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Example sentences for "disparities"

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  1. Better and safer, of course, are such friendships, where disparities of years or circumstances put the idea of love out of the question.

  2. But in all these respects the disparities of parent and child are equally numerous and striking.

  3. In the animal kingdom there are vast disparities in size, and these disparities are revealed in the lower as well as in the higher classes.

  4. And the calamities of their own disparities will redound to you; and their fallings-out may turn to the bewraying of your secrets, or to some other greater wrong.

  5. There are disparities of course which may make the privilege questionable,--disparities of age, rank, and means.

  6. The changing disparities reflect the relative advantages of the countries involved.

  7. In an effort to justify the agonizing disparities between themselves and others, they humble themselves as they elevate the others.

  8. As land descended to women, so marriages alone established great disparities of property.

  9. But kings cannot properly be owned under this relation, far less tyrants (with whom the analogy of fathers cannot consist) there being so many notable disparities betwixt kings and fathers.

  10. Now that the magistratical relation is not that of a master, is clear from many disparities and absurdities, whether we consider the state of hired servants or slaves.

  11. Believe that I would not here ask anything which your own mother would disapprove if she overlooked disparities of station.

  12. One never knew the rights of matrimonial disagreements, nor could sufficiently estimate the provoking disparities of temper.

  13. Yet great disparities of character may subsist in marriage, not only without evil but often with great advantage.

  14. Other and minor disparities of circumstances between girl life and married life will have their effect, but they are less strong and less invariable.

  15. In the free, democratic, and industrial communities great fluctuations and disparities of wealth are inevitable, and some of the most colossal fortunes have, no doubt, been made by the evil methods I have described.

  16. Cartridge boxes were also embossed with the outline of this oval plate in lieu of the plate itself.

  17. Although the shell and flame insignia appears in a number of variations of design, this specimen conforms exactly to the regulations of 1851 as published by Horstmann.

  18. This is because the disparities in temperature are less.

  19. There are wide disparities between these historical causes and the assigned causes.

  20. This declares that the same measure of justice ought to be measured out to all men, without regard to adventitious inequalities, and the intellectual and physical disparities which proceed from inexplicable causes.

  21. The disparities of the Old World vanish amidst the New!

  22. Those complaints of the disparities of the civilised world, find, I suspect, an easier if a bluffer reply from the political economist than the Stoic philosopher.

  23. Those complaints of the disparities of the civilized world find, I suspect, an easier, if a bluffer, reply from the political economist than the Stoic philosopher.

  24. Yet this huge colossus of a realm with its shoulders of iron and its feet of clay, still included enough disparities of race and land, language and institution, to ensure its dissolution.

  25. This newly stimulated scholarship held the same disparities that appear in the writings of Alcuin.

  26. Such disparities may be glaring in men who enter upon the learning of a higher civilization without proper pilotage.

  27. Are the cruel disparities of life never to be removed?

  28. Sexual disparities may be much; but individual disparities are even more.

  29. There are as many disparities between Buckner's plat and the plat resulting from the Savage survey of 1731.

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