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imperatorum; imperceptible; imperceptibly; imperfect; imperfection; imperfectly; imperfects; imperforate; imperial; imperialis
  1. Now, the conceivable imperfections of any single feature are infinite.

  2. It is impossible, therefore, to fix upon a form of imperfection in the one, and try with this all the forms of imperfection of the other until one fits; but the two imperfections must be corelatively and simultaneously conceived.

  3. She loved Minna much, but was clear in her judgment of her, and did not conceal any of her imperfections any more than she tried to deceive herself about herself.

  4. Yet, considering the imperfections of human nature, these quarrels seem to have been few.

  5. Nay, it does not reject even an absolute despotism, notwithstanding that it sees clearly enough all its imperfections and great inferiority.

  6. And this new form has consequently been accompanied with imperfections and difficulties and almost inextricable perplexities.

  7. Reflections on the contradictions and imperfections of life are always painful.

  8. Albeit they contain some details not of interest to the general public, to my notion it is such imperfections as these which lend to them the reality they bear.

  9. How gracious is the provision of our God in thus presenting us with the Robe which covers all the repented- of blemishes of the past as well as the unintentional and unwitting imperfections of the present!

  10. Which hath a most vehement flame--These burning thoughts of my imperfections will be with me as long as I am in this tabernacle.

  11. I have pointed out that so far as any estimate of the desirability or pleasantness of a feeling involves comparison with feelings only represented in idea, it is liable to be erroneous through imperfections in the representation.

  12. It is used for detecting imperfections in the sides of the vents.

  13. Guns rejected for imperfections of any kind will have the letter C.

  14. We at the same time, also, magnify the vapors and smoke of the atmosphere, and all the imperfections of the medium, which greatly obscures the object, and prevents our seeing it distinctly.

  15. He was severe to himself, indulgent to the imperfections of others, just and beneficent to all mankind.

  16. The great law of impartiality too often obliges us to reveal the imperfections of the uninspired teachers and believers of the gospel; and, to a careless observer, their faults may seem to cast a shade on the faith which they professed.

  17. The imperfections of this classification are too obvious to require, and its merits are not sufficient to reward, a minute examination.

  18. He understands that while "blood will tell," the temporary conditions of the animals will also tell in the perfections or imperfections of the offspring.

  19. Organic imperfections unfit the brain for sane action, and habit confirms the insane condition; the man's brain has become unsound.

  20. Her show of dry goods or glitter of jewels cannot long cover up her imperfections or deceptions.

  21. Nothing of me, therefore, can ever perish, except my imperfections; and the thought of the perishing of imperfections is a thought of joy.

  22. Illustration] Of all the imperfections (not considering glaring cracks or nicks), carbon spots are the most discernible.

  23. The plate is then returned to the engraving department, which completes the work, burnishing darks, engraving highlights, removing slight imperfections and otherwise perfecting the plate.

  24. Imperfections and weaknesses which could not be anticipated at the time of its passage have since been disclosed by the effort to give it effective administration.

  25. The principal imperfections of this cloth are, that the thread is not even, and that much grease remains in it when it is delivered to the dyer; in consequence of which the colour is apt to fail.

  26. It is clear that their grief arose simply from their perception of their own miserable imperfections in contrast to the lofty requirements of The Law, and in view of its sombre threats of punishment for disobedience.

  27. In its golden age Bohemia did no more than share the imperfections of all human institutions.

  28. What we consider imperfections to be remedied in the Bible were recognized by the Apostles, and by the chief of them, St. Peter, who writes, II.

  29. Its apparent imperfections are like the surroundings and exterior of its Founder: a scandal to the Greek, a stumbling-block to the Jew, because they could not realize that a God was hidden in the imperfect guise of poor flesh.

  30. But he can learn to bear its imperfections if they are at all bearable; and they will not make him envy the being who is indeed unconscious of the imperfections, but only because he feels not at all the good which those imperfections qualify.

  31. My opinion is that all these impulses, sentiments, weaknesses, and imperfections of woman are due to nothing but to the seclusion in which she has been kept.

  32. Pope filled up the outline of his system with declamatory invectives against objectors, and with reflections intended to prove that the imperfections of man befitted his position in the universe.

  33. De Quincey was in error when he imputed the imperfections to indolence.

  34. Many of the evils which existed kept their ground through remaining imperfections in the constitution.

  35. Johnson's interpretation of the text does not agree with Pope's assertion, that "imperfections are usefully distributed to all orders of men.

  36. It is a treatise on morality and the imperfections of human nature.

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