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aviary; aviation; aviator; aviators; aviatrix; avide; avidity; avidly; aviez; avifauna
  1. And there was Arkalion, with an avid expression in the old eyes, Arkalion with his boyish face, not saying goodbye so much as he was calling hello to something Temple could not fathom.

  2. He was an avid talker, a boaster and a boor.

  3. They rose and went out obediently, except Tillie who watched Reivers's face with avid eyes as the young girl left the tepee.

  4. Every sound came distinct to her avid ears, though it sounded through a ringing.

  5. Every color darted pricklingly distinct to Susannah's avid eyes, burning and heavy though it was.

  6. And Mr. Keith, ever avid of fresh things, regretted his lost opportunities.

  7. For all his complexity there was something so childlike in his nature that he never realized what an infliction he was, nor how tiresome his conversation could become to people who were not quite so avid of "disinterested thought.

  8. That name had been proved by the bibliographer to be the invention of some pedantic monk who liked to display his learning to a generation avid of antiquities, a generation which insisted on attaching a Roman deity to every cavern.

  9. Four hundred other near-by plows alike were avid for the soil of Oregon; as witness this long line of newcomers, late at the frontier rendezvous.

  10. There were more than a thousand children, more than a hundred babes in arm, more than fifty marriageable maids pursued by avid swains.

  11. Ursula Johns College and Radcliff had yielded her Masters degree, yet Matilda was an avid follower of the pen pal columns.

  12. Certainly a man as well-educated as Haron Gorka would be an avid reader, and unless he had a permanent residence here in Cedar Palls, one couldn't expect that he'd have his own library with him.

  13. It is a curious fact that people are often more avid of praise for the thing they cannot do, than for the thing they can.

  14. Channing began to wish that he had been less avid for local color; but at that moment he caught Jacqueline's eye regarding him demurely, and was of a sudden reconciled to his surroundings.

  15. Meanness and mediocrity were to disappear; the French people, avid of great things, had found again the favorite of fortune who alone could accomplish them.

  16. But in that famous letter of rejection, written in a cafe and mailed with a grandiloquent toss in the presence of Fantin-Latour, he summed up aptly the man of genius who, though avid for honour, throws it away at the moment of attainment.

  17. They were too avid for genuine novelty to content themselves with slight innovation; and they were too modern to derive satisfaction from the stereotyped teachings of an antiquity whose tones were unemotional and whose themes were hackneyed.

  18. Le Menage Sisley is one of his finest early examples of how this rhythmic continuity of line obsesses a mind avid for form, colour, vitality.

  19. That Van Gogh was an illustrator is undeniable; but he was an illustrator of the abstract gropings of an unbalanced mind avid for dramatic emotions, rather than of exterior nature.

  20. With a few straight and fluent strokes of the pencil he builds up a type of the blustering parvenu Jew, the mercenary picture dealer, the childish and vain actor who is avid for praise and obsessed with his vocation.

  21. That avid mind of hers devours all things.

  22. A middle-aged sigh breathes through these words, the sigh of a man who has known life and felt it to be good and who is not avid for more.

  23. One is restless, impatient of restraint, avid for new experiences and for ever-shifting forms of life; the other longs for the homeland, and seeks to strike roots deep in the spot of earth made sacred by the toil of the forefathers.

  24. Light in the slow fumbling summer leaves, Cooing and calling All winged and avid things Waking the early flies, keen to the scent.

  25. Even the mighty Balzac was too avid of glory and gold for Flaubert, to whom art and its consolations were all-sufficing.

  26. He marked with painful eagerness the quick glances, the occasional whispers he provoked--always avid of signs of recognition, always fearful of reading derision of his race.

  27. He did not see David; but for an instant David saw nothing but him, nothing but the cruel eyes, the avid face, the upraised arm.

  28. He repeats) Spontaneously to seek out the saurian's lair in order to entrust their teats to his avid suction.

  29. She blinked up out of her avid shameclosing eyes, mewing plaintively and long, showing him her milkwhite teeth.

  30. Avid now to go back to the life she had abandoned, she was ferocious to herself when she remembered she had asked him, "Would it be a crime, Harry, to go back?

  31. She used to hurry to her office of a morning as an artist urgent with inspiration will hurry to his colours, or a poet to his pen,--avid to exercise that which was within her.

  32. It is the idle woman in a flat whose imagination riots along the highways of the great world, who keeps an avid eye for change of any sort, and finds a fictitious existence in the sentimental, the immoral, and the society novel.

  33. Before the feminine embrace could close around him he saw a panting mouth, with avid teeth, eyes tearful with emotion, a smile that was a mixture of love and painful disquietude.

  34. Their leaves are simply inert and treacherous tentacles which contract very suddenly, and their flowers, avid mouths, which bend over their prey, and suck it in through their gluttonous openings.

  35. Then an avid mouth stamped upon hers two aggressive kisses.

  36. It is as avid and relentless in devising ant-traps as elephant-snares.

  37. Nathan Matthews was on the high-road to the governor's chair, but I happened to know that, however ambitious he might be for political preferment, his temperament rendered him more avid for distinction in business.

  38. An avid reader since childhood, he now gets to read anything and everything he desires.

  39. An avid art collector, Weissberger buys only what he has room to display on the walls of his home and office.

  40. Dance has always been one of her prime interests: she studied ballet for 10 years while a child, and remained an avid fan long after realizing she would not become a professional dancer.

  41. They have furnished amusement and excitement, have fed the avid nerves.

  42. Thus the love of Christ is both avid and generous .

  43. Only this paradox can express the relation between that Divine Love which is 'both avid and generous,' and the self that is destined both to devour and be devoured by Reality.

  44. He's an avid baseball fan and the best Father's Day gift I think he ever got was tickets to go to one of the Oriole games with his son Jim and grandson Ryan.

  45. The mirthless smile discounted the words; the cold, avid eyes were busy and suspicious.

  46. Joyce, crouching among the broad green leaves, looked tensely, dread and curiosity the child's avid curiosity for the supernatural alight in her face.

  47. But how could he speak to her of the true reason for refusing her the son in the business, the avid young debauchee whose victims were girls in the firm's employ?

  48. At such moments the Squire was at his best, keenly interested, avid for details, always ready to assume sponsorial obligations for the unborn, and promising five pounds if the little strangers appeared in couples.

  49. She would say in reply to strangers avid for details: "Do 'ee talk to Garge's father.

  50. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "avid" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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