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Example sentences for "claw"

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clavicles; clavicular; clavier; clavo; clavus; clawed; clawes; clawing; clawlike; claws
  1. Even Jay clasped one claw over his nose and flew wildly through the forest, almost knocking out his brains against branches.

  2. No doubt blunt claws would be detrimental to these hawks in the field; but between bluntness and the needle-like sharpness of the uncoped claw there is a world of difference.

  3. They are usually small animals; some have the face marked with black and white, others have curious whiskers, and their nails are rather sharp and claw like.

  4. The legs end in claw feet resting on a molded base.

  5. The first 'feet' is itself less obvious, but I suppose the strong claw and grip of the badger's are meant.

  6. Beside, the world of late has nicknam'd praise, Calls it an elbow-claw and scraping bays.

  7. If Bear Claw and his braves slip up, we'll have to finish it.

  8. Bear Claw was about to raise his left hand--a signal for the final rush that would wipe out the white men in the overturned coach--when a terrific volley burst out like rattling thunder from all sides.

  9. Bear Claw had courage only when the odds were with him.

  10. Bear Claw was in high good humor, for he saw that the ambushed victims in the stage could not hope to hold out much longer.

  11. Bear Claw scrambled after them, with lead kicking up dust all about him.

  12. Bear Claw went off his pony's back like a bag of meal and landed on the sand, his head at a queer angle.

  13. The man Bear Claw had charged was Kid Wolf!

  14. An Indian a few paces from Bear Claw jumped up with a weird yell and fell back again, pierced through the body.

  15. Bear Claw will wipe him out, then," grinned Al Arnold.

  16. But it did not take Bear Claw long to see that his band outnumbered the white posse, more than four to one.

  17. In dogs the dew-claw is the rudimentary toe or hallux (corresponding to the big toe in man) hanging loosely attached to the skin, low down on the hinder part of the leg.

  18. The origin of the word is unknown, but it has been fancifully suggested that, while the other toes touch the ground in walking, the dew-claw merely brushes the dew from the grass.

  19. With the other claw it grabbed and grabbed for him.

  20. Long before the birds reached the town they were met by a big squadron of rocket-powered fighting planes and in a desperate battle over the desert, with claw and beak and bomb against machine-gun, were shot down to the last bird.

  21. Lanigan began to claw a passage for himself.

  22. The mandibles are slender, and the claw short and strongly curved inward toward the point.

  23. They are two-jointed, the basal joint stout and the end joint or claw slender and sharp-pointed.

  24. At the ends of the feet are two claws, curved and with teeth along the inner edge, and in many spiders there is a third shorter claw between them (fig.

  25. The claw has near its point a small hole, which is the outlet of the poison gland.

  26. On the outer side in front is a sharp ridge that extends from the base of the claw halfway up the mandible.

  27. Each strip, except the one at the end, has a claw at the lower corner (on some of the strips the bit of skin bearing the claws is pieced in) so that there are eight nearly equidistant claws making a fringe round the lower edge of the belt.

  28. During these mauvais pas, or when they were ferried across in a boat, or waded through the river, those left on board would claw the rocks, or work the yulohs, very long and rather unmanageable oars.

  29. The Rancocus was a good, weatherly ship, nor was there sufficient sea on to make it at all difficult for her to claw off a lee shore.

  30. The old man struck out blindly with his dagger, and made such a commotion that his loyal servants ran, into the room with lanterns, and the light revealed the horrible claw of a monster lying by the side of the old man's mat.

  31. The claw and leg of the table indeed were standing there, but the top was folded up and lying on the floor beside it.

  32. Hobson's horse wheeled round and bolted,--no wonder, with the claw of an ostrich acting as a spur on his flank!

  33. I saw his great claw over my head, and almost before I could jump back, a couple of heavy stones were driven violently off the top of the wall.

  34. I peeped even now through the grates of the cage, and I am sure I saw the claw of a true lion, and such a claw as makes me think the lion that owns it must be bigger than a mountain.

  35. Every schoolboy knows that the lion has a claw at the end of his tail with which he lashes himself into fury.

  36. But if he woke in the night, there was the cold claw grasping his heart.

  37. This was an arrangement of their joint affairs which Messer Griffo of the Claw was very willing to make.

  38. But when Messer Griffo of the Claw rode into the city at the head of his levy of lances, with Monna Vittoria in her male attire riding by his side, and the Dragon banner flapping over all, things began to wear a very different face.

  39. Messer Griffo and his merry men forced their way easily enough across the bridge, pushing steadily through the crowds that gave way before them and cheered them as they passed, for Griffo of the Claw was popular in Florence.

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