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Example sentences for "expectant"

Lexicographically close words:
expeck; expeckit; expect; expectance; expectancy; expectantly; expectants; expectat; expectation; expectations
  1. Oh, I beg pardon--" He pauses and gives a look expectant of introduction towards Harry Lawrence.

  2. While over all this is a face beaming with some expectant joy, its blue eyes looking for somebody,--somebody who has not yet come.

  3. At every point, at every bank and hill and factory, in every opening where people could stand or climb, expectant crowds awaited Mr. Gladstone's arrival.

  4. Your expectant eyes ceased to annoy me, I grew fond of them in the end, those expectant eyes.

  5. The boys stood round him and at once bent attentive and expectant eyes upon him.

  6. The silence of the company seemed somehow to strike him, however, and he looked round at every one with expectant eyes.

  7. Meanwhile Mirah's quick expectant ear detected a sound which her heart recognized: she could not stay out of the room any longer.

  8. It was as if the thumb-screw and the iron boot were being placed by creeping hands within sight of the expectant victim.

  9. I hesitated, looked helplessly round at the sea of tensely expectant faces, pulled myself together, and chose Baker Street.

  10. Then they went back to the languidly expectant females.

  11. He held out his hands as in blessing over the intently listening and expectant throng.

  12. She stood in expectant waiting, her hands held together before her, her head just bent.

  13. She slipped off the cover, and held at arm's length towards the eager, expectant girl, the fatal bouquet of roses, beautiful to see as the fairest that ever filled the lap of Flora.

  14. Mère Malheur looked very expectant at her friend, who continued, "I want you to see that lady under promise of secrecy, mark you!

  15. Lizette had been sent away until the morrow; Angélique sat alone and expectant of the arrival of La Corriveau.

  16. She gives it, and asks, with a quiet voice, but with eyes and ears expectant of the answer: “What is your name?

  17. Atiba waited a few moments longer, then slowly looked up and surveyed the expectant faces around him.

  18. Briggs sat motionless in his chair staring at the tankard, while the other planters all watched him in expectant silence.

  19. Obewole glanced around at the expectant faces of the men as he stepped forward.

  20. Cardington queried, leaning back in his chair with an expectant twinkle in his eyes.

  21. But mixed with my expectant dread is a thread of gratitude for having been taught to be even stumblingly telepathic.

  22. I can sense it and that feeling of expectant dread is back with me.

  23. Five young ones, of various ages, hungry and untidy, sat expectant round the table.

  24. Late that evening there arrived in London this telegram for the expectant collector from Stephen Lee: "Your great kindness has saved two broods, mine and the Kites'.

  25. Her hands were clasped placidly in their thin black woolen gloves, and she was looking at the flowery wayside as we went slowly along, with a pleased, expectant smile.

  26. He writhed himself forward in a passion of expectant desire, hearing his muscles crack in the effort.

  27. And for an instant, before the girl in the gallery sank down, blind with tears, she saw the tiny figure poised there at the knees of the huge image, beneath the expectant hands, silent and transfigured in the blaze of light.

  28. It is Snowford's secretary," he said abruptly to the two expectant faces.

  29. His manner was expectant and he probably was not surprised when Buck, turning from the boy toward the groups near the fire, called out: "Sweet Jackson!

  30. Ted was happily expectant also, but he thought and spoke much more about the promised visit to Camp Hancock and the hunting trip to follow in the Okefinokee Swamp.

  31. Now that the Sun of the Covenant has set on the horizon of the world, the eyes of all the people are turned expectant upon us.

  32. A new year dawned with bright promise on an expectant world.

  33. Goodwife Wright expected to serve as the midwife but the expectant mother refused to employ her upon learning that Wright was left-handed.

  34. Lee, and his wife, the expectant mother had her servant take her by boat to Lee's where she remained, taking great quantities of medicine, until she delivered.

  35. With medical knowledge limited and antisepsis unknown, the expectant mother of the seventeenth century fared better with a midwife than she would have with a physician.

  36. There was an expectant turn of public attention towards the door, and the tall, bearded stranger made a really effective entrance.

  37. On Easter Saturday Harvey Bope unpacked a large, promising-looking red cardboard box under the expectant eyes of his nephews.

  38. The expectant wife gets no sign of her husband's existence.

  39. How great singers have been advertised that never heard of such an engagement, and even forged telegrams read to an expectant audience, to account for their non-appearance.

  40. The sun is moonlike, as a maiden feigns To veil her beauty, yet sends glances bright That fill the eye, and make the heart delight, Expectant of some wonder.

  41. I saw Watts very frequently during the following ten days, he coming with expectant persistency to ask me if his uncle had yet bought him anything; and remaining disappointed almost to the very eve of his marriage.

  42. These heroic ladies then hurried from Independence Hall to the church, already crowded with an expectant audience, to whom they gave a full report of the morning's proceedings.

  43. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "expectant" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    agape; agog; anticipating; anticipatory; aspiring; assured; big; certain; confident; eager; expectant; expecting; fond; forestalling; forewarned; gaping; gone; gravid; heavy; hopeful; hoping; optimistic; parturient; pregnant; prepared; ready; sanguine; sure; waiting