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Example sentences for "hauteur"

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hautbois; hautboy; hautboys; haute; hautes; hauteurs; hauts; hauty; hauyng; hauynge
  1. She greeted him chilly; but it was evident that nervousness rather than hauteur kept her seated.

  2. Which was a cruel response; but its hauteur silenced Mr. Secretary.

  3. The widowed governor was gouty, passionate, and had imbibed with his long residence in Spain the hauteur of the Spaniard.

  4. Said a Frenchman of his adversary, "Il se croit superieur a moi de toute la hauteur de sa betise!

  5. He certainly was looking his best, with the new zest and youth that Hazel had given him heightening the blue of his eyes and giving an added hauteur of masculinity to his bearing.

  6. Bertha received her quondam partner of the dance with much warmth and vivacity; but the countess looked with freezing hauteur upon these American friends of her grandson.

  7. Bertha, as she said these words, bowed with a degree of hauteur which no one had ever seen her assume, and, taking M.

  8. The fastidious hauteur of English etiquette was far from being congenial to his mind and did not accord with his ideas of social life.

  9. During the campaign Mr. Williams became disgusted with the hauteur of the British officers towards native Americans who were by far the most efficient troops against the Indians and French, whose mode of warfare they better understood.

  10. Falling back a step, she called in ladylike hauteur and precision, "Mary Emmeline and John Wesley.

  11. Perhaps it was this that put a sudden hauteur into the young girl's expression as she stared at Miss Avondale's departing figure.

  12. Yeux-gris turned to him with that little hauteur he assumed occasionally.

  13. Paris, if I chose," responded Yeux-gris, with a cold hauteur that smacked more of a court than of this shabby room.

  14. The hauteur here ascribed to Tarrarecawaho is in keeping with the story that he refused an invitation to visit Washington, esteeming the Pawnee the greatest people in the world, and thinking such a visit involved condescension.

  15. We could not choose but admire the lofty dignity of his appearance; but his extreme hauteur became manifest when he halted at the head of our line, by not offering his hand, or even deigning to look at us.

  16. The former I called the Plantagenet, and ascended it through La Salle, Marquette, and Assawa Lakes to a small creek at the foot of the Hauteur des Terres.

  17. To support Malbosquet, and to protect the entrance to the roadstead and harbour, the English engineers fortified with great skill an eminence, called Hauteur de Grasse.

  18. I very unwillingly consented to be presented to her, and was justly punished for my consent by the negligent hauteur with which I was received.

  19. Yes, it was possible; his arrogance was great; had he not conducted himself at the fete at Schoensee with such hauteur and reserve as to provoke Eva to treat him with even more than her usual coldness of manner?

  20. With the hauteur of absolutism he not only retained political power in the feudal class, but suppressed literature, censored learning, and rigorously superintended religion.

  21. They have not the hauteur and aloofness of the German Social Democrat, nor the fiery passion for idealistic propaganda of the French; they are more sensible than either.

  22. Nay, that although he is the first in seniority after Blackwater, the governor treats him with the same distance and hauteur he would use towards the youngest ensign in the service.

  23. His hauteur was fortified by his wife, {71} daughter by a morganatic marriage of King William IV.

  24. Young ladies carried themselves with greater hauteur than ever, heroically determined that they at least would do their duty to Society.

  25. They manifest but little respect for the female; imposing on her not only the duties of the hut, but also the more laborious operations of husbandry; and observing towards them the hauteur and distance of superior beings.

  26. There was a slight movement of relief and a return of gloomy hauteur in Jim's manner.

  27. There is hauteur in my omission of it, and it is a fact that we can express ourselves with far more vigour without g's or r's than you of the North can with them.

  28. But this man writes out his opinion coolly, simply, with that fine hauteur that will not condescend to know of opposition.

  29. This last statement seemed to be particularly gratifying to the young officer's vanity, and had a distinctly mollifying effect upon his original hauteur and coldness.

  30. This speech also Mafuta translated, with an air of mingled hauteur and humility which was amusing enough to Dick and Grosvenor.

  31. Isabelle, the eldest, was tall and fair, except for a chill hauteur which set strangely upon one so young, while her firmly set lips betokened the existence of a strong will which completely dominated her less self-reliant sister.

  32. Isabelle's chill hauteur had increased with the years and a peevish discontent was carving indelible lines upon her face which was rapidly losing its delicate contour and bloom.

  33. Yet even at the moment when she felt herself in the most imminent personal peril, the inbred dignity and composed hauteur of the Vestal did not desert her.

  34. He had recovered from the fear Cornelia had struck into him, in her first defiance, and met her threats and hauteur with open scorn.

  35. I looked up in utter indignation, but was disarmed by the expression of his countenance; a vague sadness possessed it, a certain air of tender resignation; his hauteur had melted, though his manner retained its distance.

  36. Her childish nonchalance had ripened into a hauteur quite alarming; for though she was scarcely my own age, she might have been ten years older.

  37. Laura had looked down, with that hauteur more fixed than ever now the light of her eyes was lost; she drew in the corners of her mouth, and turned a shade colder, if not paler, in complexion.

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