began tearing away armfuls of hay.

  19. The young reporter hastened to the cave mouth and in a few trips had gathered up several huge armfuls of wood-drift of all kinds from under the great trees all about.

  20. I'll get a few armfuls and in a minute we'll have things snug.

  21. I tell you what we ought to do," said Agathemer, "let us go outside and gather armfuls of small leafy boughs and twigs.

  22. The food that went down DeBar's throat was only a morsel, but it put new life into him, and he gathered fresh armfuls of sticks and sapling boughs until the fire burned Philip's face and his drying clothes sent up clouds of steam.

  23. There were glowing embers still in the fire, and these he stirred into life, adding armfuls of dry wood to the flames.

  24. In a minute they reappeared, with great armfuls of dried mesquite branches for our fire.

  25. In five minutes the house was all bustle and confusion,--officers rushing to pack their serapes, mozos and troopers saddling horses, peons with armfuls of rifles rushing to and fro.

  26. In the morning they gathered great armfuls of crimson poppies from the fields, creamy snowballs from neglected gardens, and blue bachelor buttons from the hillsides, which they arranged in bouquets of red, white and blue for the graves.

  27. Down the park, a long way off, a man was carrying armfuls of hay across the snow.

  28. These days she was happy in her soul: oh, she was so happy, that she wished she could take her joy and scatter it in armfuls broadcast.

  29. Stern brought her great armfuls of the furs from the shop in the arcade, and left her busily and happily employed.

  30. Together they brought armfuls of the brilliant crimson and purple blooms along the edge of the sands, where forest and barren irregularly met; and with these, fir and spruce boughs, the longer to keep his grave freshly green.

  31. From creek gullies close by I used to gather armfuls of maiden-hair for church decoration, some fronds of which, measured on the dining-room table, spanned the whole width from side to side.

  32. The children brought armfuls of moss and leaves, and scattered them over the hard rocky floor.

  33. Before the men went out of the cave they picked up armfuls of bones for weapons.

  34. So the women gathered armfuls of branches and started a fire just outside the mouth.

  35. He paddled them off to the boat, and coming back with some blankets cut a few armfuls of spruce twigs in a ravine and spread them out beside the fire.

  36. Then he cut the tent poles, and a few armfuls of twigs for a bed, and in half an hour the camp was pitched and a meal prepared.

  37. Joe and Ellis made beds for the other youngsters, but Ellis declared that he could sleep on the ground and Joe threw down only a couple of armfuls of grass for himself.

  38. He mowed to the big pine, and all around it, then kicked together armfuls of soft grass and arranged it in a pile.

  39. The men cut canes, armfuls and armfuls of canes, threw the bundles down, and made some sort of roadbed.

  40. Tangled wild flowers cling to the river banks, and limpid water passes in bright armfuls over green sedgy tresses.

  41. The few who had elected to wait until after luncheon scattered hurriedly about the circle and disappeared in the houses, to fling last armfuls into the already bursting trunks.

  42. He next collected dry bark from the under side of the fallen tree, and by breaking off its dead and well-seasoned limbs secured several large armfuls of wood.

  43. And straightway the boys began again, saturating large armfuls of moss with water and laying them on top of the drift whenever the blaze showed itself.

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