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Example sentences for "cracks"

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  1. Gladly we run for shelter beneath an overhanging cliff and examine the reassuring ferns and mosses, gentle love tokens growing in cracks and chinks.

  2. The flat usually employed is a shallow, wooden box in which the bottom is provided with ample, narrow drainage cracks and the top covered with wire cloth that will keep out mice or larger rodents.

  3. The nut is thin-shelled and cracks very easily.

  4. Ravines, like cracks which the sun makes in mud, but a thousand times greater, began to split the hills perpendicularly to their very roots.

  5. Now we are garbed in a stuff of light gray and our faces are pallid masks, thickest on the eyebrows and mustaches, on beards, and the cracks of wrinkles.

  6. And he holds out his greenish sleeve and his great hard paw, in which the cracks are full of brown dirt, and the nails purplish.

  7. Some cracks were soon opened, and then a long lead or lane of water was seen stretching away to the south, and running close in by the land.

  8. This skin was fastened above the doorway with pegs, which we made of bones, driving them into the cracks between the stones, thus letting the skin fall down over the doorway like a curtain.

  9. These planks could be put back quickly, and it would have needed a pretty close examination to have discovered where the board was cut, once pictures had been pasted over the cracks and coats had been hung up in front.

  10. The boulders lay on loose shingle so that they slipped or moved if you stepped on them, and in the cracks and crevices between the boulders were thick thorn bushes.

  11. Areas of each of these are seen at one time, with red-hot liquids showing in the cracks of the lava.

  12. Perpetual snow crowns Mauna Loa, and ice may be found in cracks even in summer.

  13. Into these cracks fire ate its way each time a forest fire swept the locality.

  14. He cannot melt into thin air nor disappear through cracks or chinks or crannies.

  15. It is ready for gathering when the core cracks and separates easily from the fibre.

  16. That was months before the opening of our story, when Dyke was making his way in disgust toward the moist shade of the kopje, where, deep down from cracks of the granite rock, the spring gurgled out.

  17. I have followed up these columns often; generally they led to dense masses of impenetrable brushwood, but twice they led me to cracks in the ground, down which the ants dragged their prey.

  18. They are what are called fissure-veins, owing their origin to cracks or fractures in the rocks that have been filled up with mineral substances through chemical, thermal, aqueous, or plutonic agencies.

  19. Up to the time we passed, there had been no rain in these parts, and the plain was dry and bare, with great cracks in the black soil.

  20. As the heated rocks cooled from their highest parts downwards, cracks or fissures have been formed in them by contraction, and these have been filled from the still-fluid mass below.

  21. Hearing some frogs croaking in the distance, Velasquez went away in the direction from whence the sound came, hoping to find some water: but there was none, the frogs being in damp cracks in the ground.

  22. The boy who cracks an almond, or breathes too loud over his raisins, will be put out of the room.

  23. It had cloth on one side, and large cracks on the other.

  24. Are there other cracks in the windshield?

  25. The long cracks which radiate off from the center?

  26. This was the only cracks that I could see was this star-type fragment.

  27. Were the cracks present within the circumference of that marking present at the time you observed the windshield on or about November 27?

  28. Well now, with respect to the cracks themselves, is there a crack which goes in a generally upwardly direction slanting off in the general direction of the driver?

  29. Let's continue to move from the central point of impact to finish up what divergent cracks there are from the central point of impact.

  30. Now by these cracks you are indicating---- Mr. GREER.

  31. Now, have you described all of the visible cracks in the windshield?

  32. My comparison was that the broken glass, broken windshield, there was enough little roughness in there from the cracks and split that I was positive, or it was my belief, that whatever hit it came into the inside of the car.

  33. From the point of impact the four cracks that looked in the four directions were the only ones on this windshield.

  34. In the latter case the inside of the partition should be covered with black paper or cloth to prevent light from entering cracks in the boards.

  35. The boards should run lengthwise upon the slide, and be nailed to the framework, leaving as small cracks as possible between them.

  36. Before putting any finish upon the desk, sand-paper the wood, set the nails with a nail-set, and fill all holes and cracks with putty.

  37. This may be done by rolling pieces of newspapers into wads and wedging them into the cracks with a pointed stick.

  38. Fill all the cracks and joints with white-lead and give the box several coats of paint to make it perfectly water tight.

  39. All cracks in the box should be carefully filled with white lead.

  40. We found no difficulty in getting a full view of the interior of the cabin through the cracks where the hinges were placed.

  41. I arose, and felt with my fingers for the seams or cracks of the aperture.

  42. After a time the rough dams gaped, and the gas poured in afresh, and the Englishmen went down and leeped the cracks between roof and dam-sill with anything they could get.

  43. Oom Ratel he look at de tree an' he see de bare spots, an' he try to scrape de cracks wid his nails to taste it.

  44. Martha glanced nervously at the smoke, issuing from cracks and holes on all sides.

  45. In the middle of the night, Martha, being wakeful, became haunted by the remembrance of the smoke, as it had curled from cracks and keyholes in the kitchen.

  46. Children believe it is unlucky to step on the cracks in the flagstones, which are believed to contain poison.

  47. When bread, in baking, cracks across the top, it means death.

  48. Cracks on the top of a loaf of bread indicate the death of a friend.

  49. The pair to be married should stand in line with the cracks in the floor, and not at right angles to them.

  50. Colonel Garibaldi leaned back in his chair and gazed thoughtfully at the cracks in the ceiling as one whose tale is finished.

  51. For perhaps a minute or a minute and a half the air was vibrant with the roar of hard-pumped guns and the shriek of speeding shell, the great sound from below drowning the sharper cracks from the steel-cold flashes in the upper air.

  52. The structure is free to take its permanent position before the lime sets, and cracks are thus avoided.

  53. Mahogany cement, for filling up cracks in wood, consists of 4 parts of beeswax, 1 of Indian red and yellow-ochre to give colour.

  54. The slurry, in drying on the floor of the flue, forms a fairly tough cake which cracks spontaneously in the process of drying into rough blocks suitable for loading into the kiln.

  55. And the next Saturday, when she rode off to Brampton, some one looked through the cracks in the tannery shed and saw that she wore her new bonnet.

  56. Dusk came early, and howling darkness that hid a muffled figure on the ice-bound road staring at the yellow cracks in the tannery door.

  57. The wet marl, sand, or siftings applied to cracks in the hatches or doors of kilns to retain the heat during firing.

  58. If a soft clay that contracts considerably is inlaid in a refractory clay, cracks will appear round the edges of the inlay.

  59. Cracks or holes in dried shapes can with great care be filled, a stiff wedge of clay being firmly pressed in and welded to the slightly moistened sides of the crack.

  60. It appears as a minute network of fine cracks over the entire surface of the pot.

  61. This is plastered into the cracks that would otherwise let heat out of, or air into, the muffle, and so seals up the door.

  62. When cracks appear or joints open, they should be stopped with a pugging of fire clay and grog.

  63. The minute cracks that appear in a badly fitting glaze.

  64. The crust of the earth cracks in great rifts like a cake, too quickly baked.

  65. These were slumbering craters full of cracks and fissures from which rose various gases.

  66. They stumbled every now and then over great cracks in the ground, or got entangled in the hidden grass below the water.

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