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Example sentences for "imperfection"

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imperatori; imperatorum; imperceptible; imperceptibly; imperfect; imperfections; imperfectly; imperfects; imperforate; imperial
  1. Here, however, we have to take into consideration that important truth so well insisted upon by Lyell and by Darwin--the imperfection of the geological record.

  2. The sinful parts are due to the imperfection of the individual who makes it; the lawful part alone is obligatory.

  3. There is no church so free from imperfection as not to need an enlargement or correction of its views.

  4. It is a serious mark of a Church's imperfection for it to recognise only implicitly or virtually its covenant obligations.

  5. The least discovery of imperfection in such, should lead to its improvement.

  6. Never, indeed, was its imperfection more clear than in the light of modern science.

  7. It is useless here to appeal to the imperfection of the record or to the movements or migrations of species.

  8. Why, he will be regarded as an unstable man; and though he may have many virtues, yet if this imperfection be associated with them it will materially injure him.

  9. Things which are of the natural law were determined in various ways in the Old and in the New Law, in keeping with the imperfection of the Old, and the perfection of the New.

  10. For in that which is made perfect from being imperfect, imperfection precedes perfection in time, whereas in that which is the efficient cause of perfection, perfection precedes imperfection in time.

  11. Secondly, on account of the order of furtherance in good, whereby we proceed from imperfection to perfection.

  12. Now, to sin is due the imperfection of the human race, which needs to be perfected by Him who cleanses from sin.

  13. And thus the eternal perfection of God precedes in duration the imperfection of human nature; but the latter's ultimate perfection in union with God follows.

  14. The work of the Incarnation is to be viewed not as merely the terminus of a movement from imperfection to perfection, but also as a principle of perfection to human nature, as has been said.

  15. Rather is it to be considered as a descent, by reason of the perfect Word of God taking unto Himself the imperfection of our nature; according to John 6:38: "I came down from heaven.

  16. Hence, His body also ought to have been in every way perfect, not having any imperfection in it.

  17. Woman's semen is not apt for generation, but is something imperfect in the seminal order, which, on account of the imperfection of the female power, it has not been possible to bring to complete seminal perfection.

  18. In satire, the real as imperfection is opposed to the ideal, considered as the highest reality.

  19. The antagonism of his conduct to moral law, and the moral imperfection which such conduct presupposes, ought to fill us with pain.

  20. But the mind recoils at once upon the slightest trace of human imperfection which he discovers in the object of his adoration, because that which is only comparatively great cannot subdue the heart.

  21. Thus, as perfection is ever accompanied by pleasure, imperfection by the absence of pleasure, this law may be thus expressed: Mental pleasure is invariably attended by animal pleasure, mental pain by animal pain.

  22. What we lay to the charge of personal character of an individual is very often the infirmity, the necessary imperfection of universal human nature.

  23. The pain resulting from moral imperfection agrees with its opposite, the satisfaction at conformity with the law.

  24. When we come to the horizontal run of the soil-pipe in the basement, if an imperfection of the joint occurs on the lower side there is an obvious drip, which continues at least until closed by rust.

  25. Galabin asserts that without imperfection of the valves of the aorta a decidedly abrupt pulse may attend great lowering of arterial tension.

  26. Hysterical cases can usually be recognized by the imperfection of the symptoms; the subject, not knowing all the manifestations of hydrophobia, naturally fails to produce them.

  27. Yet clinical observation always suggests the early use of provisional terms for recognized groupings of morbid phenomena; and sometimes these clinical designations remain for a long time in use because of the imperfection of pathology.

  28. This seems at once to exclude the rhythmical system, and to account for the imperfection of the metrical.

  29. Epoiei, the modest phrase of the Grecian sculptors, but expresses the imperfection that attaches to every work of literary industry or of philosophical investigation.

  30. And Josias Schmid[45] had already, even at that time, felt the imperfection of this branch of instruction.

  31. This theory that the glance may be neutralized or avoided by some blot or imperfection is the basis of many of the popular remedies or prophylactics invented with the object of averting its influence.

  32. The theory of the blot of imperfection again appears in the custom of not washing the face of a little boy till he is six years old.

  33. We have seen what was this mercy, in penitential processions and heavy amercements, and we shall see how illusory, in many cases, was the promised immunity, owing to the diminucion or imperfection of the confession.

  34. Thus, in 1695, in acknowledging receipt of such a report from Valencia, its slovenliness and imperfection are sharply rebuked as deserving of a heavier penalty, which is suspended through benignity.

  35. This is owing to the imperfection of language, and the different senses, meanings, and shades of meaning, which different individuals attach to the same words, in the same circumstances.

  36. In imperfection he recognizes the germ of future progress.

  37. As imperfection suggests progress, so to "the heir of immortality" is failure but a step towards ultimate attainment.

  38. Since with the loss of his immortal destiny passes also the reason (according to Browning's reiterated theory) of his imperfection as compared with the more complete physical perfection of the lower world of animal life.

  39. The uniform stability of their manners is the natural consequence of the imperfection of their faculties.

  40. The determination of this rate in the United States cannot be made with certainty or confidence, owing to the imperfection of the data.

  41. That imperfection implies evil, and evil suffering, is by no means evident.

  42. Imperfection may imply privative evil, or the absence of some good, but this privation produces no suffering, but by the help of knowledge.

  43. Faith is not perfect; and hence the sensible Christian feels what follows: love is not perfect, and we see what follows; and so of hope and every other grace; their imperfection makes them stagger.

  44. Col 2:10) If otherwise, the imperfection is in the matter that justifieth us, which is the righteousness of Christ.

  45. Again; the justified man is imperfect in his graces, and therefore needeth to be saved by the intercession of Christ from the bad fruit that that imperfection yields.

  46. The timing of performances adds or diminishes as to the perfection of obedience, or the imperfection of it.

  47. Such is the imperfection of every thing below, that one mode of beauty is never found without a mixture of the other, and from these two, blended together, results what is called the taste of an age.

  48. It was not that Lucilla was wounded or disappointed, but that she felt it as a wonderful proof of the imperfection and weakness of human nature.

  49. It made her sad to have this proof of the imperfection of human nature thrust upon her, but it did not turn her sweet into bitter, as might have been the case with a more ordinary mind.

  50. The expression "tota simul" excludes the imperfection which is characteristic of time duration, viz.

  51. Finally, it follows from this same imperfection in our human modes of thought that we sometimes understand things only by attributing to these certain logical relations, i.

  52. The question of their perfection or imperfection gives rise to the consideration of quite a different aspect of reality, namely its goodness.

  53. Every degree of perfection and every degree of imperfection are equal in it; no obedience to laws constitutes a fulfillment of this doctrine, and therefore for it there can be no binding rules and laws.

  54. Christ's teaching guides men by pointing them to the infinite perfection of their heavenly Father, to which every man independently and voluntarily struggles, whatever the degree of his imperfection in the present.

  55. But the mere fact that no structural alteration was discovered post-mortem cannot invalidate the diagnosis; the imperfection of our methods of investigation suffices to explain the negative results of such researches.

  56. An identical mental state obtains in infantilism, properly so called, where to arrest of mental development physical imperfection is superadded.

  57. It is probable that the kinæsthetic centres in the cortex for the neck muscles are the seat of the lesion, and that their congenital and hereditary imperfection fixes the form the convulsion will take.

  58. We must remember that imperfection of mental equilibrium is normal in the child, and that perfection comes with adolescence.

  59. The intensity and tenacity of any tic are determined by the degree of volitional imperfection to which its subject has sunk.

  60. How onerous such a task is, is patent from the uniform imperfection of the attempts already made, and the equivocal nature of their conclusions.

  61. Shall we then wonder these cannot race, or shall we doubt that degrees of imperfection in the mechanism, will produce degrees of imperfection in racing!

  62. Thou hast owned the imperfection of human nature, and it is not wonderful that its work should have flaws.

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