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Example sentences for "cur"

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  1. The scrubbiest cur in all the pack Can set the mastiff on your back.

  2. It makes me frightfully wild sometimes when I think of the cowardly way in which that cur Lennox--" "Hold hard!

  3. I saw Mr Lennox sneak off like a cur with his tail between his legs.

  4. I've got an idea in my head that Roby turned upon me in a tit of raving, and called me a coward and a cur for running away and leaving him.

  5. So back went Satan and the little cur to Grandmother Dean's--and Dinnie cried when Uncle Carey told her why he was taking the little cur along.

  6. Once or twice, as he trotted along, he had to bark his joy aloud, and each time the big cur gave him such a fierce growl that he feared thereafter to open his jaws.

  7. Another crack, and the yellow cur leaped from the ground and fell kicking.

  8. The cur was Lobo for that little pack, and after a short parley, he lifted his nose high and started away without looking back, while the other dogs silently trotted after him.

  9. A tawny streak followed, and then, in a patch of moonlight, Satan saw the yellow cur with his teeth fastened in the throat of his moaning playmate.

  10. Out of the woods they went, across a little branch, and there the big cur lay flat again in the grass.

  11. Again Satan leaped, but just then a shout rose behind him, and the cur leaped too as though a bolt of lightning had crashed over him, and, no longer noticing Satan or sheep, began to quiver with fright and slink away.

  12. On the next block the old drunkard's yellow cur ran across the street, and after interchanging the compliments of the season, ran back after his staggering master.

  13. The cur did not take the turnpike, but jumped the fence into a field, making his way by the rear of houses, from which now and then another dog would slink out and silently join the band.

  14. You see what a spiteful cur I am, and you called me your sister!

  15. The cur keeps it under his mattress, in pink ribbon.

  16. That cur Smerdyakov won’t send you proofs from the other world .

  17. During such time as we had been speaking the pace was not slackened, and that the cowardly cur had lost all heart, I understood when he forged ahead at his best speed, as if believing implicitly in the threat I had made.

  18. Because of what happened shortly afterward, I believe the Tory cur had heard at home some inkling of what was to be done by the lobster backs, for never had I seen him so bold, who was ever somewhat of a coward.

  19. It was when we were come to the rear of Master Lord's house, I still clutching the Tory cur firmly by the collar, that my heart misgave me.

  20. We can count that that young Tory cur is so frightened he will not venture to make any outcry during the next five or six hours; but after that I am not so certain.

  21. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "cur" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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