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Example sentences for "inaccuracies"

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inability; inacceptable; inaccessibility; inaccessible; inaccuracy; inaccurate; inaccurately; inaction; inactive
  1. At all events, any inaccuracies that may exist in them were certainly not the result of negligence.

  2. Why do they not betray their origin by metrical inaccuracies such as we find in poems undoubtedly interpolated, like Widsith or the Seafarer?

  3. Stupid inaccuracies of this description are unaccountable.

  4. Saw to the outline at right angles throughout, afterwards correcting inaccuracies with chisel and plane.

  5. Saw to the outline all round, carefully maintaining right angles throughout and, as before, correcting inaccuracies with chisel and plane.

  6. I am not concerned to prove that no inaccuracies could have crept into these traditionary accounts.

  7. Chronology is hopelessly and inextricably confused; while inaccuracies and difficulties of the kind described abound on every page of the 'Chronicle,' rendering the labor of its last commentator and defender one of no small difficulty.

  8. The article in question contains inaccuracies which should be noticed for the author's future benefit.

  9. If the author should turn out to be a man, I should have no objection to point out those inaccuracies through your columns.

  10. Some were content to argue their own ideas into Scripture, and those they disliked out of it; to one or two it seemed a satisfaction to discover difficulties in Scripture, to point to historical inaccuracies and moral defects.

  11. Gardiner, in spite of inaccuracies in details (Hist.

  12. Sincerity and honest conviction are present on every page, and the inaccuracies are due not to wilful misrepresentation, but to failure of memory and to the disadvantages under which the author laboured in exile.

  13. According to them, the narrative may exhibit inaccuracies and inconsistencies, and may yet be the work of S.

  14. Certain incoherences and inaccuracies are pointed out.

  15. We have indeed heard a great deal too much of the precariousness of this class of evidence: not nearly enough of the gross inaccuracies which disfigure the text of those two Codices.

  16. It is true that inaccuracies may have crept in; but these will be found to be mostly among proper names--due in a great measure to the illegibility of the manuscripts furnished me by correspondents.

  17. There may be some inaccuracies in the spelling of names or in the names themselves, but this could not be avoided after the lapse of so many years.

  18. A declaration of indisputability covers any inaccuracies in the original documents on which a policy was granted, unless these inaccuracies amount to fraud, which the law will not condone under any circumstances.

  19. Inaccuracies are often found in the way wherein the degrees of comparison are applied and construed.

  20. Inaccuracies are often found in the way in which the degrees of comparison are applied and construed.

  21. Which goes to prove (in spite of the inaccuracies due to the numerical scarcity of coloured subjects of any age) that the females are more brachyscelous than the males; and that the blacks are more macroscelous than the whites.

  22. As to Herodian, his expressions are evidently exaggerated, and he has been guilty of so many inaccuracies in the history of Severus, that we have a right to suppose one in this passage.

  23. Ferreras, who often rectifies the chronological inaccuracies of his predecessor, fixes it in 1169.

  24. I suppose there are few who do not feel a little stupid amusement at first at inaccuracies of costume and accessories in the older pictures, but we soon become as indifferent to them as the painters were themselves.

  25. It is best to begin with a comparatively modern master, and work back gradually, otherwise the eye is puzzled by inaccuracies of drawing, perspective, color.

  26. The author feels bound to apologize for any inaccuracies which may have crept into these pages owing to being abroad while preparing them for the press.

  27. Admitting that there are many inaccuracies in the recital, Dr.

  28. It is better to require no notes at all than to accept careless, superficial inaccuracies as honest work.

  29. Discover and make a note of all the apparent contradictions, inconsistencies, or inaccuracies in the author's statements.

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