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Example sentences for "expectations"

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expectant; expectantly; expectants; expectat; expectation; expected; expecteth; expecting; expectorant; expectorate
  1. But now these pleasing expectations are gone, we must abandon the accumulated industry of nineteen years, we must fly we hardly know whither, through the most impervious paths, and become members of a new and strange community.

  2. Never was there a more glorious prospect before us than at that time, nor ever were my hopes and expectations raised higher on any occasion.

  3. You see by this step how much dependence Congress places in your advices, and you must make it a point not to disappoint Captain Jones's wishes, and our expectations on this occasion.

  4. He declared: "It cannot but merit particular attention that among ourselves the most enlightened friends of good government are those whose expectations are the highest.

  5. Hence results may differ widely from the expectations with which those provisions are introduced.

  6. The treaty was extremely unpopular, chiefly because unreasonable expectations of its provisions had been entertained.

  7. And the previous evening's entertainment had depressed the young minister's expectations even of what he himself could do--a sad blow to a young man.

  8. He would not dissipate that delicious haze by any definite expectations like those which brought him to sudden grief on a former occasion.

  9. These influences are the expectations and demands of others so far as they attach consequences in the way of punishment, of suffering, and of reward and pleasure, to the deeds of an individual.

  10. The value of continually having to meet the expectations and requirements of others is in keeping the agent from resting on his oars, from falling back on habits already formed as if they were final.

  11. Each social calling implies a continuous, regular mode of action, binding together into a whole a multitude of acts occurring at different times, and giving rise to definite expectations and demands on the part of others.

  12. Laws, formulated and unformulated, social conventions, rules of manners, the general expectations of public opinion, are all of them sources of instruction regarding conduct.

  13. Decazes, all contributed to defer the fulfilment of the expectations of the personages so vividly described by Blondet.

  14. You will have a charming wife and thirty thousand francs a year with her, to say nothing of four millions expectations in ten years' time.

  15. Great expectations were formed of him, and he fulfilled them all.

  16. He was inexperienced enough to look forward to the legal proceedings against him with expectations of victory, and when he was arrested at Mannheim, he went to prison with a feeling of relief.

  17. The hopes and expectations of the nation surrounded him with a sort of halo.

  18. How rarely does a plan of retirement answer the expectations upon which it is raised!

  19. But Captain Molloy was not in the best harmony with its owners, as they had disappointed his expectations of an Invitation to dinner.

  20. However," I continued, "I have been putting my expectations from your speech to a kind of test.

  21. He then Inquired about my friends Mr. and Mrs. Locke, and their expectations of the return of Page 449 William.

  22. Pray don't be uneasy about that; for whatever expectations Page 125 I may have formed, I had much rather have them disappointed.

  23. It will be sufficient to observe, that the number of these new discoveries justifies the expectations that have been created respecting the metalliferous character of the region of the Ontonagon, and the south shore of Lake Superior.

  24. Either less attention has been paid to the other parts of speech, or results less suited to create high expectations of their flexibility and powers have been attained.

  25. Perhaps, too," adds Franklin, "she thought my expectations not so well founded as I imagined them to be.

  26. It is better to be thus free with you than to give you Expectations that cannot be answered.

  27. I hope his Expectations are not great of any Fortune to be had with our Daughter before our Death.

  28. Deceived by the demand they had themselves created, the British factory-owners were soon brought to realise by their own experience that their high expectations had been unfounded.

  29. My tutor was most sanguine in his expectations of my success, and every rehearsal seemed to strengthen his flattering opinion.

  30. At all events it is quite unlike my expectations of it.

  31. He had seen too many youngsters of quality drop to grief and ruin, not to know that a young gentleman of Shelley's parentage and expectations and story might prove a very poor match for a prosperous tradesman's daughter.

  32. Whilst the Hogg of University College gave promise of being a very remarkable personage, Shelley had given no promise of becoming a supremely great poet--on the contrary, had raised expectations that he would be a very contemptible poetaster.

  33. Maddened by this death-blow to all expectations of happiness, which the deluded Olympia had so fondly anticipated, she leaped wildly from the bed.

  34. A letter had already made Miss Bertram acquainted with the downfall of the expectations which had been formed upon the bequest of her kinswoman.

  35. From the awkward access to the lawyer's mansion, Mannering was induced to form very moderate expectations of the entertainment which he was to receive.

  36. The music did not meet the expectations of the cognoscenti and music-lovers, lacking the passionate expression which is so compelling in Mozart and Cherubini.

  37. The quartet, however, which was played by young virtuosi whose combined ages did not reach 40 years, by virtue of a fine, cheerful, witty and yet harmonious performance exceeded all the expectations that experienced players could gratify.

  38. For though Mr Dawson was ambitious for his daughter, Captain Harefield as a man with expectations was by no means so interesting to him personally as he had been last year when he had none.

  39. George stood higher to-night in the respect and esteem of those who knew him, than he would have done had his aims and plans and expectations been those of his father, who saw all things too clearly not to acknowledge it.

  40. The emperor had no sooner spoken for them than the musicians, who had orders to attend, entered, and answered fully the expectations the princes had been led to entertain of their abilities.

  41. What mean you, sir," said some that were nearest to him, "thus to expose a life of such promising expectations to certain death?

  42. These expectations might have been realized had the State carried on enterprises on a less extensive and more economical basis.

  43. The road was from the very first successful, its traffic and income greatly exceeding the expectations of its managers.

  44. The success of this commission exceeded even the expectations of the advocates of the system, who, in view of the limited powers of the commission, had anticipated but meager results.

  45. The spectacle was of such grandeur, that no one could behold it without the strongest emotions and the most flattering expectations of success.

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