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Example sentences for "baseness"

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  1. In the presence of men permeated with grit and sound in character, meanness and baseness slink out of sight.

  2. The police entered his chamber by using false keys, which the man who had sold him had the baseness to get made for them.

  3. I could not doubt but that my enemies had invented some new calumny; but I must say that I did not expect such baseness as I experienced.

  4. I will be revenged on the inconstancy of the Parisians and the baseness of the Senate.

  5. And there is no greater baseness in literature than the habit of using these metaphorical expressions in cool blood.

  6. But she put all baseness of curiosity from her; she was content to know that her own influence in absence had been strong enough to bring him back to his allegiance.

  7. But consider the baseness the American husband has reached.

  8. Whatever else of baseness I stooped to, that word should be forever good!

  9. And if I ever am unworthy, it will not be because I willed to be--only because through my baseness I never could know what it means to be worthy of a woman far above me.

  10. So, to me, there has always seemed a real baseness in these attempts of unfit people, who have only their self-conceit for training and their cheek for capital.

  11. Indeed, write what Bunyan would, the baseness and cruelty of the lawyers of those times "sinned up to it still," and even went beyond it.

  12. Pope afterwards declared that this insidious counsel first opened his eyes to the baseness of him who gave it.

  13. Those who will not stoop to the baseness of the modern fashion are too often discouraged.

  14. A miser who has amassed a million suffers an old friend and benefactor to die in a workhouse, and cannot be questioned before any tribunal for his baseness and ingratitude.

  15. It will purify the heart by pity and terror from the baseness and littleness of life.

  16. That baseness I do not think Browning should have introduced, no, nor certain carnal phrases which, previously right, now jar with the spiritual passion of repentance.

  17. Baseness is supreme in his speech, hate was never better given; the words are like the gnashing of teeth; prayers for life at any cost were never meaner, and the outburst of terror and despair at the end is their ultimate expression.

  18. His belief that Aurelian will reward baseness though to an enemy.

  19. I knew not that such baseness lived--still less that it was here.

  20. I can but darkly surmise by whose baseness the act has been committed.

  21. The baseness and folly of such conduct have been justly censured; but Shakspeare, feeling that Posthumus needed every excuse, has managed the quarrelling scene between him and Iachimo with the most admirable skill.

  22. Forever Unvenerable be thy hands, if thou Tak'st up the princess by that forced baseness Which he has put upon't!

  23. The elder of them remonstrated to her, in the strongest terms he was able, the perpetual dangers to which, through the baseness of this world, and her own inadvertency, she was liable every day to be exposed.

  24. My father grew impatient and said: "I don't believe in this baseness and vileness in you.

  25. And when I travelled with Lucia the strange fact revealed itself that, mindful of Emmy's love and her appearance to me, I charged myself with sin and baseness for what everyone considered just and lawful.

  26. I felt a desire to shield her with my life against the baseness of this world and let my body serve her as a bridge across the earthly pool of mire.

  27. A proud, vain, conceited man, full of Joseph Surfacisms, he could better have borne to be arraigned upon the charge of murder than to face the accusation of baseness that was about to be proved upon him.

  28. I have to live in the same neighborhood with this man, after you have gone away, and I insist upon knowing the whole length and breadth of his baseness and malignity, that I may know how to judge and punish him!

  29. But now your antagonist is a feeble girl, who has been unfortunate from her very birth; to destroy her would be an act of baseness to which you never yet descended.

  30. Now it seemed as if he had been guilty of an act of baseness by inducing her to render a service which was by no means free from danger, as though he wished to be paid for a good deed.

  31. Yes, it would be baseness so great that even her most ardent love could not save me from the reproach of having committed it.

  32. But here, though perhaps roused a little to see the baseness of relying on these miracles, and also in the rear a far worse argument against them, he still feels uncomfortable at such words applied to things which Christ did.

  33. The baseness and incorrigible ignobility of the Oriental mind is seen in the radical inability to appreciate justice when brought into collision with the royal privileges of rulers that represent the nation.

  34. And to any one who evades the legal marriage bond, there is a vast range of betrayal and baseness as open as anything can be.

  35. The explanation of the baseness of the avaricious functions of the Lower Pthah, p.

  36. What I want you to see, is the baseness and falseness of a religious state of enthusiasm, in which such a work could be dwelt upon with pious pleasure.

  37. Thus all real joy and power of progress in humanity depend on finding something to reverence; and all the baseness and misery of humanity begin in a habit of disdain.

  38. I would my youth had chosen Consuming feavers, bed-rid age For my companions, rather then a thing To lay whose baseness open, would even poyson The tongue that speaks it.

  39. You had even the baseness to corrupt our servants, the sailors employed by us, and encourage them to rob their masters and bring to you the ships and goods they were entrusted with.

  40. Although free from any baseness of suspicion there was yet that in the name of her cousin, in juxtaposition with her husband's, which could not do otherwise than startle and carry with it a corroboration of the statement made.

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